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I’ve not heard of Paprika Fashion until recently and it is nice to have another fashion website to shop at besides the usual ones that I’ve bookmarked. They are an affordable brand who promises to provide stylish designs at an affordable price. You may have spotted Paprika’s designs on ASOS or New Look. Recently, I received £100 voucher (via Look Magazine) to shop at Paprika and this floral blouse was one of the items I chose. Paprika’s customer service were extremely friendly and you receive a response so quickly and efficiently! I wanted to treat you all to something too so I purchased a few extra things for a giveaway. I got so many awesome prizes sent to me recently, I feel greedy for keeping *everything* and I really wanted to spend some of it on you guys! Ideally, I’d love to buy something for each of my readers but since that isn’t possible, I bought some clothes in a few different sizes and I’ll have a big giveaway at the end of the year.

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77 thoughts on “Floral Blouse

  1. sarah i am sick of you looking so great all the time – you honestly put me to shame. definitely need to make more of an effort with myself or checking your blog will result in BREAKDOWN. only kidding of course – you do look fab though.

    i think i may have heard of paprika before, i've a paprika vest anyway but i got that from matalan a good six years or so ago.

    oscar as always, capturing the hearts of the bloggy nation.


  2. hahahaha…funny remark regarding Max's thick neck!But i love his bat patterned cape!

    Actually how long have you had Oscar for?

    Wish i could carve pumpkins too! I've not done it before and it's defo on my to do list! haha


  3. I love this blouse definitely going to be checking out the site! I love your bangle too so pretty! And as for oscar hahaha i loveee his face he's so funny i take it thats oscars OOTD post 😉 xx

  4. I love that top so much 🙂 its so lovely you want to share your prizes with everyone. Genuinely one of the nicest bloggers ever. And awww I love the cats, mainly oscar obvs 😉 hes so cute and adorable, I loved the pictrue in your previous pos tof him in the sink, he looked like he was smiling then! xxxx

  5. This blouse is so pretty! I've heard of Paprika before but never really seen any of their stuff, but this is lovely 🙂 Love maxs' costume ahah! xx

  6. I love the blouse, I've seen some of their clothes in New Look but never looked online before, thank you for the link. Max's halloween costume is too cute! x

  7. Your nails and glasses add the perfect detail to this outfit! Haha, max looks pretty excited to be dressed up 🙂

  8. o_o Every time I see your cat in a post I lose it! And it's always awkward when in my dorm because my roommate just looks at me like I'm crazy. He's so fuggin cute. I can't get over.

    Oh and I love your nails. That color is badass.

    Castle Fashion

  9. I love this blouse and am loving seeing what you have spent your look vouchers on. So lucky to get practically a new wardrobe, completed deserved!

  10. Gorgeous outfit lovely! The blouse is absolutely stunning! I was actually a little worried about what you were going to tell us about Max there for a moment 😛 Love his little outfit 🙂

    L x

  11. Happy Halloween! Max is a little cutie too! I love your blouse, I've been into New Look before but I've not seen Paprika there, I'll have to check out their online store because I've probably seen a few of their pieces in New Look but not noticed it had a different label. Looking forward to the giveaway.


  12. I loved the post the other day, I nearly died from an overdose of cuteness when I saw the pic of him just brought home as a kitten!!!

    Loving all the outfit/jewellery posts. Under your influence I've been making an effort to wear my jewellery lately on days off- I bought the cutest fox ring in Sydney which I really must post about soon 🙂

  13. Your cats are amazing, are they a particular breed?

    You look beautiful as always, will check out Paprika, I've seen some of their stuff in New Look I think xx

  14. max is precious!!!!! i want to steal him!! love your rings

    seeing your little bio that you work full time and blog in your spare time inspires me haha i've been slacking but i'm glad i visited your page today!!! hehe

  15. lovely blouse!! and omgggg your cat is adorable. love his costume 😀 i am surprised you were able to get him to wear it. my friend's dog protested his costume as much as possible hahaha

  16. Love your top, so feminine & romantic. I heart the yellow nails, looks awesome. And your cat is just too cute (just don't let my cat hear that 😉

  17. I love the floral pattern – it reminds me of my grandmas bedsheets (and I mean that in a good way of course!). I got some free pumpkins from work, but I didn't have time to carve them which is sad. They are sitting on my windowsill, but i think they look rather nice uncarved – very autumnal. I love your cat pumpkin!

  18. HAHAH!! I see what you mean, poor cat looks so funny though. Mine went crazy as soon as she'd finished her biscuits and realised what I had done lol x

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