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Beauty On A Budget: The 5 Best Lidl Beauty Products

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Budget Beauty Picks

I feel like the only person in the world who wasn't aware that Lidl sold beauty products! (I know, where have I been?!) I'm all up for beauty on a budget, especially if the product performs just as well as any other brand! It's a win-win situation, right?

After a quick search on Google, results came up for articles about Lidl's budget beauty range on sites like Daily Mail, Reveal and The Independent - all raving about how quickly the products have sold out and how people just can't get enough of it these super affordable beauty products.

The only times I go to Lidl is when I'm stocking up chocolate biscuits and Haribo sweets for trick or treaters at Halloween (I also LOVE the Morello cherries that comes in a big jar!) but I never walk around long enough to notice beauty and toiletries but now I'll definitely take more time to browse the beauty aisle.

Cien Lipstick - £2 each
cien lipsticks, cien lipstick from lidl, best cheap lipstick
cien lipsticks, cien lipstick from lidl, best cheap lipstick
Lidl lipstick swatches

As far as I know, there are eight shades in the Cien range so there's something for everyone! I was given three shades of lipsticks to try out and they are a pleasant surprise! From left to right, the shades are Light Coral, Vintage Mauve and Spicy Red. 

Two out of the three lipsticks I've got from the Lidl's Cien range are extremely pigmented, full coverage and provides intense colour and glides over your lips without dragging. It comes out with a subtle sheen so it doesn't cling to dry skin but that gloss fades in to a wearable matte finish. I don't think that I've ever encountered a budget lipstick that is so easy to use, it's hard to believe that it only cost £2! Bargain!

In all this time of searching for the perfect red lipstick, I think I may have found it! Spicy Red is a gorgeous shade whist Vintage Mauve is a beautiful plum that is dupe of the much raved about MAC Plumful! The only shade I'm not crazy about is Light Coral! The colour itself isn't bad but the formula isn't the same as the two red shades; it is a frost lipstick that comes out nude on my lips which doesn't suit me. It also doesn't go on as consistently as the other two. 

Suddenly Diamonds Eau De Parfum - £3.99
suddenly diamonds perfume, suddenly diamonds perfume lidl, lidl perfume

I've got to admit, when I heard about this perfume, I wasn't expecting great things. I've bought cheap perfume in the past and the lingering smell can make me feel sick. HOWEVER, I remained open minded with Lidl's Suddenly Diamonds and I was actually pleasantly surprised! It smells good and if you were to do a perfume test between this one and an expensive one, I swear you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

It took Lidl two years to develop this perfume so even though this is at a budget price, the groundwork has been put in to ensure this is still a nice, wearable fragrance. It lasts on your skin for up to six hours and the word on the street is that this is a dupe for Hugo Boss Orange which I've yet to check out before but here are the fragrance notes for Suddenly Diamonds: Top notes of apples, mid notes orange blossom and jasmine with a subtle base of sandalwood and cinnamon. I'd liken it to the "So...? Fragrances" in that it is affordable and great value.

lidl beauty products, cheap beauty products

Cien Classic Hairspray - 89p
This one is a medium hold which comes in a huge can! At 89p, this is the ultimate bargain! The packaging isn't bad either - more effort has gone in to this than the their competitors supermarket's value brands. As I'm not picky with hairsprays (because I don't use them often) this can from Lidl will serve me well and will probably last me the whole year! I only use hairsprays when I'm back-combing or styling an up-do like a beehive or french twist, but as you've noticed, that's very rare as I hate faffing about with my hair, I am rubbish at it! If you're a dancer or a cheerleader like my little sister, you are probably going through cans of hairspray like no tomorrow so head to nearest Lidl and stock up this!

Cien Hand Cream - £1.25
A hydrating hand cream that contains almond oil and shea butter, and you get a huge tube for the price of £1.25! A nice alternative to the big brands and it does it's job by keeping your hands soft and moisturised. The smell is not too bad, and as pleasant as it is, I find it a tad too strong but the cream itself sinks in to skin fairly quickly and the smell fades along with it. 

Cien Liftan Complete Moisturising Cream - approx £2
This offers 24 hour protection, if you can believe it. It's a good face cream but I'm not sure about the 24 hour claim but I am someone who doesn't drink enough water, so no matter how optomistic a product sounds, I'm not going to benefit from it until I change my ways. Liftan Complete contains Q10 to regenerate skin cells, and caffeine which provides your skin an energy boost in the morning. The Vitamin E in it helps you prevent premature skin ageing while hyaluronic acid works to plump skin and minimise the appearance of wrinkles. The jar is made of glass that's packaged in a lovely pink and white cardboard box, and it feels like it cost more than £2. This contains parabens.

Have you tried beauty products from Lidl before? 



  1. I didn't know Cien was making makeup too !


  2. Er... I never knew Lidl had a beauty range either! And I thought I knew where you could buy all the cheap make-up... I have to say I love the look of that bright red lippy - and knowing you've got a somewhat similar skin tone to mine I'm even more excited to try it now! I can never have too many reds... which is good as I must have about 20 of them ;) xxx

  3. Wow! Beauty products in Lidl? I've tried some of the Aldi range but I mainly just buy the cotton pads and buds really. My skin is so sensitive that I don't know whether to risk it or not!
    Thanks for the post!

  4. didn't know lidl is anywhere else than in germany! the products start to createa little hype here :-)

  5. I have the lip glosses and the night cream from there and can't fault them. Such good buys for great prices

    Rhiannon x

  6. I've heard lots of good things about Lidl's beauty range. My sister in law who has sensitive skin and is quite fussy about her skin care admitted that she's been using Lidls face cream for a couple of months now and wouldn't swap it back for her old (expensive) moisturizer.

  7. wow these look fantastic think I may have to go check it out my self :)

  8. I've heard really amazing things about their products! Actually one of their creams apparently works best than a lancôme cream .__.
    Take care*

  9. No flipppin way I am so behind on the times and now I REEALLLY want to pick some goodies up!!! Thanks for sharing cos I can't wait to get some myself now xx

    Blonde of carbs

  10. Would never of tried Lidl for beauty supplies but your lipstick swatches look great. I've heard a few good things about the perfumes being good dupes for designer, high end brands though xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  11. I have heard good things about the Lidl beauty bits too, I've used one of their facial moisturisers before and it's been great. That perfume smells really nice, I spritzed it in the shop the other day - in the advert outside it says that they did a test with members of the public and a massive percentage of them preferred it to a really expensive high end perfume! :) We do a lot of shopping at Lidl generally nowadays, their food is such good value xo

  12. I can't remember if it lidl or aldi but they have a great touché eclair dupe

  13. I didn't even KNOW that Lidl sold lipsticks now! :O

  14. this is amazing!! I love Lidl! Really love Boss Orange too so will def give this Dupe a go xx

  15. I never knew Cien did lipsticks, that's amazing! I've been using the Suddenly perfume for about two years now and I absolutely love it. It lasts for ages and smells so lovely, it's my go-to budget perfume!! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  16. I have passed the aisle displaying Cien products many times but never thought of looking further or buying. Will try the lipsticks on your recommendation.

    Fatima |

  17. Does anyone know where I can buy Cien lipstick online

  18. Does anyone know where I can buy Cien Lipstick online

  19. Hello
    I searched and searched for Lidl LIPSTICKS & LIP GLOSS but my branch do not have them. I bought lots of CIEN beauty products and some 'Suddenly' perfume. Although I was REALLY disappointed that I could not get the original items I went in for which was the pale lipstick & lip gloss.
    Can I also have a Lidl Brochure?
    M CARR
    11 Bransdale
    TS14 8JR

    1. Hi Myrna,

      This is not the Lidl website and I am not an employee of Lidl, so therefore have no access to information in regards to their stock nor provide you with a brochure, sadly.

      The customer service department is:

      Alternatively, you could contact them on Twitter, their handle is @LidlUK.

      Hope this helps.

      Many thanks,


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