Having spent the whole weekend doing work (rephrase: meant to be doing lots of work…!) I thought that as it was a nice sunny Sunday, we ventured outside on day release from uni prison work hell for some ice cream and gummy sweets. We had a new camera to play with, so we took it out with us to take more photos for our uni projects.
We went down the road to the Quayside market – turns out that it was not as warm as I thought, I shivered all the way down the hill. Ice cream was off the itinerary!

Here’s our afternoon in pictures:


Baltic Contemporary Arts Gallery

Art Installation

Everywhere I go, I can’t seem to get away from my “letter” project!

Some cute and colourful line dancers out on the street! Really want a pair of those shoes they wear, with loads of silver bells on the front! You could hear them from miles away. Reminds me of Oscar!

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