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Love Me Beauty Box | May 2014 Edition

Love Me beauty box may 2014

Love Me Beauty* - May 2014

Love Me Beauty cost £10 per month including postage, and you receive five samples each time. If you're familiar with beauty sample boxes, this is how they usually work. But unlike other beauty boxes on the market, Love Me Beauty allows you to see what you're getting before it arrives. If you're one of those people who doesn't like the element of surprise, this is a good option for you because you're the one who gets to pick what you would like to receive. During the sign up process, you get to select from a menu of three boxes. The choices are all very similar though, it doesn't vary that much but you do get the chance to pick from a choice of scents and colours (wherever possible).

It's a lot more flexible than the other beauty boxes. If, in a particular month, you don't like what you see, you can opt to skip it. You won't be offered an alternative box but it will save you some money! I am pleased with the contents of my first Love Me Beauty box. The contents come in a brown parcel box with pink crinkle shredding and baby blue tissue paper with a product information card. I do wish that it came in a lovely, shiny, well designed box like the other beauty boxes (and it is the same price, minus postage) but I suppose that it's more friendly on the environment this way, so that is a big plus.

So, here's what's inside this month's box:

pink nail polish

Nail Girls nail polish in nude pink: This is a bubblegum pink on my skintone, definitely not a nude shade. I love pinks so this is a very welcome addition to my every growing nail polish collection! It's a lovely colour for the Summer, I can't wait to apply it to my nails! This is a full size sample and retails at £13.50

100% natural lip balms

Ginger lipbalm from Raw Skincare: One of my favourite lip balms is the gingerbread one from Crazy Rumors I got over the Christmas period so this lip balm played a big part in picking this particular box. Unlike the one from Crazy Rumours, this one is smells quite medicinal and a bit like ginseng. It is 100% natural (yay!) and this is a full size sample which retails at £1.98. 

colourful stationery

GO Stationery Notebook: As someone who collects stationery, this is an exciting item to see in these types of sample boxes. Some might argue that it's a bit of a random choice but I don't know anyone who won't find some use for these pocket sized notebooks. Who doesn't love notebooks!! The designs are lovely and I'll be carry these around with me! 

suti balms

Trial Pack of Balms from Suti: This pack includes a sample sized cleanse balm, purity balm and a foot balm. The cleanse balm removes impurities, dirt and make-up. Follow this up with the purity balm which hydrates, protects and strengthens your skin. I like balms for when my skin needs that extra layer of protection, especially when it's cold. The foot balm will come in handy during warmer months when my feet gets dry from wearing sandals and flip flops. The balm will help relieve aching feet and chapped skin.

Tea Pigs tea bags: I've seen this brand do the rounds on blogs but I've never tried it. When I'm shopping for hot drinks (other than Yorkshire Tea), I usually hover around the Twinings section as I am drawn to their colourful packaging! I usually like to have these types of teas in the cupboard on the days I unexpectedly run out of milk! I can't wait to try these Tea Pigs teas, I'm off to make a cup of it after I've finished typing this up and if I like them, I'll certainly buy more! 

To find out more or sign up to Love Me Beauty and how it works, visit their website for information.

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  1. That rooibos tea sounds incredible and I love that they included the notebooks - very cute.

    Jazzie x

  2. Those notebooks are stunning, I would be chuffed to find those in my box x

  3. The note books are so cuteeeee *__*
    I also like the fact that you know what you are getting. If you don't like it, you can always not get it (?)
    The nail polish is so cute <3 (and you mentioned you wanted more pinks <3 )

    Take care*

  4. The lip balm sounds gorgeous!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  5. Everything look so cute ! Love the packaging !

  6. This looks like a lovely box! Those notebooks are such gorgeous patterns and I really want to try something from Tea Pigs. :)

  7. I quite like the look of this box, it's a little bit different and I have to say those notebooks are lovely!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  8. I've seen this box around and really like the look of it. Maybe one I will have to sign up for!

    Becca from Becca Said x

  9. Such a lovely selection! Teapigs are one of my favourite brands. Oh & ginger lipbalm sounds incredible! :)

    Style Sunrise


  10. Those note books are gorgeous! I really want them aha :) x


  11. really like the look of this box, it came with some lovely products xx

  12. What a lovely box, I like the fact that it's a brown parcel box rather than a shiny box - it kind of adds a more natural feel to it. As though it's not trying too hard (can a box try too hard?!). I love the variety included in this box, and the addition of stationery is one that would definitely suck me in if it were a permanent feature. xxx

  13. The nailpolish looks gorgeous!


  14. I really really wanna try tea pigs stuff xx


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