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  1. ah i love the dress! SEWWW PRETTY! I love the typewriter ring my scrabble one broke (dog stood on it, then ate it) 🙁 so I'd love to buy a letter B one 🙂 for definite lovely post xxx

  2. YOUR ACCESSORIES! I mean, I love the whole look (including the dress – maybe it's a blessing is disguise that you can't return it!), but the rings and the nailpolish and the bracelet are totally center stage for me here. That ampersand necklace is unbelievable.

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  3. I actually love your outfit. I really like the dress, it's very girly looks gorgeous with the belt and that jacket on! No one would have guessed you aren't totally satisfied with it 🙂

  4. Although the fit isn't perfect the dress still looks lovely, cute and casual, I really like it. Your nails look beautiful I really love the 17 polishes. Their staying power might not be amazing but they dry SO fast, have so many lovely colours and cannot be beaten on price!

    The necklace and typewriter key ring are absolutely adorable- I can't wait to finally make a temp:sec order, soon I hope! xx

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  5. I am in love with the typewriter ring! I think the dress really suits you, especially with the cute belt. I often do the thing of buying something and not wearing it till a couple of months later xx

  6. that pearl ring is my fav! you could have taken the dress back and swapped it for something else? they still do store credit sometimes. i tried to take a skirt back i bought 3 years ago and never wore haha – they didn't go down too well. lolz. but i think you'd be alright with may.

  7. Poor you, I totally understand. I have the same thing, when I start doing something I like to finished it and not leave it for the next day, no matter how long it takes me.

    I actually like the dress a lot, especially styled this way. It'so soft and feminine!



  8. I adore that nail polish colour, your nails always look immaculate in pictures – I'm jealous, I always chip a nail 10 minutes after I've painted them!

    I really love that dress on you, I think it looks beautiful & the brown belt you've added seems to suit it so well!

    I adore the ampersand necklace & typewriter rings so much!


  9. I love the new type-write ring 🙂 I may have to purchase from Temp Sec soon, let me know when you get the moustache things in you said about – as I will probably wait for them to do my order 🙂 I really like the 17 polishes, everyone raves about Barry M but for me they take sooooo long to dry and just annoy me:)

  10. I am so inlove with your blog its ridiculous and guess what ! i got my self an interview with the famous shop BEYOND RETRO its true vintage and rihanna shops there !" ( sorry im so excited i was going to burst if i didnt tell one of my top fave blogs ! oh dear your style is even more gorgeous than i thought ! my fave ? PERSONALLY : the necklace ! xxx love it all though !
    YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION ! or one of them !All my bloggers inspire me ! xxx

  11. I think the dress looks lovely! I'm on the lookout for a new blazer. Is the green pebble ring from your shop? I had a look but couldn't find it, was just wondering if it is one of yours is it still available? x

  12. you're lovely, & i want one of those rings! Can never find one in a letter Z, so might have to get one in C to match my screen name instead 🙂
    I have loadss of 17 polishes, used to collect Barry M (until i managed to buy them all), but 17 have such a great colour selection and really reasonably priced. Love all their muted neutral colours they brought out recently! xx

  13. Oh I love your jewellery in this outfit! I need to get myself an Ampersand necklace (Ive been saying so for months!) and the typewriter keys are SO cut, I actually love the backspace one, or the colon ones, just for something even more different 😛

    L x

  14. i love your outfit! let me have it! and i want a ring like that =) i hope you're feeling better dear. i'm about to pull an all-nighter myself because of a huge exam on friday. i study best when i cram. yikes! anywhoo, get some rest darling!


  15. I know all too well how that is! I don't like breaking my concentration when I am focussed on doing something and like to finish off my work. When you are in the zone, that's when you work best. Aside from that, I don't like to have to stress about it the next day. All too often, I go to sleep really late!

    By the way, I looooove your dress style! :]

  16. PLEASE tell me you're going to sell the typewriter rings? Or am I too later?! I've wanted an initial ring for ages, but never really fell for the scrabble version but this is beautiful. Equally I'd quite like a "shift" ring. It would suit my walking style when there's tourists in the way.

  17. Goodness, I hope you managed to get a nap in! I'm completely non-functional on that little sleep 🙁 I think this H&M dress looks beautiful on you. It was actually on my wishlist this spring but my local H&M never got it in, so I have to admit I'm envious 🙂 Although I wouldn't have been able to accessorize it with anything as brilliant as the typewriter ring. I have my fingers crossed those are going to show up in your store, they're amazing!

  18. Sarah this outfit is lovely! I wanted to buy that dress and now I regret not buying as I haven't seen it around anymore! Love the jewellery also! 2 more days until the Look Show ahh, can't wait!! xx

  19. I love that ampersand necklace! Great job on that! It is so cute, and I've never seen one before. You look adorable as always, you pretty girl. That dress is so feminine and looks great paired with the tailored blazer.


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