Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Make-Up Tips For Glasses Wearers (With Before & After Pics)

You’d think that if there was any beauty tips that I’d be able to relate to, it would be eye make-up tips for people who wear glasses. 

When it comes to make-up tips for glasses wearers, I’ve always read it with a pinch of salt because first of all, it depends entirely on what style of frames you have - but this lead me to experiment and find ways that suit me.

Make-Up Tips For Glasses Wearers

Make-Up Tips For Glasses Wearers

A lot of these “avoid these mistakes” advice floating around will tell you that it is best to keep the eyes natural, nude, and shimmery to counteract the shadow that the glasses cast under your eyes. 

So what do I do? I go against that piece of advice and wear the darkest shade of matte eyeshadow possible. I don’t know if I’m better off for it, but it is the only way that I can enhance my eyes to make them appear bigger. And I kind of like that.

In this blogpost, I’m going to talk about what other things I do in my make-up routine (as someone who is blind as a bat and wears glasses everyday) to enhance my facial features.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Fashion In Your 30's: How To Style Denim Shorts

Let's start by saying that fashion has no age. The title of this blogpost is just a title. Wear what you want, whenever you want. That's the only rule in fashion. 

I lived in denim shorts throughout college and uni, and many years after that. Everyone, no matter what age, need a pair of denim shorts. It's a staple piece. Full stop.

But I literally grew out of those studded denim short shorts I had, so I decided it was time to buy a bigger, more comfortable pair! A pair where I didn’t have to worry about having to pop the top button off after eating a double cheeseburger and fries.

Fashion In Your 30's: How To Style Denim Shorts

Fashion In Your 30's: How To Style Denim Shorts

I wondered if I could pull off for that relaxed effortless scruffy look. Y’know, shirt tactfully half tucked in, half tucked out. Tactfully scruffy. You see it all the time on Instagram. Denim shorts and quilted Chanel handbags. The OOTD of dreams.


Saturday, 27 August 2016

My Current Skincare Routine

I’ve had this blogpost in my draft since the beginning of June but I just haven’t been able to write it. This Summer has been a struggle to settle with a skincare routine because the weather has been so up and down.

My Summer Skincare Routine

I know what kind of products to use when it’s cold and also for when it’s warm. But what do you do when it’s hot one day (sweaty, clogged-up skin. Yikes!) and cold/windy the next (hello dry patches, nice to be reacquainted!). Switching skincare everyday is totally not ideal, so even though my skin has been so imbalanced, I have decided to persevere with a summer routine.

beauty blogger skincare routine for summer

My Summer skincare routine means simplifying, use lighter formulations, and products to combat the oils and compensate thirsty skin. Quite a juggle!

It seemed to have taken me what feels like ages to find something that works, but with trial and error, I eventually got there. 

Here’s what I’ve been using on a daily basis for the past 8 weeks and will continue to do so in to the next few months too!

beauty blogger morning skincare routine

Morning Skincare Routine:

Step 1: Cleanse
Janjira Facial Pomegranate and Acai Gel Cleanser (shop link)
Usually, I don't generally have a skin type that requires a gel cleanser but this Pomegranate And Acai from Janjira works really really well at the moment! I used it this time last year and have picked it up again for the Summer. It keeps the oil at bay during the day which is exactly what I need! This delicate cleanser is anti-aging and antioxidant.

Step 2: Tone
Balance Me Skin Bright Mist Toner (shop link)
I got this in the middle of June and I used it so much that I finished the bottle within 2 months. The mist is great for tightening pores and cooling skin, and I just got carried away with it! You can use it as part of your daily skincare routine or throughout the day over make-up. It also soothes, tones, and hydrates without that tightening sensation. This mist feature hyaluronic acid to plump, chamomile to soothe, and pineapple to rebalance.

Step 3: Eye Treatment
Beaute Mediterranea High Tech Hyaluronic Acid Eye Contour Cream (shop link)
This eye cream features hyaluronic acid and argan oil - two ingredients that are sure to boost moisture! I apply the amount of a single grain of rice on each eye area and you can immediately feel a 'lifting' sensation. It's quite an addictive product to use but obviously it's not good to use more than the required amount. The hyaluronic acid plumps the skin and therefore reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Step 4: SPF
Jurlique Face SPF (shop link) / Avon SPF
I've been using a lot of skincare which contains acids which makes my skin more sensitive to sun. It's so important, therefore, so protect my skin with SPF. Jurlique is one of my fave beauty brands ever and this SPF is AMAZING! I can't praise it enough. The non-sticky formula leaves my face with a really lovely glow! It smells like pineapple too! It doesn't have an expiry date on the packaging but since I got this tube from Jurlique just over a year ago, I'm guessing it may be losing it's effectiveness? So I have a spare face SPF on hand and the second tube is from Avon. 

Step 5: Day Cream
Madara Ultimate Face Lift (shop link)
What I've been doing recently is apply SPF and day cream. My day cream of choice at the moment is Madara Ultimate Face Lift - an extremely luxurious cream that creates a tightening effect. It is made with Northern birch juice and hyaluronic acid to firm saggy skin and smooth the surface for a more youthful appearance. Love the performance and results from this cream but I am not all that keen on that spicy, gingery scent.

beauty blogger evening skincare routine

Evening Skincare Routine:

Step 1: Remove Make Up
Astalift Make Up Remover Oil (shop link)
I love make-up remover oils, they are much more thorough. My favourite has been Astalift (featured here) and I recently learned that this is made by Fujifilm! I only ever use this when I'm wearing heavy make-up (the whole shebang) so it only comes out of the bathroom cupboard a couple of times a week. It is an excellent product and highly recommend it! You can use it on it's own or use a cream cleanser afterwards for double-cleansing action!

Step 2: Cleanse
Janjira Facial Pomegranate and Acai Gel Cleanser
Same as day time, except I use a silicone cleansing brush with it. I have the Foreo Luna Play and also Lidl's silicone facial brush which cost £14.99.

Step 3: Cleansing Water
Melvita Nectar de Roses Micellar Water (shop link)
I put this in the fridge 20 minutes before I use it and it feels soooo great on skin, especially on muggy evenings. It cleanses, tones, and removes any remaining traces of make-up from step 2. I'm very fussy with micellar water but this passes the test! It cleans skin without leaving that weird-feeling residue that most micellar waters tend to! The benefits of using rose water and rose petal extract as an ingredient ensures that your skin is moisturised and restores radiance. Check here for more rose scented beauty products from Melvita.

Step 4: Facial Oil
Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum (shop link)
I couldn't wait to try this. I've been going through many bottles of face oils and serums, all of which lasts FOREVER because you only need use about 6 tiny little droplets a day! It has taken me a while to open this magical potion! It's absolutely amazing if your skin is dehydrated, and of course, as a running theme to my Summer skincare routine (or all year round routine, really!) is that it contains hyaluronic acid! A side note: Despite the name of this product, this is not an entire bottle of pure hyaluronic acid. It actually worried me to begin with! As much as I love using products that contain this brilliant ingredient, I know it might not be a good thing to saturate your skin with it! I have since found out that it has 2% concentrate, which is fine, I can totally handle that!

Step 5: Eye Treatment
Beaute Mediterranea High Tech Hyaluronic Acid Eye Contour Cream
Same as day.

Step 6: Night Cream
Melvita Nectar de Roses Moisture Replenishing Night Cream (shop link)
This night cream is enriched with all the rosey goodness to create very hydrating formula, so if you find that your skin feels a little parched by the end of the night, Melvita Nectar de Roses Night Cream will fix you right up. The thick, velvety cream replenishes moisture while you sleep and it takes care of any dry patches on my face overnight. It seems to rebalance my skin and leave it gently moisturised without leaving it oily.

beauty blogger evening skincare routine

The Weeklies:

I use these once a week without fail, usually at the weekend. If my skin feels problematic, I have a mid-week pamper too! I love using exfoliator followed by a face mask, and this two-phase step ensures that it prevents a break out. As a skincare junkie, you can not beat that feeling of giving yourself a pamper session with luxurious products. Here are my current faves:

Exfoliator/Face Scrub
Madara Exfoliator Oil-To-Milk Scrub (shop link)
I really really REALLY love this exfoliator which can be used 2-3 times a week. Certified by ECOCERT, it contains ingredient from organic farming and natural essential oils. The formula contains apricot and oat oils, and the exfoliating particles are made up of natural wax with medium grade abrasiveness. When first squeezed out of the tube, it is a gel which then turns in to velvety oil upon the touch of skin, and once water is applied it turns in to a milky substance. This product smells so good too, a bit like Fanta Fruit Twist!

Face Masks
1. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask (shop link)
One of Antipodes hero products, the anti-bacterial Aura Manuka Honey Mask boost tired, lack-lustre skin. It's suitable for blemish proned skin and it advisable to use this as soon as blemishes appear. The non-harsh mask leaves face feeling bright and radiant.

2. NUXE Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute (shop link)
This is my second tube, it's so reliable in sorting out dull skin! I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE IT!! The consistency (like a gel cream) and results are very similar to Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, they both give skin a shot of hydration but the NUXE one is a couple of pounds cheaper. And instead of using water to rinse it off, you simple rub the excess off with your fingertips. It's an AMAZING face mask and perfect for when you've been out in the sun for a prolonged period of time and your face is feeling tight, dry and shrivelled (eeeks). I highly recommend using this to transform your skin to feel silky smooth. It freshens and relaxes the skin, and reduces redness. Make this your next skincare buy, you will not regret it!!


Friday, 26 August 2016

Lidl's £14.99 Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

Lidl are about to launch another gem of an item that will get you rushing straight to their store! 

On the 29th August, you will be able to buy their affordable version of the in-the-now silicone facial brush (whilst stocks lasts). Don’t snooze because you will lose (out) as every time Lidl releases a skin care beauty product similar to this (remember Lidl's £9.99 cleansing brush?), they literally flies off the shelves in record time!

Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush From Lidl

The £14.99 Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush From Lidl

I was very lucky to get my hands on one prior to the launch and I’ve been using it ever since. I am honestly so impressed with it! In the pack, you get the cleansing device, plus a USB adapter and charging cable. There is one available for normal/sensitive skin, but I received the one for combination skin. 

It has a selection of 6 cleansing vibration and 3 massage vibration settings. All you have to do is apply whatever cleanser you like, splash water over your skin, and apply the soft, tiny silicone nubs on to your face. 

You just guide the cleanser over your face in slow movement and let the silicone brush work it’s magic. You can use the reverse to massage your face and stimulate the blood circulation, you don’t have to use the ‘right’ side every day.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

11 Fashion Must-Haves You Need This Autumn

Summer used to be my absolute favourite time of the year when I was younger (could be, perhaps, something to do with the 6 weeks holiday…) but as I’ve gotten older, I have become fonder of Autumn as the years go by. Let's face it, with all that rain and grey clouds, it's half autumn during the summer months anyway!

It’s the come-down from the buzz of summer and it’s the calm-before-the-storm that is Christmas. The leaves turn shades of red, yellow, and orange, the sun beams beautifully like no other time of the year and the crisp breeze in the air reminds us that there’s Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to. The noticeable change is quite profound that it feels like a fresh start for all of us.

I have to admit, I spend more money on clothes than any other time of the year because I know it’s got to last me from September through to April. Without fail, every autumn, I buy a new jacket, a coat, a couple of sweaters and jumpers, A/W accessories, and a new pair of boots. Now that the new season’s collections have started to enter the stores, I’ve made a wishlist of a few things that I’ve got my beady little eyes on!

11 Fashion Must-Haves You Need This Autumn

No matter the season, you can pretty much find all of your classic, wearable, staple pieces from Esprit. Their simple yet effortlessly chic designs means you can dress them up or down, for daywear, workwear, and evenings. Esprit are trendy without trying to hard but I love them for being an go-between brand for women my age who just want clothes that are stylish, made well and feels comfortable to wear. 

This Autumn, I would be able to get so much wear out of the cardi-blazer, grey coat, stripy sweater, skinny jeans, burgundy floppy hat, and the large black bag. They are great pieces to mix and match with. Esprit is a fantastic brand if you’re in to creating a capsule wardrobe!

I worked with New Look (very briefly) on an Autumn campaign and became familiar with what they had to offer. The thing that I like about New Look is that it doesn’t alienate their target market and push them out with high pricing. Their designs remain on-trend, non-pretentious, and affordable, and I enjoy shopping in there because it’s not such an overwhelming experience. You get in and you get out - leaving you with a whole bag of new clothes that you’re going to wear for the whole A/W season. Happy customer! I picked the two items for their totally cool 90’s vibe! I used to layer on a black vest over a white t-shirt like Cher from Clueless when she was in her PE class. EARTH TO CHER, COME IN CHER. She will forever be my style guru.

Now this really is a wishful item on this wishlist! At £144, it’s quite the splurge, and realistically, it’s one of those ‘if money was no object’ kind of things, but I thought that the pretty rose gold double heart pendant is a nice new twist on those coin necklaces. The heart shape is more ‘me’, and it’s such a classic piece of jewellery, it would complement every single one items of clothing on this wishlist. Since most of it’s black, it would definitely provide a subtle bit of colour!

How gorgeous are these boots, though! I have big red hearts in my eyes right now! I have something similar from ASOS which I purchased this time last year but they were like, £35, so the faux leather has started to flake off around the buckle and I fear the strap might actually snap soon. If they last for a long time, I may actually consider buying the pair from Ted Baker but I definitely need to track them down in the shops so I can try them on first! I have never spent so much on footwear before but if it’s a pair that I will wear every single day, then it might be worth investing a little more money in them!

Just when I thought I might’ve been over the scalloped edged, peter pan collar, polka dots kinda phase… I see this and I fall in love with that style all over again! There’s no denying that if you followed my blog between 2011 to 2014, I was all about chiffon and peter pan collar. I absolutely loved it. But I think I slowly grew out of it (fashion, ey! So fickle!) but every now and then, a shirt like this one from Sugarhill Boutique comes along and I’m like “ok, sure, let’s do it for old times sake!”.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Picking Your Perfect Ray-Ban & Where To Buy Them Cheaper Online

With something as expensive as Ray-Ban sunglasses, you’re going to want to pick the most suitable pair. As a leading brand of sunglasses, they are the most copied, and most coveted; everyone wants the real deal. My dad has a pair from the 80’s which he still wears to this day (and doesn’t look outdated whatsoever. Such a cool cat). Their trendy, yet classic styles will truly last forever - a fashion must-have that is well worth the money!

ray ban sunglasses collection, where to buy cheap ray bans online

Ray-Bans: Pick Your To Perfect Pair

When I first decided that I wanted to buy pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses, they were around £90 - £120 (they still are), but since then, I have discovered that you can buy genuine RayBan sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop online for cheaper. And they often do promotional offers too, so look out for those all important extra discounts (Just a heads up, the turquoise Clubmasters I'm wearing below are currently £68!).

Monday, 22 August 2016

A Day By The Sea

No, I've not had a baby, you guys. This is my niece, Edie! 😍 

As the month draws closer to an end, I’ve starting to reflect on what I’ve been up to in August. And that would be a whooooole lotta nothin’! Well, not NOTHING but I haven’t done anything interesting and I’ve not been on holiday or anything.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

How To Style: 90's Style Black Midi Dress

How To Style: 90's Style Black Dress

How To Style: 90's Style Black Dress

I’ve given photography tips to my fellow fashion bloggers on how to take a good photos but all of those ‘rules’ went out of the window when I found the perfect spot in the park. The problem was... that the spot was in an open space and I was outside at mid-day when the sun was shining the hardest. Time to go against all my own advice?

I mean, I had already broken some so-called fashion rules, so why not just go ahead and break a couple more.


Sunday, 14 August 2016

It's A Nice Day Outside. I Think I'll Wear Black.

So by now, we know that Avon sells a mahoosive range of beauty and skincare, alongside fashion accessories, and homeware. Whatever next? Well, shoes, of course! Naturally!

Avon sent me a pair of shoes to style for an outfit post but I had no idea what kind of style the shoes would be pick for me. I trust the ladies at Avon who know my fashion sense well, so I knew whatever they selected, it would be trendy!

To read the post, head over the Avon’s blog!

monochrome outfit fashion blogger uk
how to style nude shoes
adidas black and white tshirt
how to style nude pumps

Friday, 12 August 2016

How To Do Soft Curls On Short Hair

Up until now, my beautiful rose gold ghd straighteners have done a fantastic job in getting loose, tousled waves on my short hair. It gives soft, loose curls in a matter of 15 minutes. 

But I have started to notice that the hinge on my straighteners has come out of alignment from where I’ve twisted my hair and pulled to hold, so now the plates don’t exactly match up and I’m panicking that this will totally damage them in the long run.

And that’s why I’ve switched to ghd CURVE Soft Curl Tongs* to help me get the same kind of beach-babe waves on my short, shoulder length hair.

How To Do Soft Curls On Short Hair

The only two things that I can do with my "lob" (long bob) hairstyle since I got about 6 inches chopped off a couple months ago is to either straighten or curl. A quick and deliberately-messy up-do is completely out of the question. 

When you have little length of hair to work with, using the right kind of styling tool is important in achieving thet style that you’re going for. I certainly learned this upon leaving the hair salon, I had ringlets bouncing up and down as I walked home! I wanted trendy soft curls, not out-dated tight ringlets. I had a lot of layer cut in aswell, which meant that I had volume in all the wrong places. Smh. But it’s because the salon only had a slim-line curling wand which they used on a pretty high heat setting. *sigh*

using ghd curve to get soft curls

I ain't hatin' if ya want something done, you gotta do it yourself! Right?!

So here is how to get natural-looking, voluminous, soft curls with ghd CURVE.

(And btw, this is definitely one of those time when I wish I did YouTube, it would be so much easier to do a tutorial on video but hopefully my How To demonstration photos are easy enough to follow!)

How To Do Soft Curls On Short Hair


Thursday, 11 August 2016

Birchbox August 2016

August’s Birchbox* is called ‘Dive In’ and comes in the form of a neoprene (that's the material scuba suits are made of) make-up bag with a neon coloured zipper with 6 beauty summer essentials inside. This includes a waterproof eyeliner, a body scrub, dry shampoo, perfume, face mask, and hand sanitiser.

Birchbox UK August 2016

Birchbox UK August 2016

This month’s theme has a fun, beach holiday vibe and products from brands that are more affordable and more accessible than their previous boxes. Hopefully you will find a favourite that you can afford to repurchase again and again.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Outfit: Polkadot Playsuit

fashion blogger uk, Polkadot Playsuit

Awkward posing alert! Excuse the awkwardness which I attempted to style out… 

It was down to a small number of factors, really. One being that I was pushed for time and I rushed through it, and secondly, I just felt like a burden on the person who was helping my with taking these photos! I kept thinking that the quicker I get these done, the quicker everyone can get back to doing more important things…


Friday, 5 August 2016

Current Favourites

beauty blogger monthly favourites

It’s always such a toughie to narrow things down for a current or monthly favourites blogpost which explains why I don’t often do these! I have such a long list of product that I love using, it really is endless! But I have selected some of the things I’ve enjoyed using the most in the past 4 weeks on a daily or regular basis.

beauty blogger monthly favourites

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

My Etsy Deskie | Updating My Desk Space

Nothing quite like sitting at a Pinterest-inspired desk space to get you motivated to work, right? I trawl through Pinterest for ideas all the time to, admiring the pretty work areas. Hashtag desk goalzzz. I don’t even know where to begin to make my own work station as beautiful as that but thanks to Etsy, I’ve made a really good start!

Desk Space Inspiration

They challenged me to create an ‘Etsy Deskie’ with things bought from independent designers and small businesses. I LOVE a good a challenge, so I took them up on this! It isn’t quite finished yet but here’s what I’ve done so far:
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