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What's In My Bag | Jasper Conran Minibag

Pink mini bag by jasper conran
What's In My (Mini) Bag?

It has been a reeeaally long time since I've done a 'What's In My Bag' blogpost but Debenhams had challenged me to use one of their mini bags for a week so I was really conscious about what I was carrying around with me. I picked the mini bag from the J by Jasper Conran* range on the Debenhams website in the pale pink. I do love my pink accessories!  

Even though this is called a 'mini bag' due to how small it is, it's actually not that miniature! I mean, you wouldn't be able to fit your whole life in there and you may need to compromise but it's the the size of handbag I normally use when I pop out into town to run errands, shopping with friends and do the every day things. 

Because I'm quite petite too, I try not to use massive handbags anyway. I would ordinarily use a bigger bag on the odd occasions I go on on a day trip or when I know that I'll be out all day so I'll carry a bag that's big enough to put my camera(s), a cardigan, power bank for my phone, my iPad, extra make-up products, snacks, and other bits of junk in there. But for everyday wear, I like to stick to a compact and tidy bag.

Fashion blogger's what's in my bag

I did challenge myself to see how much I can cram in there before the bag started to go out of shape but it's a good quality bag that kept strong to it's structure. Here's are the essentials that I could just about manage to fit all in:

what's in my bag, fashion blogger

- Sunnies: which I don't really need 99% of the time. What has happened to Spring?!

- A small notebook: For when a good idea strikes

- Body spray: It was probably wise to replace this with a sample perfume vial, but I am loving the Victoria's Secrets Bombshell In Bloom that my little sis bought me from her New York trip with college!

- Hand sanitiser: I always regret it when I don't have hand sanitiser or wipes with me!

- Hand cream: Just a small tube of good quality hand cream so a little goes a long way.

- Make Up: Very limited space means I can only carry the absolute minimum so I've got Blistex lip treatment, lipbalm, lip crayon, concealer stick and a miniature eyeliner pencil. I would normally carry a powder to blot shine but it's too bulky and I don't have room for it.

- Card holder: My purse would have been able to fit if I didn't have my sunglasses in there. Instead, I had to compromise and opted to take a card holder and shove a couple of notes in there too. Coins are stores in the inner compartment of the actual bag.

Mobile phone and house key (not pictured): My phone, power bank and house key fills up the remaining space!

pink handbag

So, that's what's in my mini bag! It's not a lot but it's the essentials and the size of the bag limits what I can put in there so it prevents me from carrying utter crap around with me! It really is beautiful bag that also comes in cream and baby blue which I also love the look of, but I just couldn't resist adding another pink bag to my collection!



  1. Aah, that bag is SO cute! xx

  2. Such a cute little bag. I've become a fan of smaller bags recently. It is surprising what you can still manage to fit inside them.

    Rachel |

  3. Ahhh this bag is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm in love! xx

  4. I love your bag. The color is so pretty.

    Golden chapter

  5. I'm not a pink person, but I really love this bag! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who tries to cram their whole life into one bag :)

  6. I love your bag, looks great. :) Ideal for spring and summer.

  7. Even the inside of your bag looks cute ! ♥


  8. The bag is perfect - I need mini bag that I won't overfill for spring/summer! I end up carrying too much around with me!

    Hannah x
    Paloma in Disguise

  9. Your bag is super cute! Very summery with it being pink and all lol :) X


  10. What a beautiful bag! I'm obsessed with the strawberry laces sanitizer, so yummy x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  11. I really should size down on a bag for the summer!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  12. I always always carry a hand gel too! This is a lovely bag, great colour and size :)


  13. This bag is super cute, I love mini bags but I do struggle to fit everything in!

    Maria xxx

  14. Love posts like these! That bag is super cute! I do love small bags but I prefer huge bags, the bigger the better and the ones from Zara are my fave <3

  15. That bag is so cute =]


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