Thursday, 27 November 2014

Molton Brown Christmas Baubles

Molton brown christmas baubles, molton brown baubles

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Isn't this a colourful blogpost! Beauty brands have embraced this whole Christmas decoration thing this year, but not all of them have tickled my fancy. However, I saw these festive baubles in the Molton Brown boutique last week and I gasped at how cute and pretty they looked! I gravitated towards the multicoloured Molton Brown Christmas Baubles which glistened under the shop lights making them appear almost as twinkly as fairy lights! They wouldn't look out of place on the Christmas tree, that's for sure!

Initially, I thought they looked like hard-boiled sweets, the Molton Brown baubles are vibrant and glossy, and I want to hang each one on the Christmas tree! The majority of the 75ml round bottles are filled with shower gel but there is at least one handwash in amongst them! The scents are all very festive and wintery, including Frankincense and All Spice, Orange and Bergamot, Gingerlily, Pink Pepperpod, Eucalyptus, Templetree, Ylang-Ylang and a masculine Black Peppercorn for the men!

molton brown festive baubles, molton brown baubles

They come packaged in a beautifully presentation box, each retailing at £10 each. The baubles are, of course, limited edition and will only be around until Christmas. They are currently selling really well so if you want to get your hands on these in a particular scent, you'll have to be quick! My personal favourite is Ylang Ylang (purple bauble), as it's a relaxing, comforting fragrance. Or Eucalyptus (green bauble) for something minty and refreshing. Once you've used it all up and the bottle is empty, I reckon it'd be quite fun to recycle it for next year's tree decoration. I'd like to cover the outside of the bottle in glitter, or maybe even fill the bottle up with glitter! 

molton brown baubles, molton brown christmas baubles

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  1. These are looking so lovely !


  2. These are adorable, they look like great stocking fillers! They'd be so cute filled with glitter too x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. I love these, it's such a great idea having a product that you can also use as a Christmas decoration. x

  4. Oh gosh these are gorgeous and the colours look so beautiful, I would like some in lots of colours haha xx

  5. Oh these look so unique and adorable!


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