Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Vegan Beauty Gifts | Christmas Gift Guide

Vegan Beauty Gifts | Christmas Gift Guide

Vegan Beauty Gifts For Christmas

As someone who is trying to educate themselves on the vegan lifestyle, and as a start, I've become really interested in vegan beauty products this year. I've got a long way to go but I've lessened my meat consumption considerably and I intend to keep going. I've been making veggie lunches for work this month (well, mainly, I'm trying the Special K diet at the moment, which I have for lunch with soy milk) and my dinners as of late has consisted of Linda McCartney sausages and a big bowl of salad, and I feel better for it.

Towards the end of 2016, I began a vegan beauty section on my blog and I can't wait to build on this in 2018. Naturally, one of my last post of the year had to be a vegan beauty one and naturally, it had to be a gift guide.

Monday, 18 December 2017

My Favourite Independent Businesses This Year

Old English Company Hand-Lettered Goods

Christmas Gifts From Independent Businesses

Being that I used to run my own business (literally all on my own, in my bedroom and then the spare room which I turned in to an office), I feel guilty for not featuring independent businesses more. 

The thing is, I know so many people who either run a fully-fledged business or some who do it as a side hobby - and I'm spreading the word and shouting about it to my real life friends, but I get so side-tracked with things on my blog, I don't get a chance. But that's a really shoddy excuse and I will make it my mission to recommend independent retailers and artists on my blog, or at the very least, on social media. I get more reach on social these days (it's a struggle on all channels at the moment, if I'm being honest) but I will make more of an effort, regardless.

Having said that, I've happily mentioned the three brands featured in this blogpost a lot in the past couple of years. Scroll down and you might recognise them from my past content.

Evermore London Personalised Candle

Evermore London Personalised Coconut Wax Candle* (shop link)

I'm insanely proud of the mega babe behind Evermore London, my previous line-manager and someone who made my short time in London so much easier. For that I will forever be grateful. 

Evermore have grown so much and the brand (and their range of candles) have evolved. They offer luxury hand-poured coconut wax candles with the option for beautiful calligraphy hand-lettered personalisation. It's a really special brand, creating stunning products that sits well in any home. 

Evermore's last Christmas post date is Monday 18th Dec, but the candles make a great all-year-round gift, so make sure you bookmark their website for when you need to buy a unique present for a special someone.

Kiss Air Scented Soy Wax Candles
Kiss Air Scented Soy Wax Candles

Kiss Air Scented Soy Wax Candles* (shop link)

Another regular candle brand that I've featured a lot on my blog (incase you didn't know, I really really like candles!). 

And I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but the lovely gal behind Kiss Air is someone who I have known for years - come to think of it, it's coming up to 9 years now. We started off with a professional, business relationship (Louise managed my PR when I used to run my own jewellery business - and a fine job she did too! Some of you might've seen my pieces in the national magazines. Well, that's all down to Louise). But now we have a brand/blogger relationship and again, it's amazing to see this girl boss grow her own business.

Kiss Air have changed their candle packaging from the tins to glass jars (£10 each). They look so cute, don't they? The candles are made of soy wax and there are so many nice scents such as Toasted Marshmallows, Toffee Apple, and Cinnamon (I also recommend the cocktail range, and the tea and cake collection too). 

Old English Company Hand-Lettered Goods

Old English Company Hand-Lettered Goods* (shop link)

The very moment I laid eyes on Old English Company on Instagram, it was love at first sight. Stationery coupled with hand-lettered positive quotes got me double tapping like mad and typing heart-eyed emojis in the comments like an absolute Instagram stalker.

I'm just obsessed, ok?! Well, just look at them. Don't tell me you don't love Old English Co. either? Because you so do, right?! 

The products range from homeware, to prints, to stationery (and I want it all!) They quotes on them are very Pinterest worthy too. There's not enough positive vibes in the world so if you can be reminded by an every day item such as a coffee mug, a coaster, or a notebook, then I'm all for it.

Old English Company Hand-Lettered Goods
Old English Company Hand-Lettered Goods
Old English Company Hand-Lettered Goods

I've just ordered a few things for my sisters Christmas presents, including this super cute personalised Sisters Make The Best Friends print (it's alright, my sisters don't read my blog, haha! The surprise isn't spoiled). And I might treat myself to a couple of the enamel pins in the New Year!


Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

I start my gift shopping on Christmas Eve” is something I say every year at the start of December as a joke. And every year, it ends up being true. 

What can I say, I’m a last minute shopper. 
I like to keep myself on my toes.
I live life on the edge. 
I’m wild… 
And admittedly a little stupid for leaving it until last minute (YES, I’m going delirious and I am getting stressed with how much I have to do in the next seven days - obviously there’s no one to blame but myself! eeeeeeks!)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: 13 Best Beauty Stocking Fillers

Best Beauty Stocking Fillers, christmas gift guide

13 Best Beauty Stocking Fillers

We’ve all seen unrealistic stocking filler gift guides floating around this year. Each to their own, I say - I’d buy those kind of lavish gifts if I had the money too, trust me. But before I go any further,  I’m going to warn you now. My stocking filler gift guide isn’t as fancy as that. 

For me though, creating a Christmas stocking filled with nice presents to gift to someone who’s between aged 18-25 would be classed as a main present. Good job I love putting together stockings, goody bags and hampers then. Zipping up and down the high street playing ‘supermarket sweep’ in the beauty departments is one of my favourite past times, don’t you know! I just love it. Give me a budget and a couple of hours, and I’ll gather the best beauty collection in all the land.
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