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Photo Diary: Colourful London

coloured houses at earls court in London

Photo Diary: Colourful London

Life in London has been very colourful so far and it’s only when I look back at the photos I’ve taken that I realise how truly lovely it is.

I’ve been rushing around like mad this past fortnight that I don’t really remember the minutes, the hours, the days as and when it's happening - I wake up at 6:30am, I’m out the door by half 7, and it takes me an hour to commute to work. At the end of the day, it’s the same but reversed and I don’t get home until around 7pm. 

I shower, I eat, and then I pass out in bed until I fall asleep which I guess is totally normal but I've gone from having the flexibility of being self-employed for the past six years to this... it takes some getting used to! But thankfully, I am fairly good at self-motivation and I've jumped out of bed (most mornings) excited to go to work! But without the photos I've taken, I would have totally forgotten what I've seen and done throughout the day so thankfully, I have these to look back on so looking at these refresh my memory on what I've actually been up to! Scroll down for a lot of COLOURFUL pics!

the experimenter lush bath bomb

Last weekend, I went to Oxford Street and visited the new (ish) LUSH store. In the past year or two, I’ve really got in to LUSH and I’m always checking the site for new arrivals but there has been very little update since Easter! 

lush bath bombs at their oxford street store

The Oxford Street LUSH store is amazing, it’s spread over three floors and there are lots of exclusives such as flamingo bubble bars, colourful nuggets of bath oil and my favourite, The Comforter Shower Gel. 

lush the comforter shower gel
shower gels at lush
lush bath oils
lush bath oils

I didn’t actually buy anything because at the time, our bathroom wasn't ready and I couldn't use the bath tub, but secondly, because I’d spent a lot that week - mainly the deposit for the flat, agency fees, and boring things like light bulbs, hangers, mirrors, cleaning stuff and grocery - so, as you can imagine, I'm on a bit of a spending ban but when I get paid, I’m going to be all over LUSH like a rash!

the tiger store in london

I was recently introduced to Tiger by Jemma from Floral Etiquette blog and just like LUSH, Tiger is such a fun store to visit! It's quite a random mix of stuff, but f you love quirky little knick-knacks that are extremely reasonably priced, then do pop in to the Tiger Store! It reminds me of the cute things you can buy from IKEA!

leto cafe soho london

Since my sudden move to the city, I’ve been incredibly lazy with cooking. Back in the north, I cook a lot and I don’t eat ready meals.I also don’t snack or eat chocolate that often and I’m generally really careful with what I eat!

However, the past fortnight has been a completely different story! I feel like I’ve been thrusted back in to a ‘student lifestyle’ but I’m older now, I should know better! All I’ve eaten are ready-meals, snacks and chocolate! And plenty of cake... oh the tempting, irresistible cakes! I haven't stopped eating! I'm currently typing this up whilst eating a huge bag of popcorn!

leto cafe london cakes
Hummingbird cakes london

I think it’s because I’m walking a lot more, I’m running around and using more energy that my body craves food all the time. I’ve actually got a big bag of chocolate and crisps underneath my desk at work which is really bad!! I definitely need to start eating clean again and have a complete detox.

I’ve suffered for it this weekend and I must start eating better from this week onwards. I’e just been so tired to cook but that’s absolutely no excuse as I can rustle up a healthy salad within 5 minutes! 

picadilly circus
the ham yard hotel
novelty flamingo straws for party

This week ended with a lovely Summer Party, a work function held at the BEAUTIFUL Ham Yard Hotel. I know that A LOT of blogger events are held there and now I know why. It’s a really amazing hotel with a lot of character!

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who read and left comments on my blogpost last week. I was surprised to get so many comments and as I was still feeling a bit homesick at the time, it really did cheer me up, so thank you! x

How has your week been, guys?



  1. awesome photos! Really miss UK!

  2. Que fotos lindas, um espetáculo de cores deu maior vontade de comer estes bolos. Queria um dia poder conhecer Londres parece ser um lugar maravilhoso.

  3. Looks like youve had an amazing time from the photos, love this! x

  4. I love it when a city is vibrant with colours - it just makes everything so much better!

  5. I love how you have spotted all the colours in your new life! Great pictures- the hotel looks gorgeous.

  6. Gorgeous photos, London can be so beautiful!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  7. Lovely photos! London is amazing indeed :)

  8. I remember when I first moved to London I was absolutely shattered to start with. My days felt so long I'd end up in bed asleep every evening by about 9:00 pm! You do get used to it and it becomes normal.

    I'm dying to get to the new huge Lush store, driving me mad you can get some fab things only in that one store!

    Chloe x

  9. Major house envy, I wish I lived a cute London town house!

  10. Love these photos, hope you are settling in OK

    Maria xxx

  11. Such pretty picture! Beautiful post!

    Clare |

  12. The hotel looks incredible! Hope you stop feeling home sick soon chickadee.


    Little Blonde Life - Lifestyle Blog 

  13. Love the photos! The lush store is SO BIG!


  14. I love how colourful everything is =]

  15. Beautiful! Ive never even heard of Tiger and it looks so lovely.

  16. Wow these photos are amazing I miss London so much!

  17. LOOK AT ALL THAT CAKE. Where abouts in London are those colourful houses??

    I hope you are enjoying your new job lovely!

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  18. Colorful indeed! These are beautiful pics...I Love London! :))

  19. Such gorgeous photos, I love the Ham Yard Hotel and the colourful houses at the top are beautiful. They're one of my dream houses! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  20. The photos look beautiful, I love the houses! :) xx

  21. I need to visit that Lush pronto!

    My Sentimental Heart


  22. I love London so much! Those houses are so cute and I'm desperate to go shopping in London again. This post has made me really want to make a visit to Lush soon too!

    Love M

  23. Welcome to London, Sarah!

    I hope you're settling in well, and that your move has gone so well. I remember your daunting post when you first decided to but it's all worked out!

    It's easy to forget how nice it can be. I feel like I need to get out and explore again because these photos have been a good reminder!


  24. Lovely pictures, I'm so glad to hear your enjoying your new job!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  25. I don't feel like I know London well enough... I'm only a couple of hours away but hardly ever go! I'm planning to visit for a few nights this summer and this post has made me excited! Those cakes look amazinggggg, I'm such a cake lover... wish I could have a slice (or two) right now!!! x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  26. Great photos, London is such a gorgeous city.
    Some of the Lush products look like Laddu, good enough to eat (probably wouldn't taste as nice though).
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  27. Wow ! Love that article , good picture, colorful , i want to go there now ah ah !
    Love your website aswell !

    xxx Juliet (


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