Wednesday, 31 December 2014

20 Of My Favourite Outfits

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My feelings towards doing fashion blogging have changed this year and that's why there hasn't been that many outfit posts from me as the previous years. Or maybe it's because I've been blogging a lot more in 2014, and my content has been pretty varied, that it just seems like I've not done a lot of personal style blog posts. I, briefly, touched on it on one of my blogposts about the pressure of being blogger perfect and keeping up with magazine-editorial-style photography. I simply fell out of love with it all but outfit posts and personal style was the very thing that made this blog in to what it is, and I want to pick it back up again in the New Year!

I always love doing these round up/end of year posts because it reminds me that it is suppose to be fun! And in the process, offer styling ideas for petite women like myself who are under 5ft 3 and find it hard to find things that fit properly. Most outfits I wear do need a bit of tweaking or the use of clever style tricks. I'm going to give a little blurb about each outfit too and give an brief insight in to what I do when working with brands.

Here are my fave outfits that I featured on the blog in 2014 (along with links to the actual blogpost):

outfit ideas, uk fashion blog, british fashion blogger
(from left to right)

1. Tribal Print Playsuit: I just had to start off with this one which it was done especially for magazine, a supplement with OK Mag. I was really excited about this one and it got a full page in the magazine.

2. Pleated Skirt: This was a collaboration with Rekorderlig, they had asked me to use one of their drinks flavour as inspiration for an outfit. As my passion fruit mascot costume was not available that day, I opted for a chic pleated skirt and a zingy yellow clutch bag instead.

3. Seventies Vibes: Laura Ashley asked me to style their white shirt in three different ways. I tried to make each outfit as interesting as possible (whilst staying true to my own style) but out of the three, this one where I paired it with denim shorts and floppy hat is my fave.

4. Hero Shakes T-Shirt: This is a recent outfit post and it is a bit different from the rest, or at least it's one of the most casual ones. I wore a scrappy denim shirt with a Hero&Cape tshirt, bobble hat and the coolest looking Eastpak rucksack. Comfy at it's best! 

outfit ideas, uk fashion blog, british fashion blogger

6. Head To Toe In New Look: This was the only Glam Media collab I did this year, my very first one. I had to travel to the flagship store in London and pick an entire outfit which was a lot of fun! It kickstarted the transition from summer to autumn perfectly, I have been wearing that coat non stop since I got it!

7. Florals and Milkmaid Braids: I remember this day, it was windy and it was a good job I put my long hair in to milkmaid braids. I love the overall outfit but the floral playsuit, which I bought from ASOS, isn't the nicest garment made, it had a lot of fabric dangly from between the legs in the doobly-doo area. Not a good look! But as I had already worn it, I couldn't return it! Boooo!

8. Monochrome Polka Dots: Polka dots usually make me look young and childish but I love a bit of black and white polka dots, I think it makes an outfit look more interesting and stylish. 

9. If In Doubt, Wear Polka Dots: And that's exactly what I've done here. The dress is from Little Mistress but it was too long so I wore it with a narrow belt and tucked most of the fabric underneath to make it more of a tunic.  

outfit ideas, uk fashion blog, british fashion blogger

10. Tribal Print Shorts: This was part of a style challenge set by ASOS where they gifted me a pair of shorts to style it three ways. It was a cool ASOS SS14 collab (which they set in the middle of winter...) to promote their Summer trend stories, and I got given the trend "Gap Yeah!". Not my usual style so I did my best to style the shorts in 3 different ways, but I remember it being so incredibly cold, there was no way I would have been able to go out in public dressed like it was 25 degrees in Summertime! I know it doesn't look that cold in the pics, but I swear it was something like 3C and 15mph wind!

11. Jacquard Dress: Another simple outfit, made more interesting by polka dots and a gorgeous red leather bag. You can see the close up detail of the jacquard fabric on the dress, it is really pretty!

12. 50 Shades Of Pink: Another collaboration with another drinks company, this time is was Pago Juice who asked 5 bloggers to use one of their flavours as an outfit inspiration. There are lots and lots of flavours to pick from this time, but I went with strawberry. If you haven't tried Pago Strawberry Juice yet, get on it! It's delicious! For this outfit, I picked a hot pink jacket, a lace blouse with a burgundy bow and a baby pink bag. Probably one of my favourite outfits of the year!

outfit ideas, uk fashion blog, british fashion blogger, style ideas for petite women

13: M&S Leading Ladies: I like how M&S work with inspirational women who are well-known for their talent. Their Leading Ladies campaign was a successful one this year, and bloggers were asked to take part of the social media side of things by taking on style challenge (of course, what else...) in which we were asked to pick an outfit from the Leading Ladies range. It's not always an easy task me to find something suitable from M&S, the sizing is so big, but I remember eyeing up some of the stuff when I popped in to their store, it all looked so lovely. I was up for the challenge when I had a proper browse on their website and noticed that they do petite sizes. 

14. Pineapple Playsuit: Oh, I LOVE this playsuit so much!! It's from Rare and it fits like a glove! I really like the pineapple print trend and looking through this post takes me back to Summer! I wore the playsuit with an orange bag and painted my nails neon pink. So Summery!

15 and 16. Beige Trench Coat: Both of these photos are from the same outfit. The trench coat is from an Italian designer called Antonio Croce. The trench coat is so incredibly well made, I can't fault it. And as you can see, it looks so classic and timeless, it will be stylish for years t come!

outfit ideas, uk fashion blog, british fashion blogger, style ideas for petite women

17: Grid Print Playsuit: I had a lot of playsuits this Summer! This one is from Glamorous and it's really comfortable because the fabric is really lightweight and there are no fastenings, as the waist is elasticated. Pretty much a dream to wear during the warm, hot days! I can't wait to wear it again!

18: Dogtooth Skater Skirt: For some reason, this skirt shows up blue but it's a dogtooth print fabric in black and white. It felts quite big when I was wearing it (as in "does my bum look big in this" kind of a moment!) but it doesn't look too bad on the photos. 

19: Black Midi Skirt: To me, if a skirt is knee length, it classifies as a midi to me! But I saw a true midi skirt on ASOS and wanted to try make it work on frame. I could never wear it without wearing heels which makes it a bit of a pain in the bum to wear on a casual basis, but it just goes to show that us petite girls doesn't have to shy away from awkward length skirts. 

20: California Dreamin' with ASOS x Ted Baker: Another cool collaboration with ASOS and this time it's via Access All ASOS where bloggers can apply and sign up to opportunities such as style challenges, trips, freebies, discounts and all the other cool stuff. This one was with Ted Baker and my theme was "holiday" and with this particular outfit, I was going for the LA/Coachella kind of style with the biker, denim shorts and floppy hat.

That's it! This is my last blogpost of the year! Hope you like my outfits here, let me know which one is your favourite!

Thank you to everyone who has followed and been reading my blog, you guys are the absolute best! I can't say that I have been at my the most confident this year, I have been all over the place, so all your comments and words of encouragement have been truly appreciated. Always.

I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lots and lots and lots of love!

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Food: Making Sushi At Home

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sushi filling
making sushi, make your own sushi
homemade sushi, making sushi
sushi, homemade sushi
maki rolls, sushi
salmon nigiri

I don't know about you but I need a teeny tiny break from all of the festive blogposts so here's one about making your own sushi at home! But fret not, the end of year round up will rear it's head tomorrow, of course! (You lucky lot, you!) So, making sushi was a lot easier than I thought! My sister bought my a sushi making kit years and years ago but I always found the idea of it quite daunting, but my mum advised me that if the rice is cooked right, then the rest is fairly simple... 

Japanese food is my favourite, I love it all (apart from udon, I'm not so keen on that) but I enjoy everything else! Absolutely everything, I think it's delicious! When Mum said she was making sushi last night, I made sure I saved my belly for it! There was sashimi (raw fish), nigiri (raw fish on top of rice), maki (sushi rolls) and temaki (handrolls) and it was all sooo good! We filled it with salmon, avocado, crab stick and cucumber, with a side of wasabi and soy sauce! We didn't fancy green tea (well, I didn't, anyway!) so I poured the family a glass of midori and lemonade each, followed by a cheeky Snowball, and scoffed the food whilst watching Frozen!

Are you a fan of Japanese food? Have you ever tried making sushi yourself?

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Monday, 29 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas!

beauty christmas presents

I have been in two minds whether to do a Christmas present reveal because I had seen other bloggers do it and I love reading about them, it's like going back to school after the holidays and telling your friends what you got for Christmas. However, I am all too aware that there are some people that find these types of posts a bit distasteful, and braggy. I personally don't mind these posts popping on my blogger dashboard, but to keep it in-line with the rest of my blog, I am only going to show the beauty gifts I received this year. I suppose it only makes sense!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Few Photos From Christmas 2014

cheeseboard, christmas cheeseboard

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Love from


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Vibes

christmas snowglobe
I'm back at my family home in good ol' Yorkshire but as I type this, the sun is beaming into my room and thanks to the central heating, it is feeling rather tropical in here right now! Not very Christmassy, right?! But I do have a few little things that have helped me get in to the Christmas spirit! 

yankee candle candy cane lane
I got this seasonal edition Candy Cane Lane from Yankee Candle last week and I've seen it on a lot of blogs already so I'm glad to have my hands on a small jar! It has a sweet, peppermint scent just like a real candy cane.

christmas cake pop, festive cake pop
This adorable little cake pop came through the post from Babushka Communications, an agency I have had the pleasure of working with for a couple of years now! I rely on them for all the latest news on eco-friendly, cruelty free, organic, natural, hollistic beauty products! The team at Babushka Comms have introduced me to some amazing brands in the last two years, a lot of which have now become staples in my skincare routine such as the face oil by Antonia Burrell, the most amazing eye treatment from Healgel, a whole bunch of REN skincare and Balance Me face mask.

Dorothy bubble bar, lush dorothy
I've been eyeing up the Dorothy Bubble Bar from LUSH for for ages and I don't know why I didn't buy it earlier! But The Wizard Of Oz is always on TV at this time of year, and we watch it every time it's on. It was only right that I picked up the Dorothy Bubble Bar to use during my festive break! It would have been perfect if the bubble bar was yellow (in reference to "they yellow brick road") but the vibrant blue is just as great!

primark festive leggings
I bought these back in early November and I couldn't wait to wear them as soon as it turned December! You can see what else I bought in my Primark A/W haul here. I have to admit, the leggings do keep me warm but they're not the most comfortable things to wear all day long. I have bought them 2 sizes up but they're still too tight! But how can I resist them! They look awesome!

christmas stocking
Every now and then, an email lands my inbox asking if they can send the pets something. TK Maxx sent this cute cat stocking and I've been filling them up with treats for Oscar! ....I've even written him a card aswell..... Just to say, y'know, Merry Christmas and all that, boy!

christmas hamper
There has been loads and loads of social media campaigns this Christmas and brands have been really generous in giving gifts away. I know that M&S had a great campaign with #FollowTheFairies, that one has stood out for me. I don't tend to get involved (apart from The Body Shop one) but one day, I tweeted that I had yet to start my Christmas shopping. I just tweeted it and I didn't tag anyone but I got a reply from Tesco asking me to send them my Christmas list! I can see from Twitter that their #MakeChristmas campaign has been really successful too. As excited as I was to even be noticed, I replied and said it was very generous but I couldn't possibly be so cheeky. Instead, I told them my family would be truly happy with a couple of festive food (what Tesco does best!) like mince pies and a box of chocolates. A few days later, this huge, amazing hamper arrived! It has been in my flat for 2 weeks and I couldn't resist helping myself to the chocolates and crisps. But I've gone out and bought more food and drink to fill the hamper up to the brim. The hamper is now sitting under the tree now and the whole family will be sharing the treats on Christmas Day. 

What have you been up to in the build up to Christmas? Are you excited for THE BIG DAY?

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Trying Korean Beauty Products For The First Time

korean beauty products, korean make up, asian beauty products

I am forever watching YouTube Videos for beauty tips specifically for oriental facial features (because I am Chinese, in case you didn't know, haha) and more often than not, the beauty gurus are using Korean beauty products. 

For me, these products are more than just the cute packaging - although I'm hugely drawn in by adorable designs - but it also works well on my skin-tone and features.

Having been to that part of the world, I have seen first hand how beauty products are marketed over there. Most of it isn't anything out of the ordinary, but of course, some of the products are released for the Asian market only. 

I actually have used a couple of Korean cosmetics before like an eye glue. YES, AN EYE GLUE. A glue that you apply to your eyelids to create a 'double eyelid' which make your eyes appear bigger. It sounds strange, right? It's very similar to false eyelash glue and it even comes with a plastic prong so you can prod your eyelids with it to get the exact look you want. If anyone's interested in what this looks like, just google Koji Eye Talk! I've just revealed one of my beauty secrets right there! 

So, when Hong Kong based cosmetics chain, Bonjour, offered to send me a box of goodies to try, I was intrigued at how it compares with the stuff you can get from Boots and Superdrug. 

Bonjour picked a bunch of Korean beauty products that they'd thought I would like. This is what I received:

etude house, etude house lips fit, korean beauty products

Etude House Color Lips-Fit
(Shade: Perfect Fit Red)

I have heard plenty about Korean beauty brand Etude House (the ice cream nail polishes have been featured on a few beauty blogs) and they're known for their cute packaging. I've not been able to get my hands on anything so the Color Lips-Fit is my first ever Etude House experience!

It looks like like a lipgloss but it a liquid lipstick with a creamy, powdery, matte finish. It gives full coverage and is bright shade with a vivid colour pay-off. I have been using it as a tint by dabbing on to lips with my finger because the swiping it directly with the doe foot applicator is waaaaay to bright for me. Ends up being quite drying but is nice to put a gloss over it. 

This retails on Bonjour for $8.38 which is approximately £5.40.

pink blusher, castledew blusher
pink blusher, castledew blusher

Castledew Silk Finish Blusher

This is my favourite product out of the whole bunch! I love blushers and this one is so pretty! As you can see, it's a two toned pink with diamond imprint design and it comes with a small brush too. 

Bonjour sells this at around the £11 mark, and when I visit Hong Kong again, I'll be looking out for these so I can buy them in more shades! It is a silky, matte finish powder that has good amount of pigment for a natural day time look.

asian eyelash products, asian beauty products, korean beauty products

Koji Spring Heart false lashes

Ah, on to the all important eye products! This set of false lashes are by Koji (the eyeglue people! Huge beauty brand in Asia!) so I trust that these are very much created with the average asian girl in mind. I have troubles finding false lashes in the UK because I find them far too long. 

Trimming them down can sometimes make it lose the curl and if you cut them down too much (like I have done in the past!), it just ends up looking blunt and spiky. My other option is to add volume with individual lashes but I really hate fiddling around with those! 

Good job then that I only wear them on special occasions and now I know where to get the perfect set, I will be stocking up! 

The Koji Spring Hearts (£2.30) are quite fine so they look natural, and just the right length for me.

Koji Eyelash Curler (short size)

When my old pair of eyelash curlers pulled out about ten eyelashes, I knew it was time to get new ones! The rubber bit is old and dry, and my lashes for stuck inbetween them, so it's entirely my own fault!

My new pair arrived in time and they are again, by Koji! Bonjour are selling them for $5.92 (approx £3.79) which are a great price! On the packaging, it says that it's a "short size" eyelash curler which I take it to mean that it's made for short lashes, but I'm not too convinced as it doesn't feel any different and after comparing it to my old pair (which I got from Lancome), it looks just the same.

I'm not too fussy with eyelash curlers though, I have never had any problems with the ones I've used and I think all eyelash curlers feel and look the same! (Is that a bad beauty blogger thing to say?!) 

EOS lip balm, eos lip balm spheres

EOS Lip Balm Spheres

Before EOS become available in the UK, my mum bought me a set from Hong Kong when she travelled there for a holiday.  I like them and did a review on the EOS lip balm spheres on my blog in 2012, but I'm so glad you can buy them here now! 

This is the only beauty product in the box that's not Korean, EOS is an American brand. The blue one is Blueberry Acai. I'm not going to open them yet because I have SO many lip balms to go through at the moment, but I bet this smells really good!

asian beuty products, i.colour eyelinerasian beuty products, i.colour eyeliner

I.Color Extremely Black Eyeliner

If I'm being honest, no eyeliner is better than Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner but I'm pretty much an eyeliner hoarder so I'm happy to try them all! 

I.Color's Colour Pro eyeliner (£6-£7) is a water-based, waterproof eyeliner pen and I've got it in the black but unfortunately, it's not dark enough for me. The nib is a nice design, it's very thin, easy to control (especially if you're a beginner) and can build the liner up by going over it a couple of times. 

I really wanted to love it, and I know it's not fair to compare it the Benefit's Push-Up Liner but nothing comes close in terms of pigment, and staying power. 

asian beauty products

My Beauty Diary
Rose Brightening Aroma Mask

I really like using sheet masks. However, I have to be really careful with sheet masks because I have had a bad reaction from some of the ones I've tried. I'm too scared to try these so I'm going to ask my sister to be the test these out first! I won't see her until Christmas, but that's only a few days away so I'm going to have to wait a bit longer for her mini review.

White Tea Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

At £5-£6, this is a very affordable eye make up remover. 

Made in Korea and has not been tested on animals, this makeup remover contains white tea extract to refresh, soothe and remove impurities as well as makeup residue. This is also formulated with rosewater for it's moisturising and hydrating qualities, and also camellia and chamomile extract to calm skin and reduce irritation. 

Reading the ingredients list on the packaging, I can see that it contain methylparaben. I don't use any skincare or bodycare that has parabens in it so I'm not sure if I will use this. However, it is free from alcohol, oil and fragrance. I have tested it and it does remove eye make up fairly quickly, but I've got to be honest, it isn't a stand out product.

mascara, black mascara, korean make up,

3 Concept Eyes
Volume and Long Lash Mascara

I'm so used to fancy mascara brushes now that when I saw the tiny, thin brush, I was worried that it would cause clumping. But... it's actually easy to use, and what you see is what you get. None of that marketing gimmick with a fat brush, thin brush, plastic brush, curved brush.

At an affordable £8, 3 Concept Eyes Volume and Long Lash Mascara gives you exactly what you want without the gimmicks. It coats the lashes without clumping and elongates each one without it looking like spider legs. I am really impressed with this mascara, and would buy this again!


Have you got your eye on any Asian beauty products that you want to try? Have a browse on Bonjour because you could pick it up for a good price! Shipping to the UK cost $10 USD (£6.40 ish) per order which isn't bad for airmail!


Saturday, 20 December 2014

So Much Fluffiness!

miniature poodle, apricot poodle
fashion blogger
exotic shorthair, ginger cat
exotic shorthair, ginger cat
miniature poodle

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I was transferring the photos I took on my phone to my laptop and thought I'd share some of the cute pet pics I had forgotten about so this is just a really quick blogpost from me today as I have some bits and pieces to sort out before I head back to my mum and dad's for Christmas! I'll soon be reunited with these two little rascals and I can not wait!! I have miss them so much and both Bonnie and Oscar will be getting lots and lots and lots of cuddles when I see them! There's nothing better than spending time with the pets! Eeeeeeeeeep, I'm so excited to see them again!!! x

(As I always get questions asking what breed the pets are; Oscar is an exotic shorthair cat and Bonnie is a miniature poodle) 

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