Happy Friday!

I am having a quiet night in on my own, eating the rest of my birthday cake (chocolate fudge) and snacking on florentines whilst watching Sex and The City with a whole bunch of scented candles lit up. (Mainly to get rid of the smell from the kitchen!) 
Although my Friday night is quiet, I am going to be spending the rest of the weekend back in the country side, a place I call home. (pictured below)


Not been back home for a few weeks, so aswell as looking forward to seeing mum, my sisters and little cat Oscar (dad is on a ski holiday at the moment), I am going back to pick up a huge bundle of charms that I got posted there. I am also going to pick my dress up that I ordered for a family event… I am very nervous about it as it’s bright red/orange. I don’t tend to wear bright colours! 

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