Ok. I *really* like stationery.
I like collecting things, especially if it’s stationery, and if it’s cute then I’ll have one of each!
monkey, zebra, kangaroo, cat (pens)
pig, sheep, dog, bear, panda (pens)
This is a small glimpse of the collection. And these all from Hong Kong. I could spend all my money on cute stationery! Which is exactly what I did when I was there! What do you like to collect?
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21 thoughts on “I Like Stationery.

  1. Oh I know exactly ALL about your love for stationery because I REALLY REALLY love stationery (my friends know this and usually buy me stationery for my birthday lol)
    I think Paperchase stuff is cute, but you are right nothing beats cute kawaii stationery!
    Cute post! x

  2. Haha amazing, that's a great collection! I love stationary too, could spend a fortune in Paperchase. Did you ever have those store Morning glory? Lots of cute stationary like your stuff form Hong Kong, but I'm sure ten times as expensive.

  3. I absolutely LOVE stationary too, I just can't get enough of it. I recently went in the trocodero(London) and they had loads of new shops since the last time I went in. With HEAP loads of cute stationary, I was on a strict no spending code, otherwise…. hundreds and hundreds would of been spent!

    L x

  4. Haha I love these kinds of things too! I recognise a few of them that my sister bought…but unlike you has scribbled all over them already! Such a cute collection.

  5. Wow! I think you are more obsessed with stationery than me 😉 – can't believe this is just a 'glimpse' of the collection! Thanks so much for linking up – look forward to seeing more of your fab collection, please feel free to dip in and out of Show Me Your Stationery on future Saturdays 🙂 x

  6. oh wow! this is the kind of collection i would have if only my budget and storage allowed it. i kind of hate you for showing you this link because it makes me so jealous.

    also such a small world that you went to Northumbria, it's not too far from my house. my brother just graduated from there last year!

    lovely, lovely blog and can't wait for your future posts -x-

  7. I just came across this from the 'You might also like' suggestions. I thought I was a hoarder but this is quite the collection! The animal pens are so cute 🙂 I stock up everytime I go to HK too, they always have the best stationery (and cheap!)

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