Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Photo Diary: Scarborough

ferris wheel, colour ferris wheel, fairground, scarborough
scarborough, things to do in scarborough, english seaside town
colourful beach huts, scarborough chalets, scarborough beach huts
things to do in scarborough
Scarborough beach, coastal towns, seaside town, british seaside
Scarborough beach, coastal towns, seaside town, british seaside
colourful beach huts, british seaside, beach huts, scarborough beach huts

Whilst I have mastered taking photos of small objects and beauty products, I need a lot of practise when capturing the great outdoor! I don't have the greatest of confidence when it comes to taking outdoors photos, it's kind of overwhelming but I love nothing more than to take my camera out with me and snap away. And I did just that when I visited Scarborough at the weekend. 

As you can see, the weather was so amazing. The sun came out, the big coats came off and it just felt like a calm Summer's day! We had lunch followed by an strawberry ice cream sundae, and then decided to hop on an open-top bus! I love chilled days like this, especially as the month has been so hectic and I've been power-walking all over the place lately.

Below are some pics that I took off my phone (and then brightened/added filters using AfterLight app which is well worth getting! I have written about here on my Blogging Tips Photo Editing blogpost) 

Enjoy the photos! x

editing photos on phone, ferris wheel
scarborough sea, coastal town, british coast
harbour bar, scarborough ice cream parlour, ice cream parlour, retro,
harbour bar, ice cream sundae, strawberry ice cream sundae, scarborough harbour bar


Monday, 29 September 2014

What I've Been Up To: Surprise Wedding In Scarborough

birthday invitation

I've been a bit AWOL lately with the lack of blogpost but it has been such a month of madness! One of the things I've been looking forward to for ages and ages was visiting a good friend of mine from uni, Beth, in her hometown of Scarborough. I met up with Beth just before Christmas last year and she told us she wanted to celebrate her 30th birthday with a party. "I'm there with bells on" I said! I wouldn't miss it! She got in touch in January and told us to save end of September free and it had crept up on us so quickly, I almost wasn't ready for it! Even though I've been looking for an outfit for ages, I actually ended up buying something on the actual day! I wizzed through Topshop and picked up a really pretty black and white polkadot swing dress - I saw it at the front of the store and it was the first thing I picked up. 

Throughout the whole day, I worried about whether we should take the present to the party or drop it off the next day - because the box was so big, awkward and quite flimsy...I didn't want it to take up too much space at the party! I questioned as to whether there was a specific area to put presents like they do at weddings. Anyway, we checked-in at our hotel, had a shower, got ready, grabbed the present and went on our way to the venue!

I feel a bit dippy because when we walked into the room, there was bunting that spelled out "Just Married" and a "Mr & Mrs" paper cut-out stuck on the mirror. It didn't actually click and I thought nothing of it! At this point, I still thought that we were at a joint 30th birthday..... I just thought the "wedding" decor might have been an in-joke because they had been engaged since I've known Beth (back in 2005 when we started university - time flies!) or maybe the hotel staff had accidentally left  it on from the last event the hotel had.

She came to greet us, wearing the most beautiful white dress and revealed that she had indeed got married to her childhood sweetheart earlier on in the day! They kept it a secret for a year and it was the best surprise ever! I'm so glad to have been there to share the special evening with the new Mr and Mrs!

After spending the first couple of hours in shock (a happy kind of shocked!), we chatted with the couple's friends and family but I always had our other uni friends at the back of my mind, wishing so much that they could've made it too. None of them could be in Scarborough in the end and their presence was missed, but we all know that life takes over and sometimes, timings just clash. We're all scattered around the country and busy with work so it isn't always easy to get everyone together in one place at the same time, but at uni, we always joked that Beth's wedding was the first proper reunion we would have and we were sooo eager for her to set the big day so we could see each other again! 

The setting of the whole evening was romantic and perfect. Tea light candles in clear jars were placed around the room and the neutral-coloured centre pieces looked beautiful! 

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs! Can't believe you kept it so quiet for a year but it was truly the best surprise ever! Thank you for a lovely weekend! x

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Monday, 22 September 2014

New Look AW 14 | #AutumnForecast

grey tartan coat, new look coat, new look autumn winter

New Look AW 14 | #AutumnForecast


Friday, 19 September 2014

Outfit | In The Style Of Zooey Deschanel

how to wear red dress, red dress new girl, jess day red dress
off the shoulder red dress, bardot dress
off the shoulder red dress, bardot dress

The style of this outfit was kind of inspired by Jess Day, Zooey Deschanel's character on New Girl, she's always wearing red! Well, I say outfit, but it's basically just a dress, isn't it! There isn't all that much to it! 

Some brands kind of drift off my radar and Quiz was one of them. I used to buy things from Quiz when I was younger, and when I was 14 years old, I bought a bright yellow vest with diamantes from them and I absolutely adored it! Hey, it was early 2000's, diamantes were the shizzle back in the day! If it didn't have sparkles on it, I would bedazzle the garment myself! I also bought this pink fishnet vest from there too.... but let's ignore that fashion faux pas! I was going through a Gwen Stefani stage...

I actually haven't stepped foot in Quiz since those days, not because I had bad experience or anything like that. They just kind of slipped off my mind and it's not really a brand that me and my friends have ever spoken about in conversations. 

Being re-introduced to a brand I liked as a teen brings back memories and when I browsed through the site, there wasn't a single fishnet vest in sight (thank god for that!). I had a look on the site and I picked out this trendy red off-the-shoulder dress and also a cute gingham dress (more on that another time!). 

The red dress is lovely and looks just like something you can buy from Topshop but at a purse-friendly price! It is made of a textured material which has a stretch to it. It also comes in other colours but my favourite was the red. As I said in the beginning of the post, the dress reminded me of Zooey Deschanel's character on New Girl, so I curled my hair and put my specs on and I felt like Jess Day! 

jess day red dress, new girl red dress,

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Make-Up Wishlist: Blushers

topshop blushers, beauty blog, uk beauty blogger

Without looking in to my make up collection (which, no matter how many times I tidy up, is always unorganised!) I'd say that I don't have enough blushers! I threw a few out last month because I had kept them for so long, they'd actually gone out of date years ago - one of them cream blushers I had from last year went slimy and nasty (gross!). I have a good variety as in I own a couple of powder blushers, one or two bottles of cheek tints and some cream blushers - but I don't have a wide choice of colours. Considering it's a cosmetic product I can't live without, I could definitely add another one or two in my outrageously untidy make up boxes! Especially as I had thrown a bunch of old ones in to the bin, I think I should buy a few more to replace them!.....

Here are the ones that I have been eyeing up lately!

Topshop Blusher in Let Her Go

I love Topshop make-up because it's pigmented, long-lasting and is generally great quality. I just hope the prices don't shoot up as much as their clothes have! I could pick any shade at random and still love it but the one I've got on my current wishlist is Let Her Go, a powder blush in a red-toned coral. I think it's a beautiful colour for winter, gives you a nice rosy cheek look!

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush in Fuchsia Desinvolte

The shades in the YSL Baby Doll Kiss And Blush collection are so pretty but the thing that I kept in mind is that I'd quite like a shade that would suit both my lips and cheeks. I love the look of Rose Frivole, but I don't think that shade of pink suits my lips so I would opt for Fuchsia Desinvolte, a hot pink. It blends well on to skin from what I remember when I swatched it so I'm not worried I'll end up looking like Noddy. I've always loved the packaging of YSL beauty products but the prices have always put me off. 

For a more natural look, I think this bronzer blusher looks pretty awesome. With shades of bronze, pinks and nude, this will give a natural sun-kissed look. I never consider anything like this, as I usually prefer something with a bit of colour but I think it's a nice option for when you want to swap rosy cheeks for a light and radiant glow. This is slightly shimmery which is, again, a nice one for lifting up dull skin during winter.

Benefit Cosmetics Box O' Powder in Hervana

I really like the swirls of colours in this! There are four shades which blends in to a beautiful lilac-pink and if you're after a cooler shade for an everyday look, you can't go wrong with Hervana. I tend to re-purchase the Sugarbomb blusher from Benefit but I'm ready for a change! The Hervana swirls are made up of Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose, Berry Delight and Lucky Shell (which is a natural, nude, champagne type of shade) so overall, it comes out very subtle. It makes a nice blusher to wear on a daily basis and for all occasions, and is suitable for those with pale skin.

What's on your make up wishlist recently? Which blushers do you recommend for Autumn/Winter?

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Decorating Your Kitchen + Book Giveaway

easy ways to decorate kitchen, kitchen decoration inspiration

That's right, it's a book ALL about kitchens! As you've noticed, I've had a bit of a surge in my interest for all things home, but I lack imagination when it comes to the kitchen. If I was asked to make a book about it, it would be about two pages long. So, actually, it would be more of a leaflet than a book, but that just goes to show how much limited my creativity is. Which is why this book is going to help me to add a little bit of character to my plain (oh, so plain it hurts) kitchen.

easy ways to decorate kitchen, kitchen decoration inspiration

Published by Jacqui Small, Kitchenalia by Vinny Lee will be right up your street if you like vintage, retro and period finds. It shows you how a kitchen can be fitted with what the author calls "layers" and each chapter of the book goes through specific styles such as The Country Kitchen, The Retro Kitchen, The Reclaimed Kitchen and so on. Being more than just a room in which you cook food, it is often the most popular room in the house where friends and family gathers (if there's food and good company, I'm there!) I'm always envious of those who have a kitchen that is filled with unique things and as this book shows, there are hundreds and thousands of way to put all of these things together. With so many different elements to think about, it helps that the book hones in on the smaller details like furniture feature, shelving displays and how to work with certain colour palettes without making it look chaotic and cluttered. It offers ideas and inspiration that never would have crossed my mind... no matter how simple it looks.

Whether you're in to copper, ceramics, chrome, clean lines or reclaimed wood - Kitchenalia is pretty much the perfect book for those who want to decorate their kitchen space. And it looks mighty fine on the coffee table too. It has pages upon pages that will make you want to ditch your current equipment and go out and buy a whole new set of kitchenware. And if you're obsessed with Pinterest, this book will be right up your street! And guess what? I've got a free copy to giveaway! Below are details on how to enter.

how to decorate your kitchen

I have one copy of Kitchenalia (published by Jacqui Small) up for grabs! 

Please submit your entries via the Rafflecopter widget below. You will need to follow my blog on Bloglovin' as a mandatory entry and then once you've done that, it unlocks other options for additional entries. The more you enter, the more chances of winning!

All entries are moderated, please adhere to the terms. This giveaway is open to UK residents only. 

Competition is for all of the product shown and detailed above in this blogpost (one copy of Kitchenalia by Vinny Lee). Entries must be made via Rafflecopter widget. Entries are moderated so please ensure that adhere to the giveaway entry terms. Jacqui Small Publishing reserves the right to amend or withdraw offers at any time. No cash alternatives are available. Free prize draw, no purchase necessary. Giveaway will be live for 7 days, closing on 24th September 2014 midnight. One winners will be selected from Rafflecopter after the closing date receiving a book which will be dispatched from Jacqui Small Publishing in London. I will contact the winner via email after closing date. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. A new winner will be selected if we do not receive a respond within 3 working days.

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