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3 Liz Earle Make-Up Must-Haves

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When it comes to Liz Earle, their skincare takes centre stage but I've come to realise that a lot of people didn't realise that they have a make-up range, so here's a little intro in to Liz Earle cosmetics

For the last two years, they have been easing new beauty products into their brand and I have previously tried the sheer skin tint, eye shadow and perfume but a few new things arrived a couple of weeks ago, so here are my thoughts on the following beauty products from Liz Earle...

liz earle make up, liz earle radiant glow bronzer,

3 Liz Earle Make-Up Must-Haves

I don't know about you but at this time of year, but my skin suffers during Autumn and Winter, the cold weather leaves my complexion quite dull so a bit of bronzer over my pale, lack-lustre skin never goes amiss, and I don't mind a bit of shimmer if it brightens up my skin! Liz Earle Radiant Glow Bronzer is exactly what it says it is!

It's a powder bronzer that adds warmth to your face with a slight shimmer (not too sparkly) and illuminating glow. It's has, as you can see, four tones, and what I love about this bronzer is that it's as subtle and light as it looks on the photos which is nice if you are pale like I am, so you can just brush it on without worry that it's going to end up looking too dark.

It's a really beautiful bronzer which leaves a gorgeous silky finish, and it's an easy one to work in to your daily make up routine.

liz earle eyeliner pencils

One of my must-haves is eyeliner and I have tried them all from high street brand to high end. I find that the high end ones have better staying power but as long as they're really black and lasts 3 or 4 hours, I'm happy. 

The two Liz Earle eyeliner pencils I've got are in black (shade 01) and in golden bronze (shade 03) and the texture of the pencils are quite hard. And for that reason, they will last longer than if it was soft.

It's smudge-able but only just about, it's not as creamy like kohl pencils. The black is pretty standard, it's nice and dark, doesn't budge for several hours. The golden bronze is new eyeliner territory to me, but I've been trying this on the upper lash line and smudging this in to soften it up around the top edge.

Liz Earle lipsticks, liz earle lipstick review

Signature Lip Colours, £14.00
I blogged about the Liz Earle lipsticks last week, and they really are as beautiful as they look, so do hop on over there to read the full review and check the lipsticks out next time you're at the Liz Earle beauty counter.

It isn't pictured in this blogpost but another make up items that I recommend from the Liz Earle range is the Sheer Skin Tint, which is particular gorgeous if you have dry skin because it goes on so smoothly and leaves a healthy dewy finish. 

Have you tried any of make-up from Liz Earle? Or do you have any recommendations from the range?



  1. The bronzer and lipsticks are looking gorgeous !


  2. Very nice and interesting post! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Everything looks so nice <3

  4. that bronzer looks beautiful! as do the lipsticks.. hmmmm!

  5. Ah that bronzer is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I am completely new to liz earle in every respect literally I am so clueless, but I adore the sound of the bronzer so might give that a go first xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  7. The bronzer looks perfect! xo

  8. I didn't know that Liz Earle did makeup! This is a lovely post & those lipsticks look right up my street - amazing shades! Just found your blog and I love it :) New follower x

    Chloe Andrews | Beauty posts & Nail tutorials

  9. Wow, I had no idea they had a makeup line! That bronzer looks amazing!!

  10. I used to always use Liz Earl skin care and i loved it i can imagine how nice this stuff is lol thanks im going to check it out

  11. Everything looks so good. Love them.

    Eea P


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