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Jurlique | The ULTIMATE Beauty Gift Set

Jurlique Gift Sets, Jurlique review

When they said this was the ultimate beauty gift set, they weren't kidding! This is mega, the one, THE ULTIMATE beauty set and Jurlique are offering one of their lucky Twitter followers a chance to win this gift worth a whopping £371 (told you it was mega!) but more on that later on! I want to show you what's inside this gift set, which is an exclusive! Myself and the lucky winner of the giveaway will be the only ones in the UK to have this gift set (So exciting!!!)

jurlique ultimate beauty gift set

This is another one of those times when I wish I had the confidence (and skills) to do YouTube videos because the photos don't do it justice. I spent ages trying to get the perfect photos but it honestly looks so much better in real life. 

Jurlique's Ultimate Face and Body Collection is a three tiered box containing 10 full size products and as you can, it is a thing of beauty, the beauty gift box to end all gift boxes! It looks so special and everything is packaged so well.

The festive red sleeve shown in the first photo is the first thing you see, which in itself, is a gorgeous design with the red, gold and green colours. The sleeve slips off to reveal more gorgeousness, the signature Jurlique branding.

jurlique ultimate beauty gift set
jurlique products, jurlique beauty products

The whole thing looks like it's made from wood but it's actually study cardboard. It's strong enough to re-use and re-purpose when I've used up these beauty products. It would make great storage for make up, jewellery or even more skincare! (I love my skincare products, I do!)

The top lid opens upwards to show four products neatly displayed, and the two drawers underneath pulls outwards to reveal 6 more. All ten products are full sized products and they're all individually packaged too. 

Jurlique skincare
Jurlique skincare

The contents are:

Rose Body Oil (100ml)

Being treated to all of this, I really have absolutely no excuse not to take care of my skin! Luckily, I love nothing more than to pamper myself on most evenings and I love spending time taking care of my skin every morning and night (something which I used to consider a boring chore to do). 

Jurlique skincare review, jurlique ultimate face and body collection

I haven't had the chance to use EVERY single product in this set yet, I want to save some of it to enjoy during my Christmas break back at my parents house but I've tucked in to some of the skincare already and have picked out my favourites which are: Rosewater Balancing Mist, Antioxidant Gel Mask, Rose Hand Cream and Skin Balancing Face Oil. 

Once I've had more time to trial it all, I will do a more in-depth review in January but anyone who has used anything from Jurlique before will agree that this is a brand that are committed to developing biodynamic products with luxurious and of the purest, highest quality, but more importantly, they are ethical and environmentally-friendly. 

"Jurlique is committed to doing business responsibly and seeking meaningful opportunities to make a difference. In our efforts to become more sustainable, we are always striving for cleaner, greener ways of doing things"



Jurlique's is giving away this EXCLUSIVE  Ultimate Face and Body Collection worth £371 which was never sold in the UK, so we'll be the only ones to own it! They are giving one away for free on Twitter so if you're feeling lucky, get yourselves on there right now! The giveaway is launching today at some point, so follow @JurliqueUK and enter the giveaway here. Good luck!!

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  1. The packaging on its own is amazing :)

    A Forte For Fashion


  2. These products seem to be so good ! Lovely set !

    EPIC Makeup Revolution giveaway ! Win over 150 shades !

  3. Words cannot describe how wonderful this gift set is, it truly is beautiful right down from the presentation and the products inside. Whoever wins that will be incredibly lucky.

    On a side note I think you would be awesome at YouTube Sarah :)

    Merry Christmas!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. This is the ultimate luxurious gift set! A beauty addicts dream. Its so beautiful.

  5. This is gorgeous! I can't believe how much you get! I would absolutely love to win <3 xx

  6. This looks so incredible, so generous of them to give one away too! I love that they've included full sized products, that really is amazing, and it lets you trial loads of products. I've wanted to try Jurlique for a long time now as their products sound and look so high quality!

  7. WOW! I'd be happy with even just the box! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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