Thursday, 17 August 2017

Birchbox August | Mermaid Vibes

I know we should judge subscription boxes by the content but can we just take a moment to appreciate the theme of this month’s Birchbox*? MAJOR MERMAID VIBES ALERT!

No prizes for guessing that this month, Birchbox are encouraging us to embrace our “inner mermaid” - whatever that means - I think in fashion and beauty terms, that would be tousled hair, shimmering eyelids, and glistening skin. I like the sound of that, wbu? I mean, I’m still mesmerised by the packaging design. It’s so pretty! 

Unlike me, you’re probably more interested with what the beauty samples? It’s a good selection this month!

Birchbox August 2017 | Mermaid Vibes

Birchbox August 2017 - Mermaid Vibes

Number 4 Sugar Texturising Spray

Whoever came up with  the idea of putting sugar cane in a haircare product? A brand called Number 4, that’s who! This Sugar Texturising Spray helps you get the perfect beach waves without leaving a yucky residue or crunch.

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick

LOC is Birchbox’s own brand make-up brand and who better to develop their own make-up range than the beauty expert themselves! The eyeshadow stick promises an impressive wear of 11 hours. My eyelids are really awkward and product never ever stays put for 11 hours but that’s more me than the product. The shadow stick is creamy and easy to blend - great for those who are constantly on-the-go!


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Outfit: Red Floral Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Red Floral Off-The-Shoulder Dress, uk fashion blogger

I haven’t had the chance to wear my new Summer clothes this year which is a shame. Good job I didn’t buy much, just a couple of dresses from Primark and Boohoo… very purse-friendly - but it’s no good if I don’t get the chance to wear them. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Molton Brown The Seabourn Collection

Molton Brown have done it again. They’ve created an incredible new collection designed to transports you to the very place the collection was inspired by. 

This Summer, Molton Brown are taking us to the high seas to experience the coast and fresh sea air… Honestly, for me, this is as close as it will get to a holiday until next year (probably! But I wouldn’t count on it, I haven’t been abroad for 7 years - who's counting?! I’m not being entitled, by the way, I know how that must come across. I’m the first to admit that I’ve developed a fear of travelling since my last holiday. I try to avoid but I know I'm missing out big time. Meh... I’ll get over it).

No matter how long it has been since I've been on holiday, I still remember the smell of being by the sea. It's just one of those smells that brings back memories.

Molton Brown The Seabourn Collection

Molton Brown The Seabourn Collection

This Summer, Molton Brown have collaborated with award-winning luxury cruise line, Seabourn to launch The Seabourn Collection* which consists of four limited edition products in two bespoke fragrances; Immerse Samphire & Eucalyptus (bath and shower gel, and body lotion) and Inspiring Basil & Vetiver (shampoo and conditioner).

We can all assume that the Inspiring Basil & Vetiver shampoo and conditioner smell aromatic and delicious (because come on, it's Molton Brown!) but I want to draw your attention to Immersive Samphire & Eucalyptus Bath and Body duo. 

I was dubious about Eucalyptus scented bath products; I like it but sometimes it can be too minty to the point of medicinal. There’s no danger of that here. Nothing too minty or too medicinal here.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Making My Own Soy Wax Candles

Just when you thought that apples were just apples, Pink Lady® comes along and proves us wrong! I often have press releases ping in to my email inbox about the Pink Lady®  campaigns, they're creative, positive, and meaningful. I feel very lucky and excited to be involved with their latest campaign.

Making my own candles | Apple scented soy wax candles

Making My Own Soy Wax Candles

Following the success of their Make It Possible campaign which encourages Pink Lady® fans to take some time away from the chaos of daily life to reclaim some important me-time and try something new. 

The latest project, Pass It On has the same elements rooted in and it is me all over. I’m all about self-love, self-care, and embracing a new skill. I love nothing more than pushing myself out of my comfort zone, the sense of achievement is so much more rewarding! It’s what builds my confidence and gives me strength!

Neutrogena Beauty Haul from iHerb

This blogpost is sponsored by iHerb

Affordable Neutrogena Beauty Products

You’ll always see an equal balance of high end and affordable brands on my blog, I like to have a good balance! But, basically, the rule of thumb is that if it’s effective and shows results, then I’m going to recommend it regardless to the brand and what the price point is. 

Affordable beauty is one of the most popular section of my blog (you can see similar posts here) and today I’ve got a really good one for you! Neutrogena is this week’s brand focus; they provide such a wide range of products to help you troubleshoot your skin woes- and I thought I’d have a go and see how I get on. 

I’ve been happy with how my skin has been for the past 6 months or so (it has been hard work!), but every now and then, I will have break-outs. It’s inevitable, it’s just one of those things. I can almost predict when it’s coming to… I’m quite in-sync with my body like that. This tends to be after I’ve applied foundation on with a brush I shouldn’t have used (oops!), environmental factors such as pollution after spending time in a city (yuck!), stress, hormones, or diet (meh, meh, and meh). Nothing out of the ordinary as you can see. Sometimes you just get hit with spots. It’s completely natural and everyone gets them.

For those troublesome phases, I like to have a particular type of products on standby to treat my skin and as a trusted brand, Neutrogena has helped me (and millions of others around the world!) to get clearer looking skin. They’re incredibly effective and super affordable too.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kate Spade New York Haul

I don’t collect a lot of things but I do have an enormous collection of stationery that I’ve kept since I was like, 7 years old. I

’ve been hooked since my Grandma bought me a Keroppi writing set from her travels to Hong Kong, I have been growing an impressive stash of stationery ever since that day; Scented erasers, pretty notebooks, pencil cases that had all these gadgety buttons and secret compartments, rolls and rolls (and rolls) of stickers. Hey, it was the 90s and that is the kind of thing we were in to! 

So, if you ever wondered how kids ever managed without the Internet and social media… I can answer that for you right now. Instead of using social media, we’d do stuff like trade items of stationery with each other. Riveting. I know.

My obsession started when I began writing to my Filipino penpal and I sensed that we were secretly trying to out-Sanrio each other with the fanciest Hello Kitty letter paper and the sparkliest stickers (hers was glow-in-the-dark with glitter, and I went one step better with stickers that were made of GLASS). 

Even now, as an adult, I can’t walk in to Paperchase without buying something. It’s uncontrollable. I have accumulated a tall pile of notebooks… and that’s just since January of this year. What is wrong with me, why can’t I stop buying stationery.

Discovering the stationery department at Amara is bad for me, it fuels my obsession and I’ve got a wishlist as long as my arm (and believe me, I have long arms for my height, long time readers will know that it’s an insecurity of mine. Meh. I don’t know who I inherited these long, gangly things from! I mean, not that I’m looking for someone to blame but…)

I celebrated my new (now not-so-new) job with new stationery, what better way to mark the occasion! New job, new stationery. That’s my motto. 

Except it’s no longer Sanrio stationery that I’m interested in, it’s Kate Spade (and now I'm in trouble...). To get my fix, Amara Living offered to send me a bundle of stuff. What a way to make my day! 

Kate Spade Journal 

(shop link)

With the slogan ‘Eat Cake For Breakfast” embossed in gold foil, this cloth-covered journal with a rainbow coloured ribbons for bookmarks is too hard to ignore. This journal is more stylish than me. I can’t deal.

Kate Spade Leaf-Print Notebook 

(shop link)

I confess- I picked this because of how instagrammable it is. I also selected it because I knew it could work as a blog photo prop. That’s a totally justified reason for buying something you don’t need. Yep!

Kate Spade Travel Mug 

(shop here)

I can’t function without a cup of tea first thing in the morning so this keeps my brew cuppa warm for my commute on the train. Plus, it looks SUPER cute! Browse this page and tell me you don't want everything!

Elizabeth Scarlett Washbag 

(shop link)

Most of my washbags are from Primark and all the zips have either broken off or gotten stuck (argh) so I thought a new one was due. I always carry a bag of make-up with me and this palm-tree print wash bag is big enough to store my beauty essentials.

All of these products are available from Amara*. Check them their website if you’re a fan of homeware - everything looks like it’s straight out of Pinterest! *swoon*.

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