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Shabby Chic Homeware From Avon

shabby chic homeware from avon

Shabby Chic Homeware From Avon

There has many surprises from Avon lately, and one of them is the home accessories range. I have never explored Avon beyond their beauty range (and it is one hell of a beauty range. Some may say that it’s enough to fill a catalogue…) but recently I drew my attention to their offering of homeware.

cute ring dish for jewellery

I’ve been wanting to decorate my flat for months now forever but more so recently as I am desperate for a new change since the person I used to live with packed his bags and left. But I can’t quite afford it yet. Because if I’m going to commit to the whole decorating thing, I want it done properly and within a short time frame. 

That probably doesn’t sound very realistic, right? Especially as I am a total rookie when it comes to DIY decorating. But my flat is small, it couldn’t possibly take that long… Famous last words, perhaps?

avon bird bell jar ornament, avon homeware

On the whole, there isn't that much to do (again, famous last words!). I want to give the walls a fresh lick of paint, buy matching furniture, and basically get rid of memories. Out with the old, in with the new is a saying that I could not be more fond right now.

I haven’t quite got there yet  (what am I saying? I haven’t even made a start!) but I did begin by clearing things out in the Spring. After an absolute misery of a long and dragged-out Winter, I couldn’t have been more excited to have a good old spring clean!

shabby chic jewellery box storage

With a lot of new space in various rooms of my flat, I was able to do one of my favourite things: Buy new homeware to freshen the place up. But I was also very lucky that I was gifted a few things from Dotcomgiftshop and most recently Avon.

shabby chic homeware, pink carnations

Avon has a lovely floral, mint green collection that has a shabby chic vibe to it. Shabby chic is something I have gone back and forth with, but it’s generally a style that I am drawn to. Their designs include an elegant bird bell jar ornament, a ring dish, storage drawers, jewellery box, and a vase.

shabby chic vase, pink carnations

Looking on the Avon website, I can see that they have discounted a lot of the items, so have a browse and see what bargain you can grab!

Read my full feature on this homeware collection on Avon’s blog. 

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  1. These are all such beautiful photos

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. All these new home bits are lovely! I've been looking for some new things for a while so I'll have to check out Avon x

    Gemma Louise

  3. I never knew Avon did such pretty home-ware! The little bird ring holder is so cute <3

  4. These are looking so cute !


  5. I'm a rep and I like the fact Avon is more than make-up as people usually think!
    In Italy, where I live, it isn't available this shabby chic line but who knows what's coming... :)

  6. I miss avon, really should order online =]

  7. Everything is so cute!


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