Sunday, 30 June 2013

What I Wore: Strawberry Print Pinafore Dress

fashion blogger, pinafore dressfashion blogger, pinafore dress
fashion blogger, pinafore dress
turtoiseshell havana rayban wayfarersbrown loafers boat shoes

Dress* and Blouse* from Ravi Famous / Shoes* Chatham Marine / Sunglasses Rayban / Bag Mulberry

This is actually a shift dress (with an elasticated waist band) which I'm wearing in the style of a pinafore dress. Well, it's more like a overall than a pinafore! The blouse is also from Ravi Famous too which I wore in this outfit post (one of my favourites). I'm not sure about the bow as it feels a bit too much against the strawberry print, but the ribbon is properly sewn in the the blouse so it can't be removed! I might tuck it in next time!

I haven't blogged much at all this week. I was on a roll with blogging almost every day but as it's getting the closer to my sister's wedding, I've had a lot to sort out. I am officially the world's most unorganised bridesmaid! I'm panic typing this whilst knowing that she's on the way to my house to make final preparations for the big day! Once the big day is over, I'll be really sad but we'll all get back to our usual routine. Also during this week, I will sort the £50 voucher giveaway out and announce the winner too. So sorry for the delay, have been such a scatter brain this week! x

Paisley Smock Dress, uk fashion blogger

REN Morrocon Rose Otto Body Wash

 photo REN_Rose_Otto_Body_Wash_Review_zps606780b2.jpg
 photo REN_Rose_Otto_Body_Wash_Review_3_zpsc6f65f22.jpg
 photo REN_Rose_Otto_Body_Wash_Review_2_zps825f6ed0.jpg

REN is one of those brands that I get drawn to because of the hype. It is always winning awards and there has been a lot of positive reviews on their products and if something is that good, I want to try it myself! I'm keen to try their skincare but the first product I've used from their range is the award-winning Moroccon Rose Otto Body Wash*. Rose Otto is such a buzz word/ingredient in the beauty industry now, I'm seeing it more and more. It is one of the world's most expensive and revered essential oils and seems to the key ingredients in  many luxury skin and body care products at the moment. 

This Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is parabens-free and does not contain sulfates, mineral oil, sythnetic fragrances and artificial colours. I like all rose scented things but this body wash is not the typical commercial rose garden scented scent you'd usually expect. It isn't sickly sweet and has a subtle exotic eastern fragrance to it. It does leave skin feeling soft and I find that I don't have to moisturise afterwards as my skin doesn't feel dried out like it does with soap or a cheap shower gel from the supermarket. I find myself using this product quite sparingly but I still seem to have a lot in the bottle! It is expensive in terms of shower products but if you're cautious about ingredients, I would recommend this because it has no nasties in it, and it's gentle on skin. It retails at £17.00 for 200ml and is available from REN website, Selfridges and John Lewis.

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

How To Do Denim Style Manicure

how to do a denim nail art

How To Do A Denim Style Manicure


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Favourites: Blue Nail Polish

 photo top_five_blue_nail_polish_zpsd0a6e224.jpg
 photo Blue_nail_varnish_for_summer_zps9a0b8eb2.jpg
 photo Essie_Mint_Candy_Apple_dupe_zpsa00d7a8b.jpg

I've got a few of these coming up in my Favourite Fives blog series, except this one contains six and not five items! My last one consisted of pretty coloured nail polishes, whilst I thought I'd go for a specific colour theme this time. What are everyone's thoughts on blue nail polishes? The first one I ever bought was a baby pink from Barry M, I wasn't really used to it and it made me feel like my nails  didn't belong to me (alien fingers) and looked a bit "dead". I'm over it now and since then, I've accumulated a few shades and here are my current faves!

Essie Mint Candy Apple: I don't know what a "mint candy apple" is, but nevertheless, this is one of those hyped up products in blog land, and you can see why! It's really pretty and so flattering. It's a rich colour, pigmented minty green. It really is worth the hype, I believe. The only bad thing that I'll say is that it does have a tendency to peel off after washing the dishes or having a hot bubble bath. I suppose this saves time on removing the lacquer with cotton pad? 

17 Lasting Fix Holding Hands: I always thought that this was called mint choc chip! I don't know when I got this from, last year I think, but it was only until last week that I realised the shade is called Holding Hands! I've included this in to the mix as an extra item to show that it's a pretty good dupe to the popular Mint Candy Apple. It's not as thick and smooth as Essie's formula but not a bad polish at all for the price of £2.99 and there are often Buy 2 Get 1 free offers on the 17 range.

No. 7 Stay Perfect Minty Fresh: I *think* this was £7.00 but I didn't pay full price because for once, I I took advantage of those Boots No7 vouchers. This lacquer requires a few layers which might put some people off. ("Ain't nobody got time for that"). I'm fairly patient when it comes to painting my nails, so I don't mind! The consistency is really watery and runny, the first two coats will be quite sheer but with a bit of persistence and a third layer, it will turn in to the nicest baby blue ever. This is the lightest blue in my collection.

Models Own Top Turquoise: I bought this after seeing it on lots of beauty blogs claiming that this is THE must-have turquoise shade. I bought it on the Internet so didn't get a chance to see it first hand before purchase. I didn't like this at first, I expected it to be a turquoise but it's more teal. I've learnt to love it though! For a nail polish, it is a unique colour but it is really lovely. This particular colour goes really weird in the bottle, there are swirls of white inside which disappears after shaking. I've heard this happens to some Models Own polishes, Top Turquoise is one of them! 

Models Own Feeling Blue: I think this is the shade I'm wearing in the photo above. It's really nice, bright and  eye catching. Unlike the others where it has you wondering whether it's a green or a blue, Feeling Blue is a no-nonsense, true blue nail polish. If you're after a blue, this is the one to go for.  Annoyingly, it still seems to have separated in the bottle but if we're looking on the bright side, it doesn't separate as much as Top Turquoise. If you want something punchier, have a look for Hed Kandi Balearic Blue.

17 Seabreeze: This is my favourite one of the bunch. Seabreeze is a deep blue, and from the name I suppose this one is inspired by the colour of the sea! It dries really quick and only need two layers of it. The thing I like about this is the price, it's cheap and cheerful. It does lose it's shine after a day so best to apply a top coat over this. 

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How To Get Perfect Skin For Summer

Viridian Natural Body Oil

How To Get Perfect Skin For Summer

When it comes to the warmer months, we all want the condition of our skin to be in tip top shape so we feel more comfortable and prepared when wearing less material. 

Weather you have deydrated skin, stretch marks, scarring, ...there's always something to remedy that. Now, this product could be compared to Bio-Oil so if you're familiar with that then you might be interested in this. 

I don't know what Bio-Oil is made from but Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Skin Repair Oil is a blend of natural, nutritional ingredients and it is free from synthetic fragrances and colourings. It is a skin therapy oil , one of those products that seems to works on everything! Using this on a daily basis will reduce the appearance of ageing skin, stretch marks, scarring and it will also even out skin tone.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Seventeen Lipstick | Hot Chilli

Perfect red lipstick for asian skintone, Seventeen lipstick hot chilli
Perfect red lipstick for asian skintone, Seventeen lipstick hot chilli review
 photo DSC_1216_zps5963701f.jpg
Seventeen lipstick hot chilli swatch

Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick | Shade: Hot Chilli - £4.29 from Boots

This was an impulse purchase because I couldn't find any of my orange-red lipsticks so I went to Boots to get the cheapest one I could find. I actually wanted one of the Revlon Lip Butters but as I went in to one of the small Boots store, they had very limited cosmetic stock. I spotted this one from Seventeen and as it was £4.29 and felt moisturising from the swatch, I felt it was worth a try! 

The shade itself is a red with a hint of orange, and this is the only shade of red lipstick that suits my yellow-y asian skin and dark black hair. I tend avoid red lipsticks with blue undertones, it makes me look jaundice so I like to opt for something with a warmer colour to it which seems to balance everything out. On me, Hot Chilli shows up more orange than it does red. It glides on quite smoothly, and is moisturising enough to not cling on to pesky dry bits.

For a night out, when I have applied a lot of make-up, I would be more heavy handed with the lipstick which would show up like it does on my hand swatch (richly pigmented). I rarely wear red lipstick on so thick on a daily basis but have switched it on my hand to show you all how the colour comes out. Still, I prefer to wear lipstick than a gloss, I don't like the stickiness. This is why I initially wanted to Revlon Lip Butters as they have more of a sheer finish, more appropriate for daywear.

17 Lasting Fix claims to be a lasting fix of colour, it is, as you can see, highly pigmented and creamy. It's fairly long lasting as it leaves a stain and even the swatch on my hand was rather persistent to wash off. When the lipstick dries out and eventually leave a stain. I don't like the stain as it looks obvious that it's faded but I guess that is what they mean by "Lasting Fix" as in the colour is literally fixed on your skin which lasts for hours. It's nice to add a bit of gloss or a moisturising clear balm over the stain for a sheer or glossy finish, that's if you don't fancy touching up with the lippy. For the price, I can't complain but it just doesn't have the quality that I'm used to in a MAC lipstick. Perhaps that's just a psychological feeling because actually, I can't pinpoint anything specifically negative about Hot Chilli, it is perfectly fine. Still, it has lived up to what is it an impulse purchase so I had no expectations, I just wanted a new lippy with a reasonable price tag. I'm happy with it and will continue to use it. The only thing I will complain about it that the lid doesn't stay on and I have to store it in the zip compartment of my bag to keep it in it's place. The bright side of that is that I'll always know where my lippy is and there's less chance of losing it!

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Monday, 17 June 2013

My Favourite Five: Nail Polishes for Summer

 photo Nail_polish_for_summer_zps5a602379.jpg
 photo Pastel_nail_polish_for_summer_zps70c37e35.jpg
 photo Estee_Lauder_Heavy_Petals_Collection_zps4e6b5f1b.jpg
 photo Models_Own_Summer_Nail_Polish_zps2cd5327d.jpg
 photo Best_yellow_nail_polish_zps06d5e2bd.jpg
 photo Kitsch_jewellery_zps475aa630.jpg

1. Estee Lauder Absinthe 2. Estee Lauder Narcissist 3. Models Own Lilac Dream 4. Models Own  Fuzzy Peach 5. Rimmel Sunshine

It's not looking too bright outside right now, but that's nothing new! Whilst everyone's talking about the sunshine, I've yet to see it. Got myself some bright nail polishes to brighten things up around here anyway! When it comes to nail polishes, I like all kinds of colours. Usually, the only shades I won't wear are nudes and beige, they make my hand look really old and unhealthy. Here are my current favourites:

Estee Lauder Absinthe: Absinthe, or any lime green nail polish, is a really difficult colour to pull off and I don't necessarily suit my skintone the best but I can't help reaching for it when I want to wear a green. It certainly is a fresh Summery colour! I think it's the packaging that attracts me with this one! For me, this lime green is best when you're wearing something colourful such as hot pink like this jacket or this dress, basically anything that's not green or light coloured. This will prevent your fancy green nails from looking washed out, and against something like bright pink, it will make it stand out more.

Estee Lauder Narcissist: It's a very girly pink, isn't it? Again, with the packaging, I just love it! When it's in my storage box, all I can see is the gold lid gleaming at me! I've got a few baby pinks in my collection but this Estee Lauder one is currently my favourite because it high shine and longer lasting. It's easy to apply and it doesn't go streaky. It's thick and rich, and pretty much the perfect pink for cheerful weather.

Models Own Lilac Dream: My favourite colour is purple so I particularly love this lilac. You can rely on Models Own to be highly pigmented and opaque so if I was to recommend a high street brand - especially if you're after a pastel shade - it would be Models Own. I have such a sensitive sense of smell and M.O polishes are really strong, it can sometimes give me a headache. For something slightly cheaper but doesn't last as long on your nails, there's a good dupe called Parma Violet from Seventeen (boots).

Models Own Fuzzy Peach: This is indeed an light orange, peachy colour which isn't as bright as it looks once applied. Another creamy and opaque formula, which makes it less fussy (or fuzzy, if we're going to get a bit jokey jokey here!). When you're painting your nails, this it does exactly what it's suppose to and looks exactly like it does in the bottle. Again, there's a dupe from Seventeen called Orange Soda which I bought purely for the name. "Who loves orange soda??!" Those who remember Kenan and Kel will understand!

Rimmel Sunshine: I love love LOVE yellow nail polishes! I recommended one from Nails Inc on my latest advertorial article in LOOK Mag. With a name Sunshine, this Rimmel one has the ultimate polish for Summer. I can understand how some are wary about wearing this colour on their nails, but like Absinthe, it might just be a case of what you're wearing. Not my most Summery outfit but here's an example of when I wore a royal blue bodycon with painted yellow nails.

The pastel blue is Essie's Mint Candy Apple which will feature in my Fave Fives Blue Polishes, coming soon!

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Animal Print at Albert Dock, Liverpool

 photo Albert_dock_liverpool_2_zpsfebe31b5.jpg

Blouse River Island / Jeans Miss Selfridge / Sunglasses RayBan from Pretavoir

Animal print is not really my thing, because it is something that I don't feel bold enough to wear. With that in mind, recently I had a bit of a challenge to search for an outfit consisting of animal print for a recent girls weekend where the theme was, you've guessed it, animal print! There certainly isn't a shortage of options but it was a case of buying something I'd wear again, and most of it wasn't really my style. To be fair, anything could have classed as animal print, it didn't have to be specifically leopard. On the first night, I wore my bird shirt and I could've have taken my H&M cat dress too but I completely forgot about that until a couple of days ago! As the weekend approached, it was between this cute Topshop mini dress or the blouse, the latter of which I ended up buying because it was £12.00 in the sales. It's not really a "night out" outfit, but if I ever asked someone to make me a garment based on my style and the theme of animal print, this shirt is what they would come up with! I'm glad to have found something that suits me; Peter Pan collar, neck tie, sheer fabric. On the night, I changed in to some disco pants and some chunky heels.

Walking around Albert Docks on a sunny day was really nice. I really enjoyed my first visit to Liverpool, it's a place I've always wanted to go. I'm going to try and plan another trip there before Winter comes round again. If anyone has any recommendations of places I should go on my second Liverpool trip, such as your favourite places to shop, eat, visit, please feel free to leave a comment or a tweet.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Miss Selfridge Court Shoes

 photo DSC_1049_zps747f23a1.jpg
 photo DSC_1047_zps30331960.jpg
 photo CourtShoesfromMissSelfridge_zpsad7a3680.jpg
 photo DSC_1048_zps845f4f39.jpg

White Court Shoes from Miss Selfridge

I bought these about two months ago and now they're in the sales from £39 to £18! Don't you hate it when that happens? There are a bit tight so have had to wear them in but they're still not as comfortable as I'd like them to be. I could've done with them being half a size bigger. I got them in a size 4, and I'm usually a 5 but the 5 were far too big, would've have been blisters galore even with insoles. Such a big difference between the sizes! The good thing about these shoes are that they'll never go out of fashion.  They're a creamy white with a black heel and the heel measures in at four inches. They have a pearly shimmer to the fabric which is nice. They look nice with skinny jeans. I've seen a lot of similar ones in Topshop that come in an array of colours, I was tempted to get the pink ones but I don't see myself wearing them a lot. They were really comfortable, the material much softer but I went for the pair from Miss S in the end because they're cheaper. Do you tend to go for bright or light coloured shoes? Or do you prefer to stick to classic black?

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