Friday, 28 February 2014

February Beauty Wishlist

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1. Bumble&Bumble Surf Shampoo / 2. Models Own Hypergel Nail Polishes / 3. Korres Lip Balm / 4. Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick / 5. Ted Baker Make-Up Bags / 6. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Whilst I spent the most of yesterday waiting for domain issues settings to settle, I did a spot of virtual window shopping. Browsing for beauty products in between refreshing my blog kept me somewhat calm, it prevented me from having a melt down as I thought I had broken something!

1. My first stop was SpaceNK where I got lost in the Bumble&Bumble section because I seriously need to change up my shampoo because the current one I'm using isn't doing a good job of keeping my hair clean! There are so many types of shampoo to choose from, such an extensive range but I've had my eye on the Surf shampoo for ages because I like any hair product that promises to give you perfect natural waves. I need to change up my shampoo because the current one I'm using isn't doing a good job of keeping my hair clean!

2. The new offering from Models Own are the HyperGel nail polishes which comes in ten different shades but I quite like the pastel ones as I can never find shades like that to be as shiny as I'd like. Models Own have a few things up their sleeves this Spring, including the Speckled Eggs collection which are dupes of Illamasqua speckled polishes from the I'mperfection collection from last Spring.

3. Korres lip balms were really hyped up a couple of years ago but I've yet to purchase one due to the fact that I already have LOADS of lip balms. I've got one in every hand bag, coat pocket and make up bag and I'm never short of them. I'm always checking these out every time I'm in House Of Fraser, and I think the Pomegranate one is my favourite. Sometimes you can get discounted Korres products from TK Maxx, but sadly, they are always in shades that doesn't suit my skin tone.

4. I'm loving the packaging of these! Each shade comes in a different colour packaging which makes them look nice and colourful (and enticing) for Summer! The Bourjois Shine Edition lipsticks offer high shine, radiant colour and the comfort of lip balm. As mentioned above, I am a huge fan of lip balms so I'll be interested to try this. Really hoping these are in the Boots 3 for 2 offers so I can get a few other shades too.

5. These crop up in my wishlist a lot! These Ted Baker ones are pretty and they brings out new designs and colours of these make-up/wash bag and I just want them all! I am constantly looking for a make up that is big enough to store my essentials but easy enough to carry around if I am going away for a few days. I don't carry that much but with bulky items such as bottles of primers, BB cream, liquid foundation, eyebrow quad palette, setting powder, and blusher, I find that most make up bags are just not big enough.

6. Last, but not least! Although this item is last on my wishlist, it is the one I want the most! Most bloggers will agree that this Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is the foundation of dreams! I can't remember which shade suits me best but I swatched it when I was in John Lewis and it was completely the perfect match for my skin! I wish I wrote it down because I could've have just bought it online by now. I'll have to pop in and buy this next time I'm shopping in there, it is going to worth every penny!

What has been on your beauty wishlist recently? Anything I should be looking out for next time I go shopping? With the noise about Sephora finally shipping to the UK, I'm sure my next beauty wish list (or haul, even!) isn't too far away!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Day Out In A Georgian Town In Yorkshire

I don't live there anymore but Richmond, "the one in North Yorkshire, not the one in Surrey" (if I had a pound for every time I've said that to people, I'd be rich) is a town full of picturesque charm and quirks. As a child, I didn't enjoy living there, everyone likens it to Emmerdale, and well, that just ain't cool, right? 

There are a million pubs and charity shops, the latter of which I only started to appreciate in my early twenties (vintage, guysss). When I was younger, I had often complained about the place being boring and full of people who just loved a good gossip (something which has always made me feel a tad uncomfortable!).

I have learnt to fully appreciate it for what it is and I do miss it when I've been away for too long. I popped back for the day and there was a lot that I could have showcased here but I've picked out some that would work around the Cath Kidston brand...after all, I'm not sure you guys want to know my favourite pizza take-away or how useful it would be to recommend the best place to buy fruit & veg! So, here we go!


There isn't any 'modern' high street shops in Richmond. There's a Co-Op, a couple of banks, lots of charity shops and many many small independent businesses scattered around the cobbled town centre.

I have come to appreciate the fact that 99.9% of the businesses in Richmond are independently owned and that you have to travel 14 miles to get to the nearest Topshop or Primark. The locals are proud and protective of that too, and they don't like the idea of corporate business infiltrating in. There was even a petition against the Co-Op opening about 20 years ago.

What Richmond excels in are homeware and gift shops. Being a tourist town, there are a few to chose from.

Until now, the ones I've visited are filled with shabby-chic furniture or those that are genuine antiques. This week, however, I popped in to a shop called The General Store, the window display caught my eye, and it was as if I had walked in to the V&A gift shop! 

The General Store is, by far, the best shop in town.

When I walked in, it felt like all my Pinterest home decor dreams had come true. 

In a town full of old people, this shop has taken a risk but I think that this is exactly what it needs. The General Store has given us something we didn't know we wanted (that pastel green telephone is right on the top of my wishlist!) It stocks some of the most stylish and somewhat kitschy homeware Richmond has ever seen, and I'll be coming back here to check out their new products again soon!


With this blog post being in collaboration with Cath Kidston, known for it's colourful floral prints, I couldn't not include a florist in here! I just had to! 

I think there are currently only two florist in town, but this one is the one that I love the look of. I didn't stop by to buy anything this time but the sight of those daffodils make me happy! SPRING IS ON THE WAY! Happy days!


Best door, I hear you say? BEST. DOOR?! 

It's nothing something that I've observed until now but the residents of this town are not shy with their paint. A lot of the doors on the old Georgian buildings have the most beautiful doors. You may have spotted a baby pink one in a few of my outfit posts, but this baby blue one is beautiful and is the envy of everyone in town.

It reminds me of 17, Cherry Tree Lane from Mary Poppins.


There she is! Our old gal!

I'm not going to give you all a history lesson (not today!) and in comparison to the other castles in the country, Richmond Castle, built in 1071, isn't all that spectacular but this is what everyone flocks to this old town for.

Each time I've been in, it has been a surreal experience, but that's a feeling we all get when visiting something so old. It makes me wonder what it was like to live in Richmond all the years ago. The castle lights up at night and it looks beautifully spooky! 


This was my old school where I spent the whole of Year 7 before we all moved up to middle school to spend Year 8 to 11. It was a weird set up, but it was quite nice because we had the luxury of starting our first year of Secondary school with only fellow Year 7's.

It was less daunting and it eased us in to the new chapter of our lives before moving to the big school with the rest of 'em. Richmond Lower School, as it was known back then, is situated next the River Swale and it was actually a boy's grammar school in the 19th Century. The old part of the school is like a small version of Hogwarts. I wish I appreciated it more back in the day.

Richmond Lower School's claim to fame was that the author of Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, was a former student here in the 1800's. As a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland, this amazes me. Sadly, this building is no longer a school - I don't know what it is now - the last I heard, it was transformed in to a block of offices. The building is like a mini Hogwarts, and it was estimated to have been built in approximately 1361, which explains the regular reported sightings of ghost! Spooky!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Oriflame Beauty | Eyebrow Kit Review

Oriflame Eyebrow Kit review, Best eyebrow kit, eyebrow kit for a natural look

Thanks to Twitter (Deborah, in particular), I discovered Oriflame, a Swedish beauty brand. We were talking about brow kits and as always, I championed the HD BrowKit and expressed that it is a beauty product that I simply could not live without. Oriflame then contacted me, and I wondered if my mind could be swayed into think that there was a better brow kit out there to rival my favourite. I was sent this palette to try, and I was completely surprised as to how much I love it!

Oriflame Eyebrow Kit comes in this shiny chocolate brown packaging. It's really cute actually, because it's the size of a matchbox and it doesn't take up too much space in my make up bag. It also has a tiny little drawer compartment underneath that pulls out to reveal where the brushes are stored, which is a nice design. Two brushes are included in this kit, one for the shadows and another for the setting wax. Instead of using these though, I have continued to use my usual brush as I prefer the quality of the one I've bought and it's what I am used to. I'll keep them as spares but it's always better to use a brush that you're used to, the last thing you want to end up is uneven brows!

The palette itself has two shadows and one setting wax. When I first opened it, my initial reaction was "oh no, there isn't a black powder in there... this isn't going to work for me". I fobbed it off (for about five minutes!) but I eventually tried it shortly after opening it. Little did I know that these gorgeous grey shadows would work even better than black, and they gave me the most natural looking finish. It darkened my eyebrows but without that heavy look. Even when I use black shadows from my HD Brow Kit, I would have to take the excess powder off the brush so much with a tissue before I apply it on my brow, so why didn't I think to use a grey instead!

Oriflame Eyebrow Kit is so easy to use because the powders are not highly pigmented (for a natural look, this is a GOOD thing!). It's a bit like when you buy an eyebrow pencil and there's a bit of hard resistant to it (so you can control the application), and it doesn't apply as heavily as say, a soft kohl pencil. That's how I would describe the quality of these powdered shadows in this kit. It's got enough power to give coverage, it is blend-able and you can build it up. If you like the heavy, thick eyebrow look, I wouldn't recommend this (go for HD Brow Kit for a stronger pigment). However, if you're after something easy to use with a natural finish, look no further, Oriflame Eyebrow Kit is the one! At £7.95, this is a bargain! It's an underrated and hidden gem within the beauty blogging world!

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Glossybox UK • February 2014 Valentine's Edition

Glossybox UK February 2014
Best red nail polish

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It has been a while since I wrote one of these Glossybox un-boxing posts! I think overall, Glossybox had a great year in 2013 and I can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeves. Last year, I loved the special edition boxes such as the seaside splash edition, their 2nd birthday box, and the Pearl Lowe collaboration. However, the ones that I always look forward to are the Valentine's Day boxes! They've been amazing so far, they always make them so special. 

The 2014 Valentine's Day Glossybox was a shiny black box with a red and pink lips on it. The first impression upon opening the box was good. Great, in fact! Each month, I google the reviews  to see what content everyone has received so I already knew what products I could potentially get. Out of the five samples, three of them were full sized and there was a bonus item which was Lindt chocolate. I was pleased with my box, and here is the list of content:

Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe ∙ Stick It Up Gum (Full size sample)
This was one of the products used at LFW backstage, a hair gum that promises to control your hair in versatile ways. It can be used to control fly-aways, or apply to a sleek, pulled back look. I'll be trying this gum to plump up the volume of my hair by working the product through the roots. It cost £7.20 for 90ml. I love the packaging for this, it's not what you would usually expect from Toni&Guy. I like it!

Maybelline ∙ Master Kajal Eye Liner (Full size sample)
I was very happy to see this! Black eyeliner is always a welcome addition to my make-up collection. I've never used one like this before and I've yet to figure out how to extent it. I can't seem to get it to twist it upwards. You stroke this over your eyes at an angle, which should retain the shape. Wouldn't want this one to go blunt. This is a full size sample which retails for £5.99 from Boots.

Miners Cosmetics ∙ Cocktail Kiss Lipgloss (Full size sample)
This shade of this lipgloss is called Mudslide and contains swirls of brown and it supposed to smell like chocolate. I'm not all that keen on lipgloss, especially if it's shimmery, which this one is. Even though I have a big urge to open this up and have a sniff of the chocolate scent, I'm going to keep this sealed because I know I won't use it. I will give it to my mum or one of my sisters. This sample cost £2.99

Nougat London ∙ Sparkling Body Shimmer
At first glance, I thought this was bubble bath, but it's actually body shimmer. I like adding a bit of shimmer to my arms and legs on a night out or for photographs, usually it's in the form of powder. It nice to give your skin a bit of radiance and glow. I've never heard of Nougat London before, but I'll be interested to see what else is in their product range. This isn't full size but it's still a decent sized sample!

Ciate Paint Pot in Red Hot Chilli (Full size sample)
A girl can never have enough red nail polishes! I can't tell you how many Ciate Paint Pots I have accumulated over the past year and half of them are red shades! This latest arrival is in shade 'red hot chilli', a vibrant, orange-toned red and I can't wait to wear it! There's something special about Ciate. This full size sample is priced £9.

You can subscribe to Glossybox for £10 per month. Choose between 6 or 12 months packages or subscribe on a month-to-month basis. Postage cost £2.95 each month.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Outfit Ideas • What To Wear With A Cream Blazer?

Ways to wear cream blazer, how to wear Laura Ashley, how to wear wear, what to wear with a cream blazer
How to style a white or cream blazer, 70s inspired outfit, what to wear with a cream blazer, how to wear white
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How to style denim shorts

Hat Miss Selfridge / Blazer Topshop / Shirt* Laura Ashley / Shorts Topshop / Shoes Kurt Geiger (similiar here)

I'm sure there's an unspoken rule in fashion where one must not wear Laura Ashley with any form of denim! Well, I committed that fashion crime! I thought I'd go for a Made-In-Chelsea-Millie-Macintosh style with a floppy hat and a cream blazer, but I was stuck on what bottoms to wear. I can't remember why I bought this blazer, I might have taken style inspiration from Wimbledon whilst I was watching it on TV! It isn't something that I wear a lot, in fact, this is the second time I've taken it out of my wardrobe! In my mind, cream blazers can look either mumsy or remind me of WAGs. Not a bad thing, I'm just neither a mum or a WAG! (Wah! Where am I going wrong in life?)

To be honest, the real reason (probably) as to why I've not worn the blazer is because I'm rubbish at wearing whites and neutrals. These days, I tend to do things on-the-go (don't waste any time! Go go GO!!!) and that makes me careless. I spill things all the time and have often ruined white tops and dresses. At the very least, a coffee stain will end up in the middle of the garment and I won't even have realised until it has stubbornly embedded itself into the fabri. I may need to start wearing a bib, or learn how to get rid of stains without further ruining clothes!

So, I ended wearing a very short pair of Topshop shorts with some triangular rose gold studs on them. I do love them, it's a bit of a cheat in to making my legs looks longer. But, I almost feel bad for teaming a gorgeous, demure Laura Ashley shirt with a pair of studded denim shorts. I do like the 70s vibe of this outfit. A 70's vibe, that is, with a modern twist. Maybe next time, I'll go all out with this and I'll swap the shorts for a pair of flared trousers! 

What would you wear with Laura Ashley? And any style suggestions on other ways to wear this cream blazer?

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

What I Wore: Aztec and Tribal

Hat Miss Selfridge / Blazer Topshop / Shorts* ASOS / Shirt Rose&Pose / Watch F&F / Bag* ASOS / Shoes Kurt Geiger (similar here) / Bracelet ASOS

This is the third and final post in my ASOS S/S14 "Gap Yeah!" trend challenge providing you with a few style ideas on how to wear tribal print! All I have to do now is wait for Spring to come round and wear these again without the tights! From the three tribal print shorts looks, I'd say that this one is the one that is most expected of me! It's the least "gap yeah!" looking style but I am in my comfort zone here, and I am wearing what I feel most relaxed in. To brighten up the black and white outfit, I chose this textured Aztec print clutch bag. It's actually sold as an ipad case, but I'm using it as a clutch! Who's going to know, eh?.... It's got a nice tapestry feel to it, and I love the colours on it. It really pops and breaks the monochrome theme of the outfit. Don't know what I would do without accessories!

I wore some jewellery and this is probably the most I've put on in a long time! The turquoise bracelet is really pretty - and maybe ties in well with the trend theme that ASOS gave me. I really didn't want to choose anything too obvious like "going away" beads or a leather necklace with a shark tooth on it.

To round up this "ways to wear" series (and in case you've missed the other posts) take a look back on the other outfits. There's this one worn with denim shirt and a white crop top, and one where I'm wearing it in all black and the shorts really stand out in this! 

These photos, and all of my other outfit photos, are taken by Niki when he has spare time to help me out. In turn, I take his blog photos but he's not always up for being in front of the camera. There's no filter on any of these photos, just clever use of Niki's photography skills and glare from afternoon sun. I'm working on a couple of photography blog posts, this is something I've been wanting to do for ages and ages! I think I've finally got a starting point which will (hopefully) help anyone with their blog photography, regardless to what camera they use. I might do a mini series of them on a weekly basis either next month or April. I've never known if it would fit in with my blog or if anyone would even anyone be interested in some photography posts? Let me know what you tips you'd like or what questions you have! I'll get my act in to gear and get these posts written up!

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