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Blogging Tips: Promoting Your Blog On Social Media

Blogging Tips: Promoting Your Blog On Social Media

Blogging and social media goes hand in hand, and although it might seem easy at first, there's actually a lot of things to consider. There's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat, Pinterest and more but if you're a blogger, you don't have to feel like you need to use every single one to begin with.

Sign up to the platforms you want to use and learn how to use it properly. Using social media is not only a great way to increase traffic to your blog, but it's also a nice way to ease in to the blogging community and connect to potential readers.

Social Media Is Constantly Changes

In the early days, social media was quite easy, simple and straight-forward. You type what you were up to, and had a giggle with your friends over last night's party photos - that was pretty much it. Now it seems like like the aim is to get more likes, shares, retweets, favourites, reblogs, repins.... The focus has definitely shifted to how we can engage and get more people to see our 'content'? How do we work with the new algorithms? How does it benefit us as bloggers?

There's no denying that social media has changed a lot in the past 5 years and it's hard to keep up. It is now all centred around promoting, advertising, strategies, campaigns, measuring statistics, engagement, outreach, getting the most likes, favourite, retweets, shares, thumbs-ups, and attempts to go "viral". And that's totally fine, it's just the nature of the game - but all these aspects can sometimes suck the fun out of social media, it can feel like a chore.

On the other hand, it can help us take advantage of what's out there; these amazing social media platforms can be used as part of a marketing tool, a way increase traffic to your blog, a forum to talk to people who share the interests as you and to get instant, direct, real-time results.

Learning how to use social media and each platform can help drive traffic to your site and reach out to the right people. Here are some of my beginners guide on how to use my to help you promote your blog. I have focussed on my favourite three which are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Beginners Guide to Social Media

General Advice:
Use the same profile pic throughout all social media channels. If you change it on Twitter, change it on all of them. It's just so that when people land on your profile(s), they're not confused.

Include your blog link on all of your bios.

Get a good balance of promoting your content, engaging with other people and sharing news.

Be consistent in your tone of voice and the frequency in which you upload.

What works on one platform might not work on another. Learn what people want to see and tailor your content to match the channel.

Respond to all questions and queries in a timely manner.

Create a separate blog/business Twitter account to your personal one. This will keep things cohesive and less-confusing for your readers and for yourself too!

Tweet links to your new post. I tweet links to my new blogpost up to three times a day (afternoon, rush hour and evening) Don't forget to use appropriate hashtags so that your tweets reaches out to more people.

Dig into your archive! Tweet links to your old content for your new followers or repurpose for existing ones.

Be social on social media! Always answer all questions that comes through to your @mentions.

Make use of the retweet button, share other people's content as well as your own. They will really appreciate it.

Twitter has become very visual, and tweets that includes an image gets twice the amount of engagement so tweet images to accompany your tweets.

Use a Twitter client like Hootsuite to schedule tweets throughout the day. This is most helpful when you're away for a few days and want to keep traffic to your blog ticking over.

Don't take it personally if someone unfollows you. It's the nature of the game. They're allowed to unfollow you and you're free to do the same. No dramas!

Don't send the same unsolicited tweets to multiple Twitter users. That's not how you use Twitter and it can be considered as spam.

Facebook are making things increasingly difficult for Page users. I've worked so hard to build a following but with the new algorithms, only 1% of my 11,000+ followers will see my content. I admit that I need a new ~strategy~ in order to make things work but here's what I've noticed...

The key is not to give up. There has been many times when I've just wanted to get rid of my Page because it feels like a waste of time and that I'm talking to a brick wall. But Facebook likes a consistent frequency of posts and when they detect that you're inactive, they will bring it upon themselves to push your content down (or keep it out of sight). Carry on posting on a regular basis and hope for the best things should pick up.

Facebook users love funny things, cute animals, inspirational quotes, and memes. Share these types of content in between promoting your own blog. 

Post on Facebook about 3 or 4 times a day if you can. Keep these fairly spaced out throughout the day though. 

Facebook favours posts that has a lot of interaction, these posts will be seen by more people. Add a call-to-action to the copy or a question to encourage followers to engage.

Make use of Facebook's schedule feature, you can plan your posts ahead and schedule them to go live at certain times.

Keep an eye on your wall for comments and questions. I don't know about you but notifications doesn't always pop up for new interaction (Facebook can be SO annoying!!!). I'm always apologising for replying late because I don't see a comment until days later.

Facebook users don't hold back, so be prepared for honest or harsh feedback. Don't be disheartened, it isn't personal. It's usually because they don't realise there's a real person behind the page or they simply don't think before they type. You can choose to respond or delete. It's your page, you get to manage it the way you want.

I LOVE Instagram, it's my favourite one! It's a great way to show your personality, share your interests, display your skills and generally feel inspired! 

Themed Instagram profiles do really well but I like the content to vary. Decide on whether you would like to stick to a theme or be quite random, but the quality of the image should be consistent. 

Talking of quality, it might take a while before you know which style of photography you want to go for. Don't worry too much to begin with, let your creativity flow and you'll soon figure out what works and what doesn't.

You can be spontaneous and/or you can pre-plan content. Keep a folder on your phone or computer of photos you want to share on Instagram. 

I tend to post about 3 to 5 times a day, but as long as you post in one hour interval, it shouldn't bug your followers too much.

To promote your blog on Instagram, post photos of your new blogpost, out-takes, exclusive content, sneak peak or a behind-the-scenes.

Use up to 11 hashtags to categorise the image which allows more people to see your content. Usually, I add a caption and then add another comment with appropriate hashtags to keep things looking tidy.

Tag the people or brands featured in your photo. There's a possibility that they'll regram (ie. share your photo with their followers which hopefully increases your own following)

Finally, HAVE FUN! I'm guilty of over-thinking it and I'm really aware not to annoy my followers - but just enjoy putting content out there! 

What are your favourite social media platforms? And do you have any tips to add?

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

8 Fruity Cocktails To Try This Spring!

I'm not 100% what kind of fruits are in season but you can't possibly go wrong with strawberries, peach, blackberries and rhubarb, right?! Throw in another flavour to give it a twist whether it be elderflower, mint or even rose, and you've got yourself the delicious taste of Spring!

Making cocktails is a lot much fun, either alcoholic and non-alcoholic (although preferably alcoholic!), I just think it's nice to mix a bunch of flavours together. Sometimes I go overboard and end up blending something that comes out resembling dirty dish water (and tastes like it too...). To get a bit of practise in ahead of barbecue season, I have browsed Pinterest for gorgeous looking fruity cocktail recipes with flavours that are just perfect for when the Sun finally emerges!

8 Fruity Cocktails To Try This Spring!


Friday, 27 March 2015

5 Gorgeous Lipsticks Launching This S/S 15

lipstick launch spring 2015, new lipsticks spring 2015, burberry kisses lipstick

Who doesn't love this time of year? The brighter days, the warmer weather... and a whole load of new make-up to feast our eyes on! The colour palette for Spring and Summer suits my skintone more than the vampy shades of A/W, so as I spring-clean my wardrobe, I also like to refresh my vanity case too! 

Lipsticks are definitely one of the first cosmetic products I change throughout the season, as my outfits get lighter, so does my lipstick choice. I've spotted a few new lipsticks launching this Spring, five to be exact! Here's what to look out for next time you're at the beauty counters!

burberry kisses lipstick, new lipsticks for spring 2015
Burberry Kisses Lipstick, £25

Just the packaging design alone makes me swoon over this lipstick, it's almost too pretty to use! There are 28 shades in the Burberry Kisses Lipstick range to choose from, each with the signature tartan pattern branded all over. I particularly love the debossed tartan on the bullet, it's a nice touch. It's a classy little lipstick though, with a moisturising, sheer but build-able finish. Burberry Kisses launched yesterday, I believe! It is available to buy now!

Clarins Garden Escape Lip Balm, new lipsticks for spring 2015
Clarins Garden Escape Lip Balm, £18

I really like tinted lip balms that packs just the right amount of pigment. At the moment, I've been loving the Benefit Tinted Balms and I am wondering if the Clarins Garden Escape Lip Balms are just as good.  Available in just 6 glossy shades, all of which look PERFECT for Spring, the Garden Escape Lip Balms contain extracts of wild mango, shea butter and vitamin E to moisturises, plumps, hydrate and illuminates. I think my favourite shade is the Coral!

Lancome shine lover lipstick, Lancome shine lover lipsticks
Lancôme Shine Lover Vibrant Shine Lipstick

Recently, I have been impressed with Lancôme's lip products, I'm a huge fan of their Rouge In Love line because the formula is so moisturising. With these Shine Lover Lipsticks containing hyaluronic acid and rose de muscat oil, I have no doubt that these will be just as conditioning! Lancôme describes this range of having "an ease of a lip balm, the attitude of a lipstick". I don't think this is released yet, but keep your eyes peeled for it at the Lancôme beauty counter! Prices will be around the £22 mark.

clinique pop colour lipstick, clinique pop colour lipstick and primer
Clinique Pop Colour Lipstick + Primer, £16

I've seen blanket coverage of this in the past few days, and even though the Clinique Pop Colour Lipstick & Primer hasn't even launched yet, I am definitely falling for the hype already (that will be the powers of persuasion from my favourite beauty bloggers!). They look really rich in colour and provide a full coverage, but it's the built in primer that I'm intrigued by. I think this is unique to Clinique, but the built in primer is supposed to extend the wear of the lipstick for a whopping 8 hours! I'm skeptical, but we'll soon see what it is really like when it launches on 17th April.

urban decay sheer revolution lipstick
Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick, £15.50

I don't own anything from Urban Decay (not even the naked palettes - shocking!) but it's one of those brands that pops up on beauty blogs ALL THE TIME. With it being quite a fairly good price - or at least the cheapest out of this bunch - I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go for one of their Sheer Revolution Lipsticks. I quite like the look of shades Anarchy (fuchsia) or Rapture (rose). It will be my first Urban Decay product, so I hope it's not going to disappoint! They are described as sheer, buttery, smooth and creamy with a blend of jojoba, shea butter, olive and babassu oil (which I read as 'badass oil' at first), vitamin C and E. They're available now at Debenhams and House of Fraser.

Do any of these tempt you? Which beauty launch are you looking forward to this Spring?


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Soap&Glory Fragrance Mist // Spring Fragrances

soap&glory fragrance mist

One of my favourite beauty products of last year was Soap&Glory's Super Tonic Orangeasm Fragrance, so on a recent trip to Boots, I was pretty pleased to spot a couple of new fragrance mists added to their range. Initially, I was drawn to them because of Soap&Glory signature pink packaging, the design is simplistic but really pretty, it's totally perfect for the brand and all of their loyal fans (which I am one of!). So thumbs up for the packaging but how does the fragrance match up?

Unlike the Orangeasm which has a citrus note of green mandarin and cool mint with a slightly herbal kick to it, I would describe both Mist You Madly and Fruitigo as a scent that you'd typically associate with Soap&Glory. Neither of the scents are new to Soap&Glory though, die hard fans will already be familiar with it as some products are scented with Mist You Madly or Fruitigo.

Designer Fashion: Heidi Klein Swimwear SS15

In a recent situation, I was questioned about designer fashion and the lack of it on my blog. It is an aspect of my blog that I would like to change, but haven't yet decided how to incorporate it in. But it would be a nice way to update my knowledge and actually stay "in the loop" with the latest trends before they reach the high street where they peak and decline quite quickly.

My general attitude towards designer fashion is that if I'm going to fork out hundreds of pounds for one item, I had better get a lot of wear out of it. It better last a life time, an justified investment. And actually, in the time I have saved up for an expensive, premium item, it has lasted and I have been able to get a lot out of it. Things like a timeless handbag, a piece of expensive jewellery, a classic coat, a pair of well-made boots. Something that I can wear again and again, and not worry if it's "still in fashion".

When I was approached to write about heidi klein swimwear, I looked at the price tags and I wasn't sure about it at first. But then I thought about it and I've probably spent over £200 in the past 10 years on swimwear. I buy a new one every time I go on holiday because I buy cheap swimwear that don't last (bad manufacturing) or I'm a different size, or I simply just want to wear a more fashionable style - afterall, I want to feel good and confident in swimwear so I do try tend to update my swimwear collection each time I go on a beach holiday. But perhaps if I did buy a bikini that was of the highest quality and go for something classic style, I would save myself some money in the long run. 

For this collaboration with heidi klein, I browsed through their website and picked out a few pieces to add to my wishlist (whilst dreaming about being on a yacht in the South of France). Pieces that I would consider buying if I was to splurge on a bikini or swimsuit as an investment piece. I tend to go for a triangular shape with a string halterneck or a strapless bandeau and there was plenty of both to choose from, but in terms of colours and patterns, I chose the more basic and timeless - like breton stripes and a single block colour.

What do you think of the designs I've picked? And what are your thoughts on designer swimwear? Would you splurge if you knew it was excellent quality and it would last for years?

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This is an advertorial written for heidi klein. However, all words and opinions are my own.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Taking Care Of Your Nails With Micro-Cell

microcell nail polish, nail repair

I've never used false nails, gels or acrylics before but I have been wearing nail polish almost every day for over a decade, which I'm embarrassed to admit! I mean, there's the odd week here and there when I'm too lazy to paint them but I'd say that, overall, you'd rarely see me without nail polish on!

My nails should be in a worse condition than they actually are, I'm lucky that there's not that much damage or discolouration but they're obviously not as healthy as I'd like them to be so I have started to care of them a lot more. I've been using nail repair treatments such as  cuticle creams, balms and oils as well as trying to wear less nail polish, just to try and get them to be healthier and stronger. 

microcell nail polish, nail repair

Micro-Cell is a nail brand that's huge in Germany known to be nail care specialist and they're are emerging in to the UK market. Micro-Cell have developed formulas that aims to repair your nails within 2-3 weeks and claim that the treatment products will regenerate weak cells and restore immune system so your nails will be whiter, brighter, stronger and more resilient. It is a nice option for those who have have damaged, thin, sensitive or brittle nails that break all the time.

I was sent a Micro-Cell Nail Repair* (white) and Colour Repair* in bright pink. The Nail Repair coats your nails in a sheer glossy white polish which subtly brightens. It doubles up as a base coat but I've been wearing it on it's own. My nails didn't appear as yellow and they did look healthy so it's definitely something I will continue to use.

I received a Colour Repair in shade Candy Glam which is a lovely hot pink. It's super glossy, opaque and only requires one coat. It still has a repairing formula that strengthens, protects and accelerates growth. 

They are on the pricy side but the quality reflects this and when the quality of a product is good, it's worth every penny. The packaging design is pretty standard, as you can tell, but it doesn't detract from the fact that this is a treatment line. The Nail Repair is £18.50 and the Colour Repairs are £14.95 each, both are available from Micro-Cell website.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

High Street Fashion: Primark Spring 2015

Primark Spring 2015

Here are some of my top picks from Primark's Spring collection. It's still early days and I'm sure they'll be adding hundreds of more designs as the months go on, but from what I can see so far, you've got the usual pastels and fun holiday-wear (how cute are those yellow denim shorts with the smiley face on!)

One trend that I'm happy for it's return is the fruit trend, it is well and truly back for another season! (Hurrah for all things pineapple!) Picking up from where it left off last Summer, there are some really quirky novelty bags in the Spring range. I'm still not sure how practical they are but if I'm going to try out the quirky novelty bag trend, then I'm going to start at Primark first! And that pineapple bag for £6 looks pretty perfect for me!

I also picked out the denim dress (£12) and pink shorts (£12) because I like the denim and lace used together, I like the contrast between the rough and delicate when it's done well. And maybe this year will be the year I buy my very first pair of Primark shoes! I've got my eye on a few pairs!

What do you think of the Primark items I've picked? Which one is your favourite?


Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring Home Ware Haul

home ware haul, bhs home range, blogger haul

I am enjoying blogging about home-y stuff lately so here's another mini home ware haul for you! I've spent the weekend clearing things out and it has been slow progress but I'm getting there! It's because I still have a lot of festive bits from the back end of last year such as mulled wine scented reed diffusers that is still half full, and cinnamon spice candles that needs to be stored away until next Winter. I don't want to be reminded me of the cosy Winter (ugh!), I want to make the most of a chirpy Spring, so I'm transforming the home to feel a bit more sunny and cheerful.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

BEAUTY : Too Faced Summer 2015 Collection

Social media is the first place where I get all the latest beauty news from, and yesterday, I saw this lovely lot of make-up from Too Faced pop up on my newsfeed! Quite often, I see a beauty blogger or a YouTuber recommend Too Faced make-up and I'm already sold on the packaging alone. Oh, I do love a cute packaging design, I don't think I'll ever grow out of it (and there's no reason why I should unless my personal taste changes!).

It also seems that there are other beauty brands who have tried to replicate some of Too Faced products, which is a bit naughty, but it only reinforces that Too Faced are doing something right! This coming season, you can look forward all of this, the new offering from Too Faced which will be available from the end of April at Debenhams.

1. #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders, £35
Too Faced have created a palette that gives you a light filtering, photo enhancing finish so that you're always ready for a ~hashtag no filter~ selfie! This Selfie Powder Palette contains three powders which you can use on it's own or blend each one of them together. The yellow powder brightens skin, the brown one gives you a sunkissed look, and the purple powder (which is the one I'm most interested in) illuminates to add a radiant, healthy glow to your skin.

2. The Little Black Book Of Bronzers, £40
If you're like me and can't decide which Too Faced bronzer you like the best (I'm swaying towards Pink Leopard... but I also really like Snow Bunny AND Endless Summer) then you can now buy this palette which has eight of their best selling bronzers in.

3. Sugar Pop Eye Shadow Palette, £32
When the shades have names like Rock Candy, Macaron, Bubblegum, Sugared Violet, Strawberry Ice... you just know that this sugary sweet palette is deliciously irresistible! These colours are probably a bit too bright for me, but it looks pretty perfect for those who are more daring and experimental with vibrant eyeshadows.

4. Natural Matte Shadow Palette, £32
I really really like this palette, I can't get enough of natural shadows with a matte finish. This will be the first product I check out when this collection has launched!

5. Dark Chocolate Soleil Deep Tan Matte Bronzer, £25
I think that Too Faced Bronzers are beautiful, but as I said, there's so much choice and I don't know which one would suit me best. This chocolate scented powder will give you an instant deep tan without the shimmer free, so it can be used to contour as well as sweeping it all over your entire face.

6. Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick, £19 each
Some of you may be already be familiar with Too Faced Melted Metal. Well, there's going to be four new foiled shades added to the range making it a total of eight peach-to-pink-to-purple shades to choose from.

All of these products will be available from the end of April at Debenhams in stores nationwide and on the Debenhams website.

What do you think of this Summer collection from Too Faced? And are you digging the quirkiness of the brand?


Friday, 20 March 2015

Quirky Jewellery: Origami Safari

origami necklace, origami jewellery, horse charm, horse necklace

I have forgotten how difficult it is to take photographs of silver jewellery on a bright and sunny day! Especially on a white background! But I just had to show you these cute little origami necklaces* that I got this week! 

I have seen a lot of origami jewellery floating around for the past few months and I'm unsure where the design originates from but there's plenty of choices out there at the moment. John Greed Jewellery is where my two necklaces are from. I wanted to pick the cat necklace (naturally!) but I didn't think it looked obvious as one, so I chose a horse and a flamingo - and sure enough, there's no mistaking those for anything other than a horse and a flamingo!

origami necklace, origami jewellery, horse charm, horse necklace, flamingo necklace

As some of you may know, I used to run my own jewellery shop (I miss it every single day!) and I sold a lot of quirky pieces that allows someone to represent their personality through accessories. I'm still an absolute sucker for cute and quirky jewellery, but I've definitely toned things down a bit. I don't wear as much colourful accessories anymore, but I still love wearing pieces that are cute and unique. 

flamingo necklace, origami jewellery

The Origami Safari range are white gold plated silver, on a 40cm-45cm chain. The necklaces are £19.95 each and the earrings are £15.95 for a set. 

To see the full range of the Origami Safari jewellery at John Greed, visit their website and keep your eyes peeled for new additions! I'm excited to see what animals are going to be added to the collection! The origami charms are so cute and dainty!


5 Beautiful Rose Scented Perfumes

best rose perfumes, rose scented perfumes

5 Beautiful Rose Scented Perfumes

For the longest time ever, I've turned my nose up at rose scented perfumes. I don't even know why, I actually love the scent of roses! 

In fact, when I come to think of it, one of my very first perfumes when I was younger was Versace Baby Rose Jeans. I was absolutely obsessed with it and wore it every day at (Secondary) school! Baby Rose Jeans was the perfect teen girl perfume, it was really sweet and had a kick of bubblegum or candy to it.

Somewhere along the lines, I got it in to my head that anything scented with rose was for too fuddy-duddy for me. It wasn't until last month when I my dad bought my Roses De Chloe perfume for my birthday that I was reminded how much I actually love it. 

Since then, I've been looking for another rose perfume to add to my collection. Some of you kindly left comments on my Roses De Chloe review and I noticed that a couple of you were recommending Paul Smith Rose. I've picked four other ones for my first Friday Five which will become a weekly feature where I pick five of my favourite things, five of your recommendations or simply five items on my current wish list.

rose perfumes, best rose perfumes

Are you loving any other rose perfumes in particular? Let me know your favourites in the comments below!


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

FOOD: 6 Recipes For Easter Cakes

easter cakes, easter cake recipes

6 Recipes For Easter Cakes


Monday, 16 March 2015

For The Home : Quirky Cat Themed Items

Not to fall into the ~typical blogger~ trait 'n' all, but I do love cats (who doesn't!) and I thought I'd do a mini cat themed homeware post for all the fellow cat ladies out there! 

I'm still going by the rule of adding personality to your home, especially since I've painted all my furniture white, my flat certainly needs some interesting homeware items to jazz things up a bit! 

I don't have a large, statement piece but I have been collecting small bits and bobs to make my home more interesting

quirky homeware, cat salt and pepper shakers,
Cat Salt and Pepper Pots*

I've been wanting a set of quirky salt and pepper shakers for a while but I've never seen the right ones.... until now! Some might think they're a bit weird but I (obviously) think they're awesome! Either way, it's definitely one of those items that gets your guests talking! What do you think of them?

cat mugs, flamingo gifts, madeleine floyd
cat mugs, flamingo gifts, madeleine floyd
A Set Of Cat Mugs*
£8.00 each

I don't know why but cups and mugs are one of those things that I keep hoarding buying, anyone else with me on this?! I also get all sentimental about them so I've still got tea mugs from when I was little, and a couple of cheap ones I bought when I was Uni, and of course there are those that were gifts from friends and family. I don't like throwing any of them away! 

Anyway, my mum always says that drinking tea from a nice mug makes it taste better and she's probably right... Mums are always right! So, I guess I'm always searching for the best one to drink from! In all seriousness, I really need to clear out my cupboard and get rid of the old cups to make room for new ones!

These cat mugs are actually sold individually, but how is a hoarder supposed to pick one when there's so many designs to choose from?! The illustrations are by Madeleine Floyd and the mugs, made from bone china, cost £8.00 each.

cat coasters
Cat Coasters*

You're going to need some cat coasters for your new cat mugs, am I right? I got a nice set a couple of months ago but when I saw these on Flamingo Gifts website, I just couldn't resist!

I mean, just look at them! The cats are all dressed up, lookin' cute and dapper! And because the coasters are so colourful, they look really cool on my freshly painted white coffee table. They are made of ceramic so I'm hoping these will last a lot longer (maybe forever!) than the budget coasters I normally buy!

Check out Flamingo Gifts for more cat themed home items and some quirky homeware pieces, there's so much to choose from!


Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Beauty Collection: Benefit Brow Products

benefit brow products, brow make up, brow products, benefit cosmetics

My Beauty Collection: Benefit Brow Products


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pet Photos: Bonnie The Miniature Poodle

miniature poodle, toy poodle, poodle, apricot poodle
miniature poodle, toy poodle, poodle, apricot poodle
miniature poodle, toy poodle, poodle, apricot poodle
miniature poodle, toy poodle, poodle, apricot poodle

Miniature poodles (or any kind of poodle, really!) has become my favourite breed of dogs ever! Bonnie, our family miniature poodle is now just over 18 months old. She's cheeky yet smart and basically has the most loveable personality ever. It is impossible to not fall in love with her, she's just as cute in real life as she is in the photos - maybe even cuter! And she knows it too! If my life was a bit more settled, I would get a miniature poodle, but for the time being, I enjoy having the pets stay with me every now and then! I'm looking after both Bonnie and Oscar in two weeks time and I can't wait!! I'm sure there'll be some funny photos to share with you during their little holiday!


Friday, 13 March 2015

LUSH Easter 2015 Collection

LUSH Easter 2015 Collection, lush easter

1. Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb // 2. Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb // 3. Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt // 4. Immaculate Eggception Pink Bath Bomb // 5. Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars // 6. Carrot Soap // 7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap // 8. Pot O' Gold Shower Jelly // 9. Immaculate Eggception Yellow Bath Bomb // 10. Carrot Gift Set // 11. Funny Bunny Gift Set // 12. Rainbow Bright Gift Set

Oh, I've been waiting for this one! I really liked the LUSH Easter range from last year, I was seeing it ALL OVER beauty blogs and YouTube but I didn't get round to buying any. My local store is miles away and I didn't want to buy it online because I wanted to make sure that the smell was to my taste. But anyway, I'm going to make sure I pick something up from the LUSH Easter collection this time, I don't want to miss out! 

I think this collection is really cute and cheerful! Spring is back and I'm incredibly happy to see these beautiful bright colours filter back in to our lives! The bulk of the Easter range is made up of bath bombs (of course), a couple of soaps, a bunch (literally a bunch) of bubble bars and some gift set options. I'm a bit sad to see the lack of bubble bars because they're my favourite but I'm definitely going to stock up on the Bunch Of Carrots (£5.95 for three carrots)! They had them in last year and they must've sold really well because they're back for another round! They are really cute though! 

I also have my eye on both of the Immaculate Eggception Bath Bombs (No. 4 and 9 in the photo). They come in pink or yellow, each cost £6.95 but can be used three times. So the idea is to break it in half like you would a chocolate Easter egg, and you find either a small chick or bunny bath bomb inside!

If anyone's tried anyone from this range already, let me know what they're like! If you've reviewed them on your blog, please feel free to leave your link in the comment section below or drop me a tweet!

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Affordable Fashion // Jewellery from Lidl

lidl fashion range, affordable statement necklace, statement necklaces
blue necklace, lidl fashion range, affordable statement necklace, statement necklaces
 lidl fashion range, affordable statement necklace, statement necklaces
 lidl fashion range, affordable statement necklace, statement necklaces

Lidl seems to be going strong these days, the efforts of turning the brand around is certainly working. What I also appreciate about them is that they are a brand with a bit of wit and humour, they're like the the major supermarket's cheeky yet smart little sibling who always has the last word.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's impossible to miss their TV ads which are honest and relatable. The pleasantly surprised reactions from ~posh~ people when they're unknowingly trying something from Lidl are pretty accurate, we've all reacted in the exact same way at some point! Just the other day, I posted a picture of these 3 lovely statement necklaces on Instagram and it was exactly like the TV advert, a general "Omg, I can't believe these are from Lidl' type of thing. I would never have guessed where they were from either! I didn't even know Lidl sold jewellery.

Well, it's actually part of their new fashion range which you may have already spotted on the adverts (Lidl are so on the ball their campaigns at the moment!) and as you can see, the necklaces look awesome and are sure to make a statement. With prices starting from £4.99, it's super affordable and they're actually in good condition too, no missing gems, no scratches. Comparing this to the endless amount of times when I've picked up a beautiful statement necklace from the likes of Topshop, costing around the £30 mark, and disappointingly, upon close inspection, you realise that the quality just doesn't reflect the price at all.

I've been told that there are some really exciting things happening at Lidl in the next few months which I'm sure I'll tell you about as soon as I know what they are! Over the past year, my feelings about Lidl have shifted. I used to go in there (but only if I remembered), and even then it was to buy sweets and whatever they had on offer (usually boring but essential household items like kitchen towels, toilet paper, detergents, etc). My local store isn't very big but I find myself staying in there a lot longer than I used to. Since I blogged about a bunch of Lidl beauty products, and their sell-out budget facial cleansing brush, I like to browse their beauty aisle and look for hidden gems. And now I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the jewellery section!

So, do you think you'll be popping in to Lidl to check out the fashion range?


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Gift Ideas from Joules

Joules currant leaf, uk beauty blog

Joules Currant Leaf* 
Body Cream, Body Wash and Reed Diffuser

Does anyone know how to slow time down because it is flying by too quickly for my liking! Can you believe it's March already and that Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday (15th March)!  If you're still stuck on what to buy (because Mums have everything!) then Joules is probably a good place to go! Joules is a really lovely fashion and lifestyle brand, selling a range of products from clothes, homeware, kitchenware, toiletries, accessories, pet beds and more!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Roses De Chloé Perfume | A Rose Perfume With A Modern Twist

Roses De Chloé Perfume, chloe perfumes

Roses De Chloé Perfume | A Rose Perfume With A Modern Twist

I don't buy a lot of perfumes these days, I'm really picky with the scent and the packaging. So when I decide to treat myself to a new bottle, I make sure that I like absolutely everything about it.

At the moment, I'm really into the Chloé perfumes. I love how chic, elegant and simplistic they are. The fragrances are grown-up but not too mature, and the bottle designs are the right amount of beauty and elegance without being over the top. It's just lovely and dainty! Right up my street!

Roses De Chloé is my new favourite eau de toilette perfume for a few reasons. The first reason being that it is a present from my Dad so that makes it extra special to me. Secondly, I absolutely love the packaging and finally, the scent of the perfume is exactly to my taste.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Beauty : Lipsy Caged Body Collection Gift Set


It felt like Christmas again when this Lipsy beauty gift set arrived in the post! Who doesn't love a good gift set! I know it's not the most season appropriate packaging but I'm a fan of black and gold, so I quite like the design of this! The Lipsy Body Collection Gift Set is £15.00 and it come with a shiny black PVC wash bag, a body lotion, body wash and body spray - all 100ml.

The Caged fragrance has top notes of pink peppercorn, grapefruit, tuberose, gardenia and freesia. With a core of lily, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood and the undertones of musk, amber and incense - there's a lot of different fragrances going on, but it's actually not all that intense. In fact, the body wash and body lotion are incredibly subtle, it's not strong at all and the scent fades very quickly. I would prefer it to be a bit heavier on the perfume but but taking into consideration how incredibly affordable this gift set is, I didn't expect it to match a premium perfume. The body spray is my favourite because it's slightly stronger and lasts a bit longer on your skin, but I think the idea is to use all three at the same time (one after another) to boost the scent. So when you use the body wash in the shower, apply the body lotion when you come out and then spray the body mist on to your skin before putting your clothes on. 

In my opinion, Caged is a fairly typical standard "high street beauty" fragrance, it's inoffensive to the nose and most people will love it. It's really pleasant and it would suit women of all ages. It's floral yet fruity, sweet but not sickly. The scent matches the Lipsy brand very well, it's glam and sexy! The price is the best thing about it, I actually thought it might cost more than £15! It makes a nice present because you get a lot for the price you pay, and as it looks more expensive than what it actually cost!

None of these products have been tested on animals. Lipsy beauty is available on their own website, or through or NEXT.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Where To Stay In London's West End: every hotels Piccadilly

every hotel piccadilly, london hotel, central london hotel, west end london hotel

Where To Stay In London's West End: every hotels Piccadilly

every hotels Piccadilly, Coventry Street
(nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus)

Originally, I had planned to stay with my cousin who lives near Canary Wharf but as I needed to be in Victoria the next day for a job interview, I jumped at the chance when I was invited to stay the night at every hotels Piccadilly - only 10 minutes tube journey from where I needed to be. I needed a convenient, stress-free evening and be as close to Victoria tube stop as possible, and every hotels ticked the right boxes! 


The hotel is in the heart of the West End, right in the middle of Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, it's so easy to get to! On every hotels' website, the map shows that Piccadilly as the closest stop, but it's a bit further down the road than that. 

It's an equal walking distancing between both tube stops, less than five minutes walk if you're coming from either direction but if you're coming out of the Piccadilly Circus tube station like I did, take exit 4. The entrance of the hotel is on the corner of Whitcomb Street so you do need to keep your eyes peeled for it but it's easy to spot! If you've gone past M&M World, you've gone too far. 

The hotel is close to Shaftesbury Avenue for all the theatres, and it's a short walk to Regent Street and Oxford Street for all the best shops. Leicester Square is just around the corner, and Covent Garden is less than 10 minutes walk too. every hotels Piccadilly is located in a incredibly exciting area! 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Jerome Alexander Magic Mineral Powder - Beauty Review

Jerome Alexander Magic Mineral Powder

Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals, £9.99

I've never heard of Jerome Alexander before so when a press release popped up in my emails, I was rather intrigued! I quickly browsed though some of the products and it looked great, so that was a promising start!

It was, in particular, the Magic Minerals powder that was being pitched and I thought it looked nice from what I could see, it said that it would suit all skintones, and the pastel coloured dots looks pretty! I decided to go ahead and accept the offer of a sample to try.

When it arrived, I was surprised (and slightly disappointed, if I'm being honest) to see the product packaged this way. I can't say that the packaging wowed me, it kind of reminded me of toy make-up that you can buy from Toys R Us, it looks like a product that is more targeted towards the teens than adults. But I knew that once I've stripped away the cheap looking cardboard and plastic, you would be left with a decent looking product! So... here goes...

See! It doesn't look too bad, right!? 

For £9.99, the set comes with a brush and a sponge pad which will both come in handy but I prefer to use a brush with compact/pressed powders. I wasn't expecting much from the brush but it's actually not too bad! It's softer than I thought it would be, it hasn't shed and it's the right size for swirling it into the powder. I like!

Jerome Alexander Magic Mineral Powder

The Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals claims to be an all-in-one, one-shade-suits-all type of powder. It contains foundation, concealer and colour correctors. As the name of the product suggests, it promises to work magic by covering blemishes, age spots, fine lines and balance out uneven skintones! As you can see, the powder has colour dots all over it. I've seen powders like this before at the beauty counters and I know that each colour performs a different "miracle". 

Pink brightens pale skin and gives a glowing radiants. 
Mint green corrects the colour in dull complexions and conceals blemishes and marks. 
Lavender helps camouflage yellow and sallow skin. 
Yellow covers up dark circles and discolouration. 

Jerome Alexander Magic Mineral Powder

There is something about this that gives you an airbrushed blur. The ultra fine micronized mineral powder offers a light coverage which doesn't feel heavy on your skin. As it's such a lightweight powder, it doesn't go on cakey either which is a bonus but applying too much can cause it to look 'talcy'. 

I found that the shade matched my skin pretty well, it's almost translucent. The coloured dots look pretty but they're so tiny, I'm not sure if they're doing all that much. It didn't cover up my blemishes completely but it did brighten my face, covers redness, evens out my skintone and help set my make-up. 

It's hard to think of this as a ~serious~ product when you know how it is packaged (I know, will I just let the packaging thing go already!) but first impressions count! Especially in the beauty industry! I don't think that I would have looked at this if I saw it in the shops, I'd be wary of the quality. However, having actually tried it, I admit that it's not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, for £9.99, it isn't bad at all! It isn't a ground-breaking, new product, there are similar ones out there from the likes of Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, and Stila, but if you're looking for something a little bit more purse-friendly, you might be interested in Magic Minerals.

I've also noticed that there are some reviews of this product floating around at the moment, they are doing the rounds. There's a misunderstanding that this powder is natural and does not contain nasty chemicals. Obviously, the main ingredient is mineral oil (parraffinum liquidum) but I can confirm that the ingredients also lists two forms of parabens, an artificial preservative. Depending on who you talk to, parabens are controversially considered as a potentially risky with prolonged use, but the good news is that the company does not test any of their formulations on animals.

I'd say that this powder would work best on those with oily skin and a sallow complexion. Magic Minerals is available from Argos, Amazon and HighStreetTV for £9.99.

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