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Vegan-Friendly Bath Melt & Candle Gift Box | Valentine's Day Gift Idea

This year, I’ve got plans to recommend more vegan-friendly beauty products on my blog, and (hopefully) by the end of the year, I will have filled this section with wonderful beauty products that are suitable for vegans.

cupcake shape bath melts suitable for vegans, vegan friendly bath products

Vegan-Friendly Bath Melt & Candle Gift Box

One brand that you will ALL love is Kiss Air, which are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. You may have spotted their lovely hand-poured, soy wax candles on my blog before but more recently, they have launched their own range of cocoa butter bath melts (£3 each). AND… just in time for Valentine’s Day, they have launched a Bath Tub Treats Gift Box* (£13.00) which combines two of my favourite things; candle and bath stuff! 

cupcake shape bath melts suitable for vegans, vegan friendly bath products

Beautifully gift wrapped in pastel coloured unicorn patterned paper, the gift set features 2 deluxe size tea lights and 3 bath melts - OF YOUR CHOICE. There are other gift wrap design options which include hearts and floral print, but who can resist the unicorns! It’s just so cute!

cupcake shape bath melts suitable for vegans, vegan friendly bath products

The really great thing about Kiss Air’s brand new Bath Tub Treats Gift Box is that you can totally choose your choice of bath melt and scent of tealight that goes in to it. For an extra £2.95, you can add a third and personalised tealight too. If it’s a present for someone, they will really love the personal touch. Everyone loves things that’s got their name on it, don’t they?

cupcake shape bath melts suitable for vegans, vegan friendly bath products

As you can see, the bath melts are shaped like mini cupcakes and are made with moisturising cocoa butter. I personally like to cut bath melts in half as I find half is just the right amount for me, but you can use them whole to give your skin a moisturising treat. 

There are 5 bath melts scents available but the three that I picked are:

  • Rose Blush: Floral, romantic fragrance of rose petals.
  • Oh So Sweet: Sweet candy floss, pink sugar, and a hint of sweet oranges.
  • Glitter Bomb: A blend of summer fruits with a hint of vanilla and musk. With a light dusting of glitter!

personalised tea light candles gift set

I opted for the Champagne and Pomelo scented tealight candles but there’s also a lovely Parma Violet scent, and a Sandalwood and Musk to pick from. 

Champagne and Pomelo has notes of sparkling champagne, blended with citrus fruits of pink pomelo, sweet grapefruit, Brazilian orange, rhubarb, and fresh watermelon. That really is as yummy-smelling as that sounds! They’re bigger than the average tealights too, they burn for 8-10 hours, and you can re-use the glass as a tealight holder.

Have a browse at Kiss Air's website to see what other goodies tickle your fancy!



  1. these are so adorable ! Gorgeous photos as usual !


  2. These look adorable, I really want to buy them just so I can pop them on my shelves haha! x


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