Saturday, 29 November 2014

November Wishlist

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With all the hype around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I decided to have a browse on a few of my favourite websites. I've got my eye on some new knitwear, winter accessories and party shoes! However, in the end, I didn't actually buy anything from the deals because the discounts online were not that great. All the retailers made such a big deal about it and the fact that people were going out and fighting over TV's, I assumed the discounts would that mega (or at least enough to get in to a kerfuffle with strangers over a television) and I know every little bit helps but I expected discounts of up to 50-70% off. Does anyone know what the deals are like in America? Do you get a huge discount or is it 10-20% off? 

I thought I'd wait until Cyber Monday instead to treat myself to a couple of things. If you've never heard of Cyber Monday before, it's the online version to Black Friday, dubbed the "biggest online shopping day of the year". I'm also hoping to get a bit of Christmas shopping done but everyone else will have the same idea, so websites will inevitable crash due to high traffic. The key is to pick things out beforehand, either by bookmarking the pages or write down the stock code so you can do a quick search for it, and hope for the best some good discounts when Monday comes round because if you're thinking of having a good browse on the day, it probably isn't going to go that smoothly. 

Will you be using this opportunity to get some Christmas presents or will you be treating yourself? 

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  1. I love almost everything especially that jumper from Topshop!

  2. I like those glittery heels a lot! x

  3. I love that metallic skirt! I am trying my best not to buy anything despite all the amazing offers as my wardrobe is already overflowing! x

  4. The discounts really have let me down to be honest not that it's stopped me lusting of course xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. Ohhh, that hot pink jumper is GORGEOUS!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  6. The bird jumper is pretty, I love things with birds or other animals on. x

  7. That black and get skirt is cute.
    I finished my Christmas shopping weeks ago, so I just bought myself a new lipstick in the sales.
    Rubi | The Den


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