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It is almost the end of my annual leave, two weeks holiday passes by so quickly, doesn’t it! All I’ve done this week is pig out on junk food! Really haven’t wanted to do anything – so good! Maybe next time I will treat myself to a proper holiday, go somewhere abroad.

I wore this outfit (pictured above) when we went out last weekend. The dress is from, the hem is interesting, it’s tulip shaped! The lovely black and gold crystal necklace which was a gift from the lovely team at Jon Richard Jewellery. I don’t have anything like this in my jewellery box so this was a good choice, I really like it! To see the rest of Jon Richard range, their website is Their designs are also stocked in Debenhams. I’ve layered it up with another necklace that I bought from a small shop in Portugal.

Last weekend, we headed the bar and ordered cocktails; mine was a frozen margarita. I took a few sips and I bit in to something that was really crunchy. The cocktail was blended with lots of chipped ice with sugar around the glass so I thought it might either be ice, sugar or even rock salt! I thought I was being super paranoid, but then I had another sip and got a mouthful of tiny pieces of glass!!!! I spat out about 5 pieces and it made me feel really funny for the rest of the night. I won’t mention the restaurant we went to as they obviously didn’t mean to feed me ice! And I did get about Β£10 off the bill. Looking back, though, now that I’ve had time to think about it, it could’ve been worse and Β£10 off wouldn’t have been enough! We should have gone somewhere else after that, but we didn’t make a fuss about it. I don’t like being an awkward customer (although I had every right to kick off….I just stayed quiet and let my sister sort it out for me! I’m useless!) Luckily, I didn’t swallow any glass, I just crunched it with my teeth and some got stuck in my gums πŸ™ But it could’ve been much worse, at least it wasn’t sharp or cut my mouth! Always looking on the bright side….!

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62 thoughts on “Wrap-Over Tulip Dress

  1. Beautiful dress! oh gosh that's horrible, that would put me right off going back there! at least nothing worse happened as you said. hope you're well πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Gorgeous Dress! Omg cant believe there was glass in your drink, how the hell would that of even happen? :S glad your okay though – it could of been a lot worse your right!!
    x x

  3. Eep, sorry to hear about your terrible restaurant experience! It ruins the night when something like that happens. On the up side, you look absolutely gorgeous in this dress – it really suits you!

  4. Glass in your drink? :-O that sounds horrendous! I'm terrible… I complain at everything, even when my McDonalds fries aren't filled to the top, lol! It's only because I spent my student years as a waitress and got so much stick that I think it's my turn to give it back :-p lol

    Lovely dress, though I'm wondering how you managed to get these pictures looking so lovely when it's just so grim outside in the afternoons πŸ™

    Pretty pretty

    Dayner x my blog –

  5. that's horrifying about the glass! wow…glad you're ok! i love this necklace…what a nice gift! it's like lots of tiny rings in a beautiful necklace. and the dress looks amazing on you, as well!

  6. You look gooorrrgeous! That dress is so pretty and feminine, and I love that necklace! Oh my gosh, that's terrible about the drink! I can't believe that, although I know what you mean about not wanting to be an awkward customer – I probably would have gotten my mum to sort it out ha! x

  7. That necklace is really pretty! That's terrible about the ice in your drink, glad your ok! They should haven't charged you at all and given you some complimentary glass free cocktails! x

  8. I'm also one of those people that just won't complain in restaurants – I'm good at complaining through the screen but not in person!

    The dress looks gorgeous, I'm waiting on a dress from in love with fashion and I hope it looks as nice as yours!

  9. Glad you're ok! I think you're right, they should've given you more than Β£10 off the bill, but I'm the same as you and don't like making a fuss! Which Rimmel polish is this? Looks lovely on you xxx

  10. You can't bet a good cocktail, counting down my time so I can have a really, really good one hahaha.
    Love this outfit Sarah you look gorgeous as always, that nail polish is lush, I'm not a huge fan of yellow but it goes perfectly with this outfit. That ring is super cute xxx

  11. Absolutely love the hem on this dress, just that touch of something a little bit, can really make a dress stand out! And what a terrible experience at the restaurant, how awful! I'd of wanted far more than Β£10 off!!

    L x

  12. Such a lovely dress, really suits you! That sucks about the glass; I'm like that in public too though – let everyone else sort it out! xxx

  13. Yikes!!! What a horrible story!!! You're really lucky, though. I'm glad things turned out OK!!

    As far as doing nothing goes, I had an entire week off from work last week and I didn't go anywhere or do anything and I ate a ton of junk and watched about 40 hours of TV. It was awesome!

    Mabel Time

  14. I love the bottom of the dress, really different! Helps to make it stand out! Loving the bright nail varnish, perfect to brighten up these dull days!

  15. The glass situation sounds awful!! Glad you're ok though, that's the main thing! Shows you have to be so careful though.
    Haha I didn't know there was another Richmond in the UK, I live near the one in Surrey!
    Love the dress πŸ™‚ xx

  16. Adorable blog and glad I came across Temporary: Secretary.
    Lovely selection of style posts, Im now following. Please feel free to have a little look at Haute-fly,
    Thank you,

  17. OMG I would have probably kicked off, I can't believe they gave you a drink full of broken glass! Me and my boyfriend went to eat somewhere once and he found glass in his food, it was one of those all you can eat buffet places and we think it was from the gravy. We told the manager and we got a refund but THEY DIDN'T EVEN CHANGE THE FOOD OVER!! And there were kids eating there!
    I can't believe how some places can be so unsafe.

    Little rant over I love your dress, the floral pattern is gorgeous and the hem is really flattering : )

  18. Wow, I can't believe there was glass in your drink, you were so lucky not to swallow it, I would definitely have complained much more, you should have got the whole meal for free!

    Looking lovely in the outfit pics dear xx

  19. I love the pattern on that dress – it's so pretty, and the shape really suits you!

    That restaurant experience sounds pretty bad though – you are right it could have been an awful lot worse!

  20. Very cute dress, I adore all of inlovewithfashion's stuff! Aww you poor thing! The glass incident sounds awful, someone must have smashed a glass into your glass and not cleaned up properly! I waitress and I know that can happen but it's no excuse not to make sure the other glasses are safe! x

  21. This is such a gorgeous dress – they have lots of beauty's on their website too. However, I tried on a couple of them in Topshop recently and they were SO short – don't know if every dress is like this but it's put me off ordering online just in case πŸ™

    The glass in mouth thing sounds awful and made me shiver! Glad you didn't come off any worse


  22. First up, looking gorgeous in the pictures.

    Second, you really really shouldn't do yourself down so much Sarah, you're an amazing person, and whilst none of us are perfect, I hate to see someone so obviously talented and with such a warm personality criticise themselves so much.
    Much β™₯

  23. Oh my gosh, GLASS in your drink, and you got Β£10? That is outrageous, please PLEASE write/email and complain higher up, if not just to make sure they get a good telling off from higher up, this is SCARY. Imagine if you HAD swallowed that, or it had got into your lungs? Or a child had it!?

    Wow, thats insane!! *shudder* I want to know who it was, definitely, haha!!

    Adding this dress to my wants list, lovely colours to brighten up the winter blues! xx

  24. I KNEW IT WAS TGI'S as soon as I read cocktails!! How naughty, their ice is all around the bar so they probably dropped a glass around there, argh. xx

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