Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Homeware Haul | 9 items For Under £30

I couldn’t wait to have a good Spring clean and that’s exactly what I did over the Bank Holidays in May (fave time of year what with all those Bank Hols popping up!) but that left the rooms in my apartment looking a bit bare. To make it a bit homely, I have picked up a few homeware pieces from various shops.

barcelona design stoneware teapot

Recently, I was given a £30* budget from Dotcomgfitshop to shop in their Summer Sale. I know exactly what I’m looking for on there as I’m no stranger to their website as it’s my go-to every Christmas, it’s absolutely BRILLIANT for secret santa gifts and stocking fillers. But this time, I was shopping for my home. Just a few little pieces - things that would look cute and Summery! 

As I am an expert (albeit self-acclaimed) for getting the very best out of a budget is set, I manage to get 9 homeware items for under £30 (£29.75 to be precise!) in the Dotcomgiftshop Summer sale and saved myself the total of £61.80! You can see the breakdown of the normal prices vs sales price on the post I wrote on their blog. You're going to be totally amazed by the savings!

Here’s a brief snapchat of what homeware items I picked from their Summer sale: 

barcelona design stoneware teapot
Teapot (£6.95) and Milk Jug (£3.95)

barber shop moustache cake toppers

cute cake toppers

birdcage lantern tealight holder

home sweet home mug

salad bowl
Salad Bowl (£4.95)

tealight holders
Set of 6 Tealight Holders (£4.95 for all six)

pink carnations
(or use the tealight holders as a mini vase for small flowers)

Wire Heart (50p)

Read my full post on Dotcomgiftshop blog.



  1. How pretty is that salad bowl.

    Jazzria x

  2. I love everything that mug is so pretty!

  3. aw of these are so cute xx

  4. That baking set is the cutest thing ever! xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  5. I love the teapot and the tiny tealight holders are so cute!

  6. That teapot is so cute! And I do love a birdcage

  7. Everything looks so cute !


  8. Bargains! Absolutely love the tea set, I'm after something similar for my new flat :)


  9. Oh my that teapot and milk jug are so cute! These are great especially for such low prices! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx


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