I think my need for napping in the afternoons are becoming a bad habit. As soon as it hits 2pm, I start feeling sleepy and all I can think of is having a nap. I’m falling asleep as I type!
I wish I was Oscar. He naps whenever he wants, wherever he wants. Not a care in the world. Living the good life!



He’s coming to stay with me in the city next week! But if he’s just as bad as napping as I am, we’ll get nothing done! I’ll keep you all posted with our progress, and what he got up to on his little City vacation!
RIGHT. I am off to have a quick cat nap. The last one before I kick the old habit! Must remember to get some strong coffee tomorrow.
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2 thoughts on “Napping

  1. Oh my god, he’s the cutest thing ever! My cats the same, he was asleep from 9am this morning until 3pm this afternoon, came and had somthing to eat and went to sleep again! Think I was a cat in a previous life x

  2. Aww hes adorable!! Haha, im with ya on the nap thing, for some reason after lunch I just get so sleepy and need a nap, which sucks cos then I wake up and realise Ive wasted my day doh! >.< x

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