I was in WH Smiths flicking through the magazines. I found myself being drawn to the kids/comic section, where I had such an “Monica” urge to tidy it up and organise it properly…..because magazines were spilling out of the shelves due to the fact they can’t all fit on properly because of the freebies they include! Free this and free that! I can’t remember them being so generous when I was young!
All we had were little things like free badges! (Spice Girls badges, no less! I collected all 5, and proudly attached them firmly to my stone wash denim jacket from Tammy Girl! There’s photographic evidence of this, – perhaps on facebook, actually, but it is horrendously embarrassing and too hideous to show on blogspot!)
These days, they get a full set of make up and a bag! Like proper good freebies! Freebies you’re actually going to use!
Amongst the jumble and mess, I spotted Sugar magazine! And it had Fearne Cotton on the front cover and she’s wearing the Temporary:Secretary Sweetheart necklace on the front cover! I sent some things to Sugar for her to wear at a photoshoot a couple of months ago, and had forgotten about it. (I can barely remember what I did yesterday) It was so awesome, and the best surprise. 

fearne cotton wearing heart necklace
Anyone I know will tell you that I really hate surprises! It makes me nervous, and I always beg them to tell me before it happens, ruining the entire element of surprise altogether! It’s often more of a threat than a beg; “Tell me now or I won’t speak to you ever again!!” sort of thing!
However, no one warned me about this surprise and I quite like it! The Sugar team said that Fearne was a big fan of Temporary:Secretary jewellery, which is grrrreat! They chose the best necklace for use for the front cover too! It’s my favourite product and it really does stand out and it goes with everything.
Here she is wearing the “I Love An Anchor” necklace.

fearne cotton in magazine wearing temporary secretary jewellery

credit: Sugar Magazine
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