Monday, 20 April 2015

Beauty News: New From Zoeva

New beauty products from Zoeva 2015
Zoeva are one of the hottest brand in the beauty industry right now and they're pretty much dominating with their high quality signature brush sets. They're becoming a cult classic and I think that every beauty fan has their eyes on a Zoeva brush set, I know I have! But apart from their brushes, what else has Zoeva got in store? Here are some of their latest releases:

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set Volume 2, £55
When Zoeva launched the original Rose Golden brush set, I thought these were the most beautiful make-up brushes I've ever seen. A couple of months ago, they followed this up with a 'volume 2' set which I think looks even better than the original! The set contains 8 brushes for all the essentials, and it comes with a rose gold clutch bag to store your brushes in.

2. Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks (new shades for Spring), £7.50 each
New lipsticks from Zoeva
These lipsticks are creamy and have a high pigmentation. Formulated with a nourishing blend of ivy elixr, mallow and elderflower to nourish and moisturise your lip. There are three new shades for Spring and they are: 

- Pop Stitch: Bright and vibrant fuchsia pink
- Cross My Heart: Rich dark wine red
- One Wish: Deep plum violet

3. Zoeva Bamboo Brush Set Volume 2, £55
Another irresistible set but this time it's made of eight vegan brushes crafted from three renewable materials; Soft vegan taklon hair, bamboo wood and golden coloured aluminium ferrules for a spot of eco luxe. This set comes with a bag to store your brushes in and a brush holder too.

4. Zoeva Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette, £15
This Rose Golden Palette consists of ten eyeshadows in metallic, satin and matte finishes. I'm really surprised to learn that this entire palette only cost £15, and from the swatches I've seen on the site, they look really rich in colour.

Are you loving Zoeva as much as I am at the moment?
Do you own a set of brushes from Zoeva?



  1. I really want the zoeva rose gold brush collection just because I absolutely love rose gold!
    Rachel Coco

  2. Zoeva is so hot, you are absolutely right! I am going to preview their new collection on Thursday here in London.

  3. Those lipsticks look incredible! xx

  4. loving those colours!

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    Great post though, i love it, thank you for sharing this with us..
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    Anyway have a lovely week!
    Stay in touch.

  6. I literally want everything, those lipsticks look amazing! So much pigment and they aren't expensive!
    Coco xx

  7. Love those lipstick colours =]

  8. I'm pretty much obsessed with lip shades at the moment so the Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks look quite tempting. :]
    // ▲ ▲

  9. The formula of those lipsticks sound absolutely gorgeous! Really love your photos by the way, very professional!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  10. Zoeva brushes are amazing and I definitely want to try out one of their rose gold sets x

  11. Those pink and rose gold brushes are so beautiful!! I haven't tried anything from Zoeva yet but the original set of brushes and now the Volume 2 set are both on my need list!
    I've read that the brushes are such good quality which is great to here as it's not all about pretty packaging, although it's a big bonus :D

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  12. I have the naturally yours palette! Really loving it :)

    Following you now, hope you follow me back :)

  13. I want all of this!! Those lippies look gorgeous! :D

    Bex x


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