Time Flies!

Firstly, Happy 2009 to you all. It’s February tomorrow. Eeeeeeeek! It worries me when months go by so quickly. It has been a busy January with dissertation to finish and major projects to get done. Things at Temporary:Secretary has been busy too and I’m having supply and demand issues! You will notice that many things are sold out – but I’m working extra hard to make more things in the next 2 weeks. Most things will be restocked and keep your eyes peeled for some brand new thingymabobs.
Almost 80 products are now on website, and I handmake almost every single thing now. I constantly have blistered fingers from prying jump rings open, and my hands always smell of brass, and I’ve definitely got used to getting burnt by the hot glue gun because I don’t feel it anymore! But I love it and my aim is to fill the T:S with 100 products in the next few months to offer even more choice!
I’ve been waiting for some sunlight so that I can take some good product photos but now realize that it would be a good idea to invest in a good quality light box … I’ll be waiting for a while for the sun to come out!

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