Friday, 31 January 2014

The Best Eye Cream | HealGel Eye

healgel eye review, best affordable eye cream
effective eye cream, anti-ageing eye care,

HealGel Eye* - £32.00

Lately, I've been in to products that prevent and repair. I don't mention my age very often but I'm 29 next month which means it's the BIG 3-0 next year (OMG!) so it's no surprise that I've been extremely keen to try out all sorts of eye creams! Even a couple of years ago, I wasn't all that bothered about eye cream, but all of a sudden, I've been pushed into this panicked fear of wrinkles and fine lines. My friends and I are all pretty nervous about turning 30, we're all going to enjoy the last year of our twenties and take good care of my skin. I've already seen several grey hairs (to pluck or not to pluck?), I'm not going to be able to cope with the first sign of wrinkling, so looking after my skin is a huge priority at this stage of my life. Luckily, thanks to good genes, my face seems to be holding up well for my age but I'd still like to use these types of products to prevent or at least prolong the process of ageing! As they say, prevention is better than cure! 

HealGel Eye is the 5th eye cream that I've tried. The other ones that I have tested were samples from beauty boxes. My least favourite was from Balance Me, which made the skin around my eye a bit red and a little bumpy! My favourite was by Murad, which was a lovely and effective eye cream but at close to £60 for 15ml tub, I was eager to find a slightly cheaper(ish) alternative and along came HealGel.

I put off using HealGel for the longest time. However, after finally trying the HealGel Face, I've been so impressed with the quality and the effectiveness of it so I wasn't at all apprehensive about using HealGel Eye. HealGel Eye comes in a bottle pump with a lovely pastel blue packaging. This formula is a cooling anti-ageing liquid gel with ingredients that corrects, lifts, revives and brighten. It's also refreshing and soothing. The key ingredients are Arnica and Madecassoside which initiates a soothing and collagen-boosting process. It also contains a dual-action hyaluronic acid (current buzz word within the beauty world!) which locks in moisture deep within the skin. I don't use a full pump of this each time, that would be far too much but by using a tiny quantity of it means that the bottle will most likely last about 6-8 months. I only dispense a tiny bit and lightly tap it around the eye area until it has absorbed. It feels light and refreshing and leaves skin feeling smooth, and it does a great job of getting rid of dark circles and puffiness, as well as keeping the wrinkles at bay! At £32 per bottle, it is the most reasonable price for an effective, high quality eye cream so this is an eye gel that I can afford to keep repurchasing every eight months or so! It is the best eye care product that I've tried so far!

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Benefit Lollitint | Review

This little (big) surprise came through the post and it was the best surprise ever!

I received this sweet treat from Benefit and inside the parcel contained three jars of sweet and a bottle of their new lip and cheek stain, Lollitint* (£24.50). I've tried all the cheek stains in the range so I was delighted to learn that there's a new addition! 

benefit lollitine review, pink cheek stain

Benefit Cosmetics Benefit Lollitint | Review


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Benefit Cosmetics | #POREOCLOCK Porefessional

poreoclock, benefit pro balm, how to minimize pores, pore minimizer

Minimize Appearance Of Pores with Benefit's POREfessional

If you follow Benefit Cosmetics on social media then you may have noticed their campaign to push the POREfessional throughout January. 

A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of all of this, I received a little parcel through the post which contained a couple of samples of Porefessional, an umbrella, a cute little alarm clock (to remind us when it's #PoreOClock) and a keyring - which I found out a few days later that this is a actually a USB pen, so that will come in handy!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review: NARS Final Cut | New Attitude Blush

Pink blusher for asian skintone, perfect pink blusher for all skintones
nars blusher review, new attitude blusher review, pink blushers for chinese skintone
Nars new attitude blusher swatch

nars spring collection, nars final cut range

"The New Edge Of Pink"

NARS Blush in New Attitude* from Selfridges&Co - £22.95

The latest Spring collection from NARS is filled with pink shades aplenty! An exclusive to Selfridges, the Final Cut makes up of four satin lip pencils, four matte finish blushes and a gorgeous illuminator. With it's romantic, pretty pink colours, it feels rather perfect for Valentine's day gifting (hint, hint boys!). If you're anything like me, you'll be delighted to receive make-up for all occasions. It is what I ask for my birthdays and Christmas, and of course, Valentine's Day (even if it's a Val Day gift to myself!) especially now as I've decided to experiment with more colours. 

The very latest addition in my make-up collection is the beautiful NARS blush in New Attitude, a cherry blossom pink. For the longest time ever, I have always gone for orange-toned blushers which gives a natural flush of colour to my cheeks, but for the past few months, I have been experimenting with pinker shades. It doesn't look as natural as peachy colours but I think pink blushers gives me a younger, fresher look, especially if I'm having a good skin day! New Attitude is really pretty and it's going to look great during Summer when I wear lighter coloured outfits.

This NARS product doesn't let me down, New Attitude is highly pigmented and long lasting. I only need a few effortless sweeps for it to add a good amount of colour, but if you like to apply blushers quite heavy then this can be easily built up, and it goes on to my skin so smoothly so no worries about it going patchy. I think I like this even more than my MAC one, they were my go-to brand for blushers and eyeshadows...until now! NARS has captured my heart! I do love the round shape of the MAC blushers because I find it easier to swirl the brush in it. However, one thing that they do better than MAC is the packaging, it isn't as clunky and cheap, and these blushers come with a mirror! I don't like small mirrors but it makes it handy to have in your bag so you don't have to take another pocket size mirror with you. This is a matte finish blusher, so there's absolutely no shimmer to this at all but the illuminator will provide a healthy glow if that's the look you prefer. My current choice of highlighter is either Smashbox Halo Wand or Benefit High Beam but the NARS Adelaide look so pretty and dreamy! 

The Final Cut Collection seems to be sold out on the Selfridges website at the moment but keep your eyes peeled for when it's back! 

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

A/W Trend: How To Style A Tartan Dress

Ways to wear a tartan dress, styling a tartan dress
Dress* InLoveWithFashion / Fedora Hat ASOS / Cardigan F&F / Bag* Brit-Stitch / Necklace* Nikki Lissoni / Boots* Coolway

I'm trying to get the most out of my tartan clothing because you know when Spring comes round, wintery tartan will be old news! I love tartan and hope it's back in fashion next A/W, I'm still seeing it on so many blogs and on the high street but apart from THE popular Primark dress, I've not actually seen many people wear tartan round these parts where I live.

I do appreciate that it's a strong print and it isn't the easiest thing to wear though. This dress is a boxy fit on me, making it a nice daywear outfit (comfort first!) and it also has a wide neck which isn't ideal for those with a long neck... that would be me, by the way! But wearing my hair down and putting a necklace on kind of draws attention away from my self consciousness of my giraffe neck. My Mum's the same as well, it must be where I get it from!

It's quite a versatile dress in that I can put a belt around it, team it up with a pair of heels and give it a completely different look. I've gone for some boots this time, which I need to break in.

Coolway have a store on Oxford Street where I tried on a pair in a size 5 but they were too big, and as they don't do half sizes, I went with a 4 which are slightly too small. I waddled in to the park but after ten minutes of standing in the freezing cold for outfit photos, my feet went numb and I could hardly feel the pain! (Yay?!?) I couldn't find a link for them, they seem to have sold out online, but I have found the same boots in brown which looks nice! I love the strappy ankle details with the chain and the metal stars.

It has been a quiet couple of weeks on this old blog of mine, but I have so many beauty products to show you that I'll hopefully be back on track this coming week! I've taken the photos, I've tried them over the past month, and now I just have to write the blog post up - so keep your eyes peeled for them! Thank you for those who commented on my last post, where I briefly mentioned that I closed down my business and in the process of doing something new with my life! I haven't approved the comments yet because I like to click through to each commenter's blog to return the love! That way, I know that I've replied to your comments and answered any questions you might have!

For various reasons, this month has been mega pants for me! On the upside, January is almost over and February is the month of my birthday so I've got that to look forward to!


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Do Not Fear The Future

fashion blogger winter outfit

Dressing in red and green to prolong what little is left of the festive vibe! 

Oh, why can't Christmas last longer! Is it still ok to eat half a box of chocolates for breakfast? How about chocolate rice crispies? Cereal is cereal!...

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dry Skin Products: Best Serums for Dry Skin

Best products for dry skin, solutions for dry skin

Dry Skin Products: Best Serums for Dry Skin  

During Winter, serums and face oils are your saving grace for when your skin feels dry and your usual face moisturiser is struggling to do it's job. 

For many years, I didn't know what the solution was fix my dry, dull and lack-lustre skin and I thought drowning my face in moisturiser day and night would do the trick. This never worked, I only woke up with dry patchy skin because moisturiser will only do so much for you.

Last year, I made a promise to myself that I would take better care of my skin and I stuck to a good routine but I had to switch things up for Winter - and by doing so, I discovered various new products to add to my collection.

The three most recent ones that I have been trying for the past two months are Hydraluon, HealGel Face* and REN Omega3 Serum Oil*. Serums are a pre-step before moisturiser, they will provide your skin with an extra layer of protection over the Winter days.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

How To Style: Red Floral Dress for Winter

Dress* Poppy Lux / Jacket ASOS / Scarf Primark / Shoes Office (similar here) / Sunglasses* RayBan from Pretavoir / Bag* Lacambra

The Chinese considers a true red to symbolise good fortune and joy. Whilst I love red accessories to style up plain outfits, I've never been one to favour red as colour of clothing to wear because I find that it clashes with my yellow skin tone and dark hair which can give an unwanted dramatic look. I change my mind a lot about this but one thing's for certain, I find it quite an intense and stressful, it reminds me of blood! Having said that, I think most of us romanticise about the red dress as something we would all love to effortlessly pull off (I'll have a pair of super long legs to go with that, please!) There's just something very romantic, glamorous and "Hollywood" about it. (The dress, not the legs!) I do have a few rosy-shades in my wardrobe; a bright red tea dress, a coral jumper, a couple of cherry red handbags (which I adore!), and a burgundy wooly hat but on a whole, red is not my usual go-to colour when it comes to clothing. 

Like I said, I go back and forth but after admiring how awesome this red floral dress looks on the brunette model, I'm simply going to have to try and make it work for me, I thought to myself. Firstly, I've toned down my make up to offset the dramatic combination of red and black. I normally wear a bright lipstick but I opted for a sheer pink lip colour. I still feel a bit insecure wearing this floral dress on it's own but only because of the colour. I just need to pluck the confidence from somewhere, shut up about it and get over it! The dress itself is really nice - and it's now in the SALE. I prefer to wear this during winter because perhaps in the Summer, it will be too strong of a colour to wear - but in Winter, I can pair it up with a black cardi, or in this case here, my favourite leather jacket. I've got a couple more leather jackets but this one from ASOS is my fave! It isn't too bulky and it's just the right length too. I love the three quarter length sleeves but I am looking to buy a long sleeved one. Currently, the search is not going well but that might be due to the fact that I'm lacking in funds! I am on a serious spending ban after splashing out over Christmas! So much for sticking to a budget! 

I'd love to know what you think about this look, and what you think about wearing red dresses and how you'd normally style them? Do you find it easy to wear or does it take a bit more effort to style?

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winter Style Inspiration: Stripes And Primary Colours

Hat Primark / Scarf My Mum knitted it / Top River Island (similar here) / Jacket ASOS / Jeans Topshop / Converse* JD Sport / Bag Mulberry / Sunglasses* Rayban Clubmasters from Pretavoir

As part of my new routine ("new year, new me"... ugh), I have decided to go outside for walks once a day for at least 10-15 minutes. I don't mean walk to work, or walk to the post office. I mean the kind of walks in the park where you do nothing, but walk. No rushing, or scuttling off in a hurry. Either in the morning or during lunch hour. Ten to fifteen minutes every day.

Working indoors, you get far too comfortable and when it's cold, the last thing you want to do is venture outside, but that kind of attitude has made me become really lazy. Most often than not, after work I would end up ordering a pizza delivery instead of getting myself out to the do the food shop, or I'd prefer stay in rather than meet up with friends and family ("It's too cold, I'm hibernating."). It's a small thing to other people but it's a big deal to me, the fresh air will do me a whole lot of good in terms of mentally and physically - it will do wonders to your skin, beauty lovers!

I live about 2 minutes from a park and it's not the best place in the world. In fact, it is known for being really dodgy (like most parks!) and I've seen spotted a few dubious characters, but it's ok during broad daylight! I decided to go casual and wore a top, jeans and converse. My stripy top is actually a dark blue but it's not showing up that well on screen but along with my wooly red hat (which kept falling off my head) and my lovely mustard yellow scarf, I've created an colour block outfit from the primary colours! I find myself reaching for yellow accessories this Winter! My mum knitted the scarf for me, so it's a special piece for me and I love the colour of it! 

These days, you don't often see me in trainers or plimsolls but I did used to wear them a lot when I was college and University (aint nobody got time for heels!). My new pair of Converse are burgundy, I decided to tone it down since my other Converse trainers are bright pink! I bought the pink pair ten years ago when I was still at college. They're a bit dirty but have actually managed to keep in good shape considering how long I've had them for! It was probably time for a new pair. Niki has gone through about ten pairs, all of which have ended up in shoe heaven with gross food stain, torn fabric or broken soles! 

There seems to be a lot going on here in this outfit (stripes, colour block, black/gold accessories!) but I hope you guys like my casual attire! 

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