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Benefit Launch 3 New Hoola Products

I have had these photos of Benefit’s new Hoola releases saved in drafts for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t had the motivation to write this up. Not because the products aren’t great because they are… but the weather has been such a downer (at the time of writing this) that I haven’t been in the mindset or mood to write about tanning products. 

benefit's new hoola products

Benefit Launch 3 New Hoola Products

Honestly, right now, I can’t bear to think about baring skin and showing off a faux tan when it’s still this cold. As I am writing this, I’m wrapped up in a white fluffy fleece and look more like a sheep that belongs in the Yorkshire Dales rather than a tanned human being sipping cocktails in Barbados. 

benefit cosmetics hoola range

Poopy weather aside - this bunch of FAB new releases from Benefit Cosmetics has actually got beauty fans excited! Extending their Hoola range, Benefit have added three EXCITING new products to the family to help you get your BRONZE on this Summer!

benefit's hoola zero tanlines false tan

Hoola Zero Tanlines*

Self-tanning made easy thanks to Benefit’s Hoola Zero Tanlines. Not only is it zero tanlines, you’ll also be free from orange hands! This comes with a soft, spongey applicator cleverly concealed on top of the lid which you use to buff and blend the non-sticky gel formula bronzer on to your body. This should give you a more even colour that’s completely streak-free!

It gives a natural glow but is buildable for a deeper colour. The tan doesn’t transfer on to clothes, or furniture, or anything! One of my school friends recently got married and wore this false tan with her pretty white wedding dress on. If that’s not proof that you can wear with the confidence that it won’t transfer, I don’t know what is!

benefit's dew the hoola liquid bronzer

Dew The Hoola*

Dew The Hoola is a liquid bronzer that was first featured in their miniature Do The Hoola set last year (where you can read the full review on this product). They promised us a full size version and here it is! The liquid bronzer can be used all over the face for an instant, natural, sunkissed glow, or try your hand at contouring with it!

I find that you get better results with it by applying it on with a foundation brush rather than fingers. Dew The Hoola is sheer and completely shimmer free with a soft matte finish. It’s easy to work with even for pale skin!

benefit's hoola contouring and blush brush

Hoola Bronzing & Contouring Brush*

This is a unique looking brush, isn’t it? It’s certainly stands out from the rest of the brushes I’ve got on my desk! The design bears the bamboo theme that runs throughout the rest of Benefit’s Hoola range. The brush has soft, plush bristles that’s a bit too soft for me to use as a bronzer brush. I like bronzer brush to be more dense so that I can get better control of where I’m applying it.

Personally, I like using this brush with a powdered foundation or a translucent setting powder all over the face. It also works brilliantly as a blusher brush too! It is a tad on the pricy side but if there's anything us beauty fans can appreciate is a good quality make-up brush, and £17.50 is the average price for a high end brush.

Benefit Launches 3 New Hoola Products

The new Hoola range is available now!



  1. How did you get Benefit to send you these amazing products! X Lovely post

  2. This whole collection sounds amazing, Hoola is one of my favourite bronzers and need to try out these other products xo

  3. Oh wow everything looks so beautiful! I really want to try the Zero Tanlines self tanner since summer is coming and me being as white as porcelain can't tan because I'll just burn myself haha. And the brush is just gorgeous, would gladly have that sitting on my vanity!

  4. I really want to try the dew the hoola, it looks like it's such an amazing product. I recently got the powder hoola and I love it.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  5. All these products look amazing, my daughter would love them, she uses Hoola and she loves to false tan too so I will definitely be sharing your post with her, the brush looks lovely, it's so different, great post as always xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  6. Yeees I've seen these new Benefit launches!
    I'm so curious about them but I haven't tried the riginal Hoola bronzer before :(
    I hope soon...

  7. I am so excited to try these out! I LOVE my Hoola bronzer!
    Miss Olivia Says


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