Thursday, 30 April 2015

What's In My Bag | Jasper Conran Minibag

Pink mini bag by jasper conran
What's In My (Mini) Bag?

It has been a reeeaally long time since I've done a 'What's In My Bag' blogpost but Debenhams had challenged me to use one of their mini bags for a week so I was really conscious about what I was carrying around with me. I picked the mini bag from the J by Jasper Conran* range on the Debenhams website in the pale pink. I do love my pink accessories!  

Even though this is called a 'mini bag' due to how small it is, it's actually not that miniature! I mean, you wouldn't be able to fit your whole life in there and you may need to compromise but it's the the size of handbag I normally use when I pop out into town to run errands, shopping with friends and do the every day things. 

Because I'm quite petite too, I try not to use massive handbags anyway. I would ordinarily use a bigger bag on the odd occasions I go on on a day trip or when I know that I'll be out all day so I'll carry a bag that's big enough to put my camera(s), a cardigan, power bank for my phone, my iPad, extra make-up products, snacks, and other bits of junk in there. But for everyday wear, I like to stick to a compact and tidy bag.

Fashion blogger's what's in my bag

I did challenge myself to see how much I can cram in there before the bag started to go out of shape but it's a good quality bag that kept strong to it's structure. Here's are the essentials that I could just about manage to fit all in:

what's in my bag, fashion blogger

- Sunnies: which I don't really need 99% of the time. What has happened to Spring?!

- A small notebook: For when a good idea strikes

- Body spray: It was probably wise to replace this with a sample perfume vial, but I am loving the Victoria's Secrets Bombshell In Bloom that my little sis bought me from her New York trip with college!

- Hand sanitiser: I always regret it when I don't have hand sanitiser or wipes with me!

- Hand cream: Just a small tube of good quality hand cream so a little goes a long way.

- Make Up: Very limited space means I can only carry the absolute minimum so I've got Blistex lip treatment, lipbalm, lip crayon, concealer stick and a miniature eyeliner pencil. I would normally carry a powder to blot shine but it's too bulky and I don't have room for it.

- Card holder: My purse would have been able to fit if I didn't have my sunglasses in there. Instead, I had to compromise and opted to take a card holder and shove a couple of notes in there too. Coins are stores in the inner compartment of the actual bag.

Mobile phone and house key (not pictured): My phone, power bank and house key fills up the remaining space!

pink handbag

So, that's what's in my mini bag! It's not a lot but it's the essentials and the size of the bag limits what I can put in there so it prevents me from carrying utter crap around with me! It really is beautiful bag that also comes in cream and baby blue which I also love the look of, but I just couldn't resist adding another pink bag to my collection!


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Yves Rocher Summer Beauty Products

Hair and body care for Summer

Yves Rocher Summer Beauty Products

The Summer beauty products have arrived at Yves Rocher and I've been testing some of them out! I think that they look great and really appealing, especially the Monoï de Tahiti collection which has SUMMER written all over them! (Not literally... but.. you know what I mean!) 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist

Soap And Glory's Sugar Crush Fragrance

Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist

Yesterday, I showed you a couple of new products from Soap&Glory's Sugar Crush range. Now I'm going to tell you about their new fragrance mist! I have known about the launch of Soap&Glory's Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist for several weeks and I've been dying to tell you all that they've finally made this in to a perfume-esque mist!

Looking back on one of my beauty blog posts last year, I actually said that I would LOVE to see Soap&Glory release a Sugar Crush perfume spray! Lo and behold! Soap&Glory are not one to disappoint their fans! My dream of smelling like Starbursts sweets all day long has come true! A Sugar Crush Fragrance is a real thing and you can all buy it from Boots now!

Monday, 27 April 2015

NEW Sugar Crush Products From Soap&Glory

Soap And Glory's new sugar crush body lotion

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! If you're a fan of Soap&Glory's Sugar Crush products, you'll be happy to know that there are some new goodies added to the line! If you're not familiar with Sugar Crush, it has been described as a lemonade or the lime Starburst sweets. It's a really fresh, zingy and sparkling lime fragrance with a bit of sweetness coming from smashed brown sugar and vanilla. It's quite an addictive scent!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Featured On Laura Ashley's Website

fashion blogger uk, pink bag, laura ashley bag
Laura Ashley Pink Handbag*

Last week, I was tidying up my wardrobe and pulled out several pink handbags, I've got 6 in total, all of which are similar shades of pink! Nobody needs that many pastel pink handbags, but I actually didn't even realise I had so many because I only wear pastel coloured accessories in the warmer months to go with my more Summery outfits, otherwise it's a black satchel all year round for me! When I say 'warmer months', what I really mean is the couple of weeks of the year where the weather is proper nice and sunny - which explains why most of my bags gets neglected as it's shoved at the bottom of my wardrobe for the majority of the year!

fashion blogger uk, pink bag, laura ashley bag

The digital team at Laura Ashley asked me to pick a bag for a blog feature they were putting together and without realising I had so many pale pink handbags, I gravitated towards this cross-body envelope bag in the colour... you guessed it... PINK! Unlike the other ones, though, this is quite a good size so I will be making the most of this! 

fashion blogger uk, pink bag, laura ashley bag

If you pop over to the Laura Ashley blog, you can read the full feature!



Monday, 20 April 2015

Beauty News: New From Zoeva

New beauty products from Zoeva 2015
Zoeva are one of the hottest brand in the beauty industry right now and they're pretty much dominating with their high quality signature brush sets. They're becoming a cult classic and I think that every beauty fan has their eyes on a Zoeva brush set, I know I have! But apart from their brushes, what else has Zoeva got in store? Here are some of their latest releases:

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set Volume 2, £55
When Zoeva launched the original Rose Golden brush set, I thought these were the most beautiful make-up brushes I've ever seen. A couple of months ago, they followed this up with a 'volume 2' set which I think looks even better than the original! The set contains 8 brushes for all the essentials, and it comes with a rose gold clutch bag to store your brushes in.

2. Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks (new shades for Spring), £7.50 each
New lipsticks from Zoeva
These lipsticks are creamy and have a high pigmentation. Formulated with a nourishing blend of ivy elixr, mallow and elderflower to nourish and moisturise your lip. There are three new shades for Spring and they are: 

- Pop Stitch: Bright and vibrant fuchsia pink
- Cross My Heart: Rich dark wine red
- One Wish: Deep plum violet

3. Zoeva Bamboo Brush Set Volume 2, £55
Another irresistible set but this time it's made of eight vegan brushes crafted from three renewable materials; Soft vegan taklon hair, bamboo wood and golden coloured aluminium ferrules for a spot of eco luxe. This set comes with a bag to store your brushes in and a brush holder too.

4. Zoeva Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette, £15
This Rose Golden Palette consists of ten eyeshadows in metallic, satin and matte finishes. I'm really surprised to learn that this entire palette only cost £15, and from the swatches I've seen on the site, they look really rich in colour.

Are you loving Zoeva as much as I am at the moment?
Do you own a set of brushes from Zoeva?


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Models Own HyperGel - New Shades for 2015

models own hypergel, models own cerise shine, bright pink nail polish, pink gel nail polish, pink nails
Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish (Shade: Cerise Shine)*

Gel effect nail polishes are all the rage these days and I've well and truly jumped on that bandwagon because in my eyes, when it comes to nail polish, the shinier the better! As you can see from the photo above, Models Own HyperGel gives a beautiful, super glossy finish, it's impressive!

I have it in the shade Cerise Shine, which is actually a colour from the original collection which launched last year. I can't comment on the other shades in the HyperGel collection because I have found Models Own formulas to be quite hit and miss depending on which shade you go for, but Cerise Shine is smooth and opaque making it a dream to apply. It's non-streaky and you only need one or two coats. I don't know why but it never feels right to apply just one coat so I went for two to get the full coverage!

models own hypergel, models own cerise shine, bright pink nail polish, pink gel nail polish

It was touch-dry in a about 2 minutes and I could apply the second coat after 5 minutes. It was chip resistant for 4-5 days but the shine did fade a bit. I didn't apply a top coat because it didn't look like I needed to but I would recommend using a glossy top coat to seal the polish and make the shine last longer. I really love the Essie top coats for a high shine, they dry so quickly too.

models own hypergel, models own hypergel Spring

Models Own HyperGel launched last year, and they have added 10 new shades as part of the Spring collection. I quite like the look of Tropical Green and Caribbean Crush - they will look AMAZING in the Summer time! No UV is required and you can achieve that gel effect nails in ten minutes in the comfort of your own home! You can find HyperGel at Boots and ASOS, and retails at £4.99 per bottle and comes in a total of 31 shades!

Which shade will you be going for?


Friday, 17 April 2015

Affordable Beauty Products: Models Own Make-Up

Eye make up from models own including smokey eye palette and gel eyeliner

Affordable Beauty Products: Models Own Make-Up

Models Own are not particularly well-known for their make-up, but only because their awesome nail polishes overshadows them. Amongst all of their bright and colourful nail polishes, Models Own have a small range of make-up products available which include lipsticks, lipglosses, blushers, eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara - all of which are really affordable with most of them under £5! Not bad, right?! 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

MAC Lipstick See Sheer // Swatch + Review

See Sheer from MAC is a grapefruit pink lipstick
MAC Lipstick in See Sheer (Lustre finish)

I've had MAC's See Sheer lipstick on my wish list for a while now but because it's really similar to Crosswires, another MAC lipstick I own, I resisted buying See Sheer. That is until my sister went to New York on a college trip and asked me if I wanted anything from MAC (uuhh, YES PLEASE!)

A review of See Sheer Lipstick from MAC

See Sheer was right on the top of my list, I had no hesitations when she asked me! MAC describes it as a semi sheer grapefruit pink and when you compare a photo of grapefruit and the bullet of the lipstick, it's a pretty accurate description of the shade. I wouldn't call it a pink shade, though - it's more of a coral colour with orange undertones. 

See Sheer is a beautiful pink lipstick for Summer

It's a really pretty shade for Spring, it adds a wash of colour to my lips that looks quite natural. If I wanted to wear minimal make-up during the day, See Sheer would make the perfect lipstick to finish off the look! It's has a slightly glossy finish and it lasts about 3 hours on my lips which I know isn't long at all compared to some other lipsticks out there in the £15+ price point, but because this is such a subtle shade on me, I do find myself freshening it up after a few hours as the lipstick doesn't fade in to a stain like a brighter shade would. 

MAC See Sheer is a sheer and lustre formula
A swatch of See Sheer MAC Lipstick
A review and swatch of MAC See Sheer Liptick

It still has a good amount of pigment, though but if you're not as daring with your lipsticks, I highly suggest MAC's lustre range as really wearable. It adds a subtle amount of colour that will give you a boost of confidence without making you feel self-conscious. I've taken my Mum and my Grandma to the MAC counters and have recommended them a lipstick from the lustre formula. My mum wears minimal make up and my Grandma doesn't use make up at all, but they never goes without a bit of lippy whenever they go out and they've both really liked the MAC lipstick I suggested to them. 

What do you think of MAC's See Sheer? And what is your favourite lipstick for Spring?

Click here to read more of my MAC lipstick reviews, including the limited edition 5-Alarm and my Top 5 Favourite MAC Lipsticks.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Adam And Eve : Skincare For Young Adults

skincare for young adults, beauty blog uk, adam and even skincare

You know me, guys! I'm all about taking good care of your skin, and as I have now entered in to my 30's, I am more interested in skincare than ever!

Ever eager to try new skincare brands, Adam And Eve asked if I would like to try something from their range. As I had only picked a cleanser, I didn't expect the parcel to have three extra products for me to try, so opening this package was rather exciting!

I've never heard of the brand until they emailed me to introduce it, and I thought the packaging design looks really beautiful and elegant, I was keen to find out more. Adam And Eve's skincare are formulated for young adults who suffer from skin problems such as acne, although due to it's gentle formulas, it is suitable for anyone with skin concerns or flare-ups. Adam And Eve uses ingredients that are gentle, calming and effective. They believe in a 3-step process to help balance your skin; Cleanse, calm and condition. 

Sound good to you? Let's take a closer look at some of the products which I have been using for the past 6 weeks.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Benefit's Do The Hoola Kit Review

Benefit's Do The Hoola Kit, do the hoola

Do The Hoola is brand new beauty kit from Benefit Cosmetics and if you're a fan of Benefit's Hoola Bronzer Powder (which you can now personalise!), you might be interested in the Do The Hoola Beyond Bronze which includes an exclusive first-try of the yet-to-launch Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer!



Saturday, 11 April 2015

Models Own Colour Chrome | Gold Nail Polish

Models Own Colour Chrome Gold, models own colour chrome, gold nail polish

Models Own Colour Chrome | Gold Nail Polish

When I first saw photos of Model's Own Colour Chrome Collection on Twitter, I was like OOOOOOH  SO SHINY! I think the question on everyones lips is... Is the nail polish just as shiny in real life?

I had wondered if the polish itself would match the chromey-ness of the bottle design but it's more of a metallic (or a 'liquid metal' effect as Models Own describes it) than it is chrome. Although it might look quite nice with a glossy top coat over it for a shiny foil effect!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

WIN £250 Worth Of Benefit Cosmetics Products!

beauty blog uk, benefit cosmetics, beauty blog giveaway, beauty giveaway

Are you a Benefit fan who is totally obsessed with Pinterest? (I know I am!) If this sounds exactly like you, then read on because I have got an AWESOME treat for you! 

I have teamed up with the BeneBabes at Benefit to celebrate our favourite season of the year, Spring! (I'm just so excited that the weather has finally brightened up, I was getting real fed up with the dark days!) The competition will be hosted over on Pinterest but anyone can join in as long as you're on there, so if you haven't signed up for a Pinterest account yet, what are ya waitin' for?

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Current Favourites: Soap & Glory Make-Up

New make up from soap and glory

My Current Favourites: Soap & Glory Make-Up


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

MAC Lipstick 5-Alarm // Swatch + Review

Mac 5 Alarm lipstick review

MAC Lipstick 5-Alarm // Swatch + Review

My little sister went on a college trip to New York last month and she texted me to ask if I wanted anything from MAC because it works out cheaper with the exchange rate.

I am a huge fan of MAC lipsticks so I couldn't pass this up, I wanted to pick two but I had no idea which ones to go for. I remembered that See Sheer was definitely on my wish list but I was unsure of the second lipstick. I had an hour to reply to her text before she went back to the MAC store. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Birchbox Tatler Limited Edition Box

 Birchbox tatler, birchbox april 2015

Limited Edition Tatler Birchbox*

There was a teaser in last month's Birchbox which gave a hint that a partnership with Tatler Magazine was on the cards. Very exciting! Subscribers will still receive the standard monthly box but for something extra special, Birchbox have teamed up with Tatler Magazine to offer this limited edition box for the price of £25.

 Birchbox tatler, birchbox april 2015

Birchbox have worked closely with the beauty editor at Tatler, Francesca White, to curate this beautiful edition for April 2015. It contains six beauty products that celebrates and coincides with the launch of Tatler's new supplement 'The Best Of British'.

Overall, the value of the box is worth £60 and it will contain the following products: 

percy and reed hair, dry shampoo
Percy & Reed Dry Instant Volumising Spray, 200ml

On the card, it says that this is a dry shampoo and upon first impressions, the way that it's worded on the packaging, it does look like dry shampoo. I tested this out on my greasy hair but it didn't do anything to mattefy it. It didn't come out chalky, it just made my hair look even greasier. 

I looked in to this product and this appears to a form of styling spray that instantly boosts the volume of your hair at the roots and controls fly-aways. The spray feels natural and flexible on hair and doesn't leave that crunchy, crispy texture. I really like the Percy & Reed range and the packaging is really cute and dainty. 

face oil, dr jackson face oil, natural face oil
Dr. Jackson Natural Products Face Oil 03

I LOVE face oils, I can't live without them at the moment. I've been using face oils as part of my skincare routine for a year now and I've seen a huge difference in results. I use it before I moisturise and my skin feels smoother, healthier and protected from the elements. Using a couple of drops drastically improves the appearance of my skin so I can't wait to crack in to the Dr. Jackson face oil. It won't be a while yet because I'm still using the Jurlique facial oil at the moment. 

liz earle cleanse and polish
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 50ml

If you're a regular reader of my blog, this one needs no introduction as it has been featured on my blog time and time again. I highly recommend the Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish, it's an AMAZING skincare product and it's another one that I can't live without. This is a very cute travel sized bottle, so I'll keep this for when I'm away from home. It also comes with a muslin towel.

ciate paint pot, ciate maybe baby
Ciate Paint Pot, full size

Being a pretty big fan of Ciate, it's always exciting when you get a Ciate product in a beauty box! I was happy to see a nail polish shade that wasn't the standard red. I received the Ciate Paint Pot in Maybe Baby (PP148) which Ciate describes it as a sumptious truffle shade, a purply-brown that sadly doesn't quite suit my skintone. My sister will love this, though! 

birchbox april 2015, birchbox tatler edition
Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Cream, 40ml
(Full sized version cost £36)

I've heard about this brand through beauty YouTubers who have been raving about it. It is not available to buy outside of London so I've not had the chance to check it out yet. The Renewing Rose Body Cream is a nice handbag sized so I will use this as hand cream as opposed to a body cream to make the tube last a bit longer. The rich cream is formulated with rose geranium, shea butter, and evening primrose and it absorbs in to skin straight away and is not greasy at all.

Bamford Hand and Body Wash, 50ml
(Full sized version cost £22)

I really love the colour of this, it is a beautiful glowing green in the light. The Bamford body washes are made from 72% organic ingredients and the sample received in Birchbox is made from geranium, lavendar and peppermint. It doesn't smell like your typical shower gel, and as it smells slightly medicinal, it's probably not everyone's cup of tea but it's refreshing for the morning showers or after a work-out.

If you fancy getting your hands on this or perhaps buy it as a present for your beauty junkie best friend, visit Birchbox to buy the Tatler edition for £25. You don't have to be a subscriber of Birchbox to buy the Tatler edition, it is a one time purchase and you will not be tied down to a monthly subscription. They will be shipped out around 9th April. You will not be disappointed!


Saturday, 4 April 2015

3 Must-Try Beauty Products From Philosophy

philosophy products, fresh cream philosophy, microdelivery peel

3 Must-Try Beauty Products From Philosophy


Friday, 3 April 2015

Home Fragrance: Arran Aromatics Just Grapefruit

home fragrance
grapefuit candle
reed diffuser

Arran Aromatics Perfumer Just Grapefruit*

The only way to guarantee a decent Spring is to bring it in to your home. I mean, I don't have much hope for the weather improving until June, so I'm taking control of the situation! I've got lots of little inexpensive things in place to transform my living space in to more cheerful place to be and it works wonders with lifting your mood! It's kind of like two fingers up at the April showers! (Seriously, please can we get some warm weather! It's not too much to ask, right?!)

The latest additions to my ever-growing collection of candles and reed diffuser are from Arran Aromatics, a brand that I've been fond of for the past year. They sell a wide range of scents but the Just Grapefruit is pretty perfect for a fresh, zingy and fruity smell. It's a very clean and refined grapefruit scent, it's not at all tart that it hits the back of your jaw like a real grapefruit, but it does have a hit of zest.

The Arran Aromatics candles are available in a large size (£20) with a burn time of 35 hours or travel size priced at £5. The scent pay-off isn't as strong as Yankee Candle but it leaves a gentle but uplifting aroma without overpowering the room. The reed diffusers retail at £22.50 for a 100ml bottle and leaves a constant fragrance when the reeds are rotated every two days. They are beautifully packaged, the designs of both are simplistic and fits in to any home no matter the decor!

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