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SJP NYC Perfume

SJP NYC Perfume

SJP NYC Perfume

I was, and still am (although not as much as I was before) OBSESSED with Sex And The City. At the time, I still had a TV with a built-in VHS player so I would record every single episode on the tape and watch it back over and over and over again. I know I’m not the only one which is why I’ll happily admit that I used to watch it until I knew every single word to every single episode. 

SJP NYC Perfume

I have since then bought the boxset, in addition to having the entire thing uploaded on to my external hard drive so I can watch it whenever I want… obsessed is an understatement. When the SJP NYC perfume gift set* arrived through the post, I was wishing for it to smell like a Cosmopolitan Cocktail!

Please let it smell like a Cosmo, please let it smell like a Cosmo.

Does it smell like a Cosmo?

No, not quite. But it is fruity!

SJP NYC Perfume

Before we talk about the scent, let’s take a look at the packaging design. I’m unsure if I’m drawn to it as much as I would if it was a simplistic, minimal, clear glass bottle but there’s no double that SJP NYC (first launched in 2009) is very colourful and eye-catching - and possibly geared towards the younger fans. It is inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker’s home city and not doubt by her character on SATC, Carrie Bradshaw, and I can definitely sense this channeling through! 

This duo gift set includes a 100ml Eau de Toilette spray and a 10ml rollerball of the same scent. I thought there might've been a small chance that the 10ml bottle would be a spray, but I can confirm it's a rollerball. Very hand for an on-the-go fragrance boost.

SJP NYC Perfume

The fragrance itself is fruity and uplifting! The fragrance notes are:

Top notes: Italian mandarin, strawberry, and osmanthus. 

Middle notes: Rose, mimosa, honeysuckle, and gardenia.

Base notes: Rum, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.

SJP NYC Perfume

The set retails for £39.00 but I've spotted it at The Fragrance Direct for £18.95.


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