Thursday, 25 April 2013

How To Style: A Bright Pink Blazer Jacket

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Something drew me to this bright pink blazer.

I don't usually wear such bright colours and I probably shouldn't have bought this but the moment I picked it up from the rails of Topshop, my brain went through with all the things I could wear it with. Of course, the "fantasy wardrobe" in my head doesn't exist and the things in my real wardrobe doesn't actually go with what is now the brightest item of clothing I own!

It is a difficult one to style and the fact that it doesn't have lapels doesn't help. I actually planned on taking it back but I remembered that I had this lace blouse* from Ravi Famous. I love this blouse and have worn it loads but the sleeves are slightly too long - and I've already got really long arms! I have to wear it with the sleeves rolled up which makes me feel like a child!

Androgyny was a huge trend last year, but not so much this year. Generally, I'm not all that bothered about trends in the sense that I wouldn't throw things out just because it's "not in fashion" or scramble to the shops to buy things to update my wardrobe every "season".

Classic styles such as androgyny are timeless anyway, and can be worn whenever you want. This outfit is a sort of ironic androgyny because I've have put a feminine twist on a masculine trend and it's all hot pink instead of usual monochrome.

On a different note, I think this may the first time I've worn jeans in a year and this may be my first outfit post where I'm wearing jeans! I lost my other pair of black skinnies ones ages ago and my other pairs have faded from washing so they are in a horrible shoddy condition! Until now, I couldn't be bothered to buy another pair because I feel like I've spent far too much on jeans that don't last, and they're so expensive and the colour fades so much even after one wash! It is good to back in trousers though, I might even buy another.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Beige Trench Coat

 photo beige_mac_blogger_uk_blue_zpsa1653bf7.jpg
 photo beige_mac_uk_fashion_blog-blue_zpsd1af97aa.jpg
 photo how_to_style_beige_mac-blue_zps3b1b3096.jpg
 photo beige_mac_foral_collar_zpsee1cfbf4.jpg
 photo mulberry_satchel_tillie_zps55697602.jpg
 photo bunny_zps2d5fbf3c.jpg

Where items are from:
(exact items or similar)

Putting this blog post together tonight is not going right! I was just about to publish and then the content/photos disappeared. On my second attempt, the text didn't align and it was an overlapping mess! Don't know what's going on there! So this is my third (and not as good) attempt in putting this post together! Just a quick one as I've spent almost 2 and a half hours on this and I'm getting so hungry. My dress here is from TopShop but on to the focus of this post, the coat! I have had my eye on this beige mac coat for ages, but did I need another coat in my wardrobe? I thought I'd treat myself to what I have deemed as a "Summer coat" - that's how I am justifying this purchase! It is from Miss Selfridge and it's not available online anymore but there was loads in the shop when I last went in, a week ago now. I've actually discovered that you can check the stock of a certain item so if you click the beige coat in the widget above, it will direct you to a page within the Miss Selfridge site where you can check availability at your nearest store. Very clever indeed!

Miss Selfridge has got some lovely things in stock at the moment, including trench coats in lots of other beautiful colours. I opted for the cream but I like the grey one too. It's so difficult to find mac/trench coats for shorter girls, I always find myself sitting in front of the sewing machine, taking the hem up of all my coats. The ones from Miss Selfridge are perfect length for petite ladies. No sewing neccessary!

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Oscar On Instagram

 photo tempsec_cat_oscar_zpsaf376780.jpg

Considering Oscar has got his own page on my blog, I haven't really updated his section very much! Since I've moved out of my family home, I don't see him every day anymore (major sad face). Today, I am trying to hatch a plan to kidnap him. As stupid as it sounds, I have really missed him since I moved houses and I only see him on the odd weekend. Those who don't have pets might say "it's just a cat" but he's not just a cat to me. He's my favourite cat in the whole world and the only little thing that can cheer me up! My plan is to have him stay for just one weekend! I've bought him a whole bag of treats and toys already!

Oscar was on Company Magazine's website last week, in this Cutest Blogger Pets feature! It's the cutest thing ever! You can follow us on Instagram, our username is TempSec where I still update it with photos of him (when I can!) - see you over there! x

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Beauty Review | Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Beauty Review | Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil*  from Viridian
"We want to bring health and wellbeing to everyone we touch, leaving a gentle footprint on the planet"


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Trend: Pastel Coloured Bags

 photo pastel_bags_highstreet_zpsa3e91fc3.jpg
 photo pastel_bags_designer_zpsc703cb05.jpg

One of the things I could happily do forever doing is browsing for bags, so you can imagine how happy I was whilst putting this feature together! I can't find the link for the green rucksack (no. 8 in the high street image) but this artwork was put together over two weeks ago so I think it is sold out now. Sorry about that, I must learn to blog quicker though, fashion moves too fast for me sometimes! I will link it in the post if I happen to come across a similar ruck sack (EDIT: Thank you to @KitschJudd for leaving a comment with a link to the mint green floral rucksack!) Pastel coloured satchels aren't the only ones in the limelight this season, there are lots of styles of sugar candy coloured bags in this trend to feast your eyes on this Spring/Summer and here, I have chosen nine high street ones and nine designer ones that I would (hypothetically) buy. Y'know...if I wasn't so skint!

I know I've said in the past that when it is a splurge, I usually opt for a "classic" or a "sensible" coloured bag (usually black or brown), but just looking back on this post, I'm not sure how much longer I can resist before I purchase a candy coloured bag of my own! Being the boring Betty that I am, I'll just look and admire from afar for now! The high street ones are not completely out of my reach once pay day arrives, not if I just choose one! Just one, though, maybe this purple tote bag. Usually, if we are patient enough, we might just see them in the sales! This could be rather dangerous for my bank balance!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How To: A Simple Nautical Nail Art Tutorial

 photo DSC_0184_zps65182d11.jpg

How To Do A Simple Nautical Nail Art Design

I always look up nail art tutorials on blogs and YouTube because I love how they look but I often need help with techniques. My patience runs thin with intricate designs like florals and designs that involve a bit more detail but this is literally takes 10 minutes! As this is my first tutorial, I have decided to keep the design nice and simple. In fact, I've sort of cheated and gone with nail tattoos/stickers but this is more of a quick step-by-step guide in how to do stripy nail art. This is just a guide so feel free to use other colours and put your own twist on it on the nautical nail design! Let's get started!

 photo nail_art_tutorial_easy_zps56680e43.jpg
 photo nail_art_tutorial_nautical_zpsff710a9a.jpg
 photo nail_art_nail_tattoo_zpsba9b4887.jpg
 photo nail_art_nautical_tutorial_2_zps7f08ed62.jpg
 photo nail_art_nautical_tutorial_zps6c03652d.jpg
 photo nail_art_how_to_do_stripy_nails_zps11f3a3cd.jpg
 photo nautical_nail_art_how_to_zps360bc73d.jpg
 photo nail_art_tattoos_stickers_zpsd17d5632.jpg
 photo nautical_anchor_nail_art_zpsf3a38b3f.jpg
 photo DSC_0509-1_zps73ece23b.jpg

These nail tattoos are fun, quick and easy! They are great for those who are not as steady handed (like me) for proper designs. There are nail tapes you can buy but I think masking tape does a pretty good job. I have nail art tools and brushes too but I find them very difficult to use, it doesn't hep that my brushes have frayed from being badly stored away in the bottom of a mesh make up bag! I get stuck when it comes to doing the other hand anyway!

At first, I thought the nail tattoos were transfers but they are indeed stickers. They're really small and fiddly but nothing a pair of tweezers can't handle! Make sure the sticker is positioned how you want it before you press it down because those little things are surprisingly strong, they're not going anywhere in a hurry! I made a mistake on the first go and found it difficult to peel off so had to use another one. With a top coat, the nail tattoos last a long time! They are available on Skin Art website, Boots and Urban Outfitters and cost £5.99 per pack.

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Monday, 15 April 2013

How To Wear: Black Skater Dress For Daytime

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Dress* Zalando / Bag* (sold out) Zalando / Shoes Office (similar ones here) / Scarf Next / Jewellery

I got my hair cut a few days ago and I don't like it but more on that in a little bit...! Here I am wearing a black skater dress from Zalando, a company I've heard about through blogs. I've never bought anything from Zalando because I wasn't sure whether sizes come up big like M&S or small like Topshop. I had a browse through their website and found a few lovely summery things from the clothing range but in the end, I chose a black jersey skater dress (can never have too many black dresses, especially if it's a skater style) and the fit is perfect but I suppose it all depends on where your garment comes from as they stock all types of fashionable brands. Unlike my black outfit from last week, this stylish dress would make it appropriate for work or interviews. It's nice to have reliable outfits like this in your wardrobe!

In my new skater dress, I wandered my way in to town in time for my hair appointment. Bearing in mind I don't like going to hairdressers and rarely get my hair cut (only timmed on special occassion!). Unfortunately, I absolutely hate my new hair so I hope you don't mind but you will be seeing it in a top knot for the next few months, at least! I got about 5inches cut off - it seemed like a good idea at first and as it appeared to be a pretty standard hair cut, I thought to myself what could possibly go wrong! This naive thought soon turned in to what the hell was I thinking?! It has lost length, style and the general girly look, plus it is now more maintenance than when it was long! The only thing that it has gained is volume. Most definitely not in an full, and awesomely bouncy dreaminess like it is in hair adverts, but in a frustratingly frizzy, sticky-outy way; basically like a longer version of Gwendoline from Wallace And Gromit. I don't know what the stylist did to my hair but it is now thicker than it's ever been, putting it in a pony tail makes me feel like an actual pony. Anyway, after a google search on how to rescue my hair or disguise it in a style I don't hate, I've decided to see if my Enrapture Encode Totem Styler (<< on sale at Argos at the moment) can transform it in the style of Caroline Flack as I now have shoulder length hair with blunt ends that seems to have a life of it's own!

Spending the weekend going "ARGH!" in front of the mirror whilst I sort my barnet out, reminding myself that it's only hair and it will eventually grow, I did receive some exciting news! I'm not sure if I am allowed to say it yet so I can't reveal too much until I get the go ahead! I'll be doing some work with a very exciting client this Summer so I am in the preparation and research stage of the project. What I'd love to know from you all is what fashion/style advice or beauty tips you want to ask bloggers and I hope to be able to work around your questions! I want to answer your Spring/Summer fashion/beauty questions from a blogger's point of view (as opposed to a magazine) so feel free to hit me up with some questions either in the comment box below, Twitter or my email!

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