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Cute Jewellery • Custard Cream Biscuit Necklace

quirky jewellery, cute jewellery, food theme jewellery, biscuit necklace
quirky jewellery, cute jewellery, food theme jewellery, biscuit necklace

Custard Cream Necklace from Love Hearts And Crosses*

How adorable is this necklace! It arrived through the post other day and I couldn't wait to show you all! It's a shame I don't have a macro lens with me, but I tried to take the best photos I can with my kit lens. I couldn't zoom in as close as I wanted so it hasn't picked up as much of the detail but I can tell you, it's the cutest little gold custard cream biscuit! I know, a gold custard cream charm!! Jewellery doesn't get any better than this! I'm a fan of anything that's food themed! 

The pendant is dainty little thing measuring approximately 12mm x 8mm and dangles on a 45cm chain. I think that it's quite nice that upon first impressions it just looks like a regular gold rectangle block and the closer you look, the more you realise that it's a tiny little biscuit. I thought I'd photographed with some miniature dessert that I had, looks so cute on the tiny plate. Ha, don't ask me why I happen to have the tiniest plate in the world... 

The biscuit necklace is part of Love Hearts And Crosses 'British Charm' collection of 925 sterling silver and 24 carat Vermeil gold charm necklaces inspired by all things British. The other charms available are the custard cream biscuit (in silver), teapot, teacup, cupcake and a regal crown. 

If you're a fan of cute jewellery, there are a lot of quirky pieces on Love Hearts And Crosses, so make sure you visit and check it out. One of my favourite collection is the Porcelain Animal range... just look at all the sweet little animals! Cuteness overload! 

The delivery rates are reasonable too, £1.95 for standard delivery or free delivery on all orders over £30. Love Hearts And Crosses also ships worldwide too! Get yourselves on to their website and let me know what your fave pieces are!

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  1. How cute is this necklace!!! Perfect for the custard cream biscuit lovers! :)


  2. This is insanely cute!

  3. This necklace is too cute! Although I always preferred bourbons during my childhood -- chocoholic right here! Wow, Love Hearts & Crosses P&P is really good! x

  4. Super cute! It would make a nice little present for someone this Christmas :)X

  5. That's such an adorable piece of jewellery. I love it so much! :) x

  6. I love this. A very classic, british biscuit! x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  7. This is looking super adorable !


  8. This is the cutest thing EVER!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  9. Ohh it's so cute! <3 xxx

  10. Amazing!!! And you have a great blog. Let me know if you want we follow each other by GFC, bloglovin', google+, etc. I hope so: I'll follow you back!!! Have a nice day!!!

    *Keep in touch ;)
    ABSOkisses!!! Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn

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  11. Aww this is so cute!! Love it

  12. A custard cream necklace! How cute, its perfect for those of us that have a sweet tooth

  13. Omg these are soooo cute!

  14. How sweet! I'm heading straight to that website :)
    Megan x
    London Callings

  15. Wow, so cute, looks yummy.

  16. Aww, so cute! I love cute jewelry!!

  17. How adorable, im a sucker for novelty jewellery, I have a big stash somewhere in my flat xx

  18. That is so adorable!

  19. this is the best necklace! xx

  20. Oh gosh, this is so cute!!

  21. That necklace is adorable.

    Eea P

  22. Well this is the most adorable thing ever! The quirky jewelry love is never ending ;) xxx


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