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Elie Saab Le Parfum | Review

elie saab le parfum, elie saab le parfum review
elie saab le parfum, elie saab le parfum review

Elie Saab Le Parfum - Eau de parfum 
50ml from Hairtrade*, £45.99

Elie Saab's haute couture dresses always make me go weak at the knees. His designs are always incredibly beautiful and stunning, so I knew the perfumes would be just as dreamy and perfect, and I would be right!

I picked the Elie Saab Le Parfum from Hairtrade website where you can get up to 20% off fragrances. It smells like a woody version of my all time favourite perfume, Miss Dior, so I knew I would love it. It actually contains very similar notes of citrus, jasmine and patchouli but the difference is that Le Parfum contains cedar wood, so it's not as girly as Miss Dior but Elie Saab's Le Parfum is just as chic and elegant.

The top notes of Elie Saab Le Parfum is a fresh and sparkling Orange Blossom which comes through after within 5 seconds of spraying the perfume on to skin. The middle note is jasmine absolute with base notes of rose, honey, patchouli and cedar wood. Although it is nice to have cedar wood to balance the floral notes, I'm happy that it isn't very potent. It is really gentle addition which compliments the floral and citrus notes really well as they taking over giving the fragrance an overall feminine and soft scent.

It's a light and womanly perfume that's wearable for daytime and it's romantic sophistication suits the evening too. As with most eau de parfum, the scent is long lasting and stays on your skin all day long. The bottle design, as you can see, is beautifully simplistic. It's a clear glass with faceted edges, it's really pretty. 

The size I got is 50ml from Hairtrade which costs £45.99, but it also comes in 30ml and 90ml bottles. With Christmas coming up, I've picked out some products within the same fragrance range below, including eau de toilette where you get more for your money (but the scent does not last as long as eau de parfum). Other perfumes are available from Hairtrade where you can save a few pennies as their fragrances are discounted, so it's definitely worth having a look on there first!

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  1. The bottles looks so lovely ! Nice pictures !


  2. This sounds like a beautiful perfume, I tend to opt for sickly sweet fragrances but I'm trying to balance them out with a few more "mature" scents such as this one. Definitely one for the wish list! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. This fragrance sounds amazing! Great post ♡

  4. I'm forever lusting over his beautiful collections so have no doubt that this too will be just as amazing <3 X

  5. I've wanted this perfume for over a year now, it's such a gorgeous scent and his core collections are gorgeous too. This was such a lovely read.

    Shannon at

  6. It sounds divine! xx

  7. I love this perfume :) I have added it to my wish list for Christmas :)

  8. This is one of my favourite fragrances
    : ]

  9. Your photos never cease to amaze me, they are always impeccable and beautiful. I am in need of some new perfumes, yes perfumesss haha as I don't try many out I tend to stick with the same old xx



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