Sunday, 31 March 2013

Cream Lace Dress

 photo DSC_0449-1_zpsf537fb8f.jpg
 photo chi-chi-dress_zps1157cdc8.jpg
 photo DSC_0464_zpsa8cfd2b5.jpg
 photo DSC_0499_zpsb548ea89.jpg
 photo DSC_0501_zps6c9b2e66.jpg
 photo DSC_0506_zpsb0bf996b.jpg
 photo DSC_0459__zps8e640fde.jpg
 photo DSC_0518-1_zpsecbe164e.jpg

Spring has sprung and I am in a pretty lace dress with full hope that the warmer weather is here to stay…. For at least the week! A week of warm weather isn’t too much to ask for, right?! I actually took these photos at the beginning of March when it was gloriously sunny but after three weeks of ice and snow, I waited until it was weather appropriate to blog about this. Feels like we have been waiting forever for a bit of Sun! This cream lace dress from Chi Chi clothing has a lovely lace collar which comes with a lot of pearl and diamante embellishment. On that particular day, it was warm enough to wear it without tights and some ballet flats but I shall not get so carried away and I will keep my pale bare legs covered up from now until it's actually Summer! I kept some of the decorative detail on the collar, but as I don’t think the sparkles are my style, I took them most of them off. I can’t wait to wear this more often, it makes a gorgeous day time dress.

My sunnies are from TopShop, ages ago and I suppose the heart shaped style is soooo 5 years ago! They were so popular at the time, and I wanted a pair in red but they were sold out in all Topshop stores. It looks like they're back again though, this pair of polka dot heartshaped sunglasses is very cute! Then Primark started to stock them and I think everyone got a bit bored of them by then! I still love them though. I hardly wear them but they are my go-to sunnies for when I’m on holiday. I have a couple of classic (and normal) looking Ray Ban Wayfarers from Pretavoir which I love just as much. Truth be told, I like wearing them so I don’t have to bother with my eye make up as much. Eye make up takes the longest to apply and when the weather is warm and hayfever kicks in, and being the lazy bones I am at times, I just can’t be bothered! 

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Friday, 29 March 2013

A Balm For Dry Skin | Winter Beauty Must-Have

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm, product for dry skin

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm | Winter Beauty Must-Have

If you have dry skin and you're after something that goes the extra mile, then check out Balance Me Stellar Face Balm*. It is a 50ml pot that is crammed full of 100% natural and moisturising ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil, rosehip oil and mango seed butter, to ensure your skin remains beautiful and healthy.

Stellar Face Balm is suitable for all skin types and is designed for daily use as part of your skin care routine. It's a good face product for a solution to dry skin but it is also treatment for those who want something extra in your skincare routine to keep your skin in the healthiest and moisturised condition.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

What's In My Bag | Knomo Laptop Bag

pink laptop bag, knomo bag
pink laptop bag, knomo bag
what's in my bag, blogger whats in my bag
 photo good_quality_laptop_bag_zpsc38387f9.jpg
 photo _knomo_tracker_ID_zps8d3aae74.jpg
 photo _whats_in_my_bag_zpsee193fd1.jpg
 photo _what_in_my_bag_knomo_zpsb9300d11.jpg
 photo DSC_0314_zps4497bd45.jpg
 photo customised_iphonecase_zpsc0b55124.jpg
 photo DSC_0322-1_zps32495acb.jpg
 photo pippa_middleton_laptop_bag_zps8f7cfcb2.jpg

In 2004, Knomo believed the way we use technology was radically going to change; the exciting revolution of laptops and smart phones meant we could be more mobile and independent. People were going to need bags to go with this new technology.  The founders of Knomo gave up their day jobs and started a company to create the perfect modern day bag.

I don't remember how I first stumbled upon Knomo but I looked in to it and noticed they were stocked in Selfridges so I decided to check it out on my next shopping trip and I ended up buying a man bag for Niki's birthday! I was instantly impressed Knomo's designs and how they marketed their concept. They were dedicated in creating good quality bags that go the extra mile. There are lots of features such as secret compartments, or a bag that's a laptop case during the day, and transforms in to a tote bag by night!

None of my bags have a specific laptop compartment and I usually protect my laptop with a sleeve (no handles) and carry it by hand. Fast forward four years and I have my very own Knomo laptop bag* which was extremely handy for when I had a quick meeting yesterday. The Aurora has a quilted exterior and is available in six colours including teaberry (hot pink). This bag is similar to Pippa Middleton's laptop bag but I think hers is just a pouch, mine is a laptop bag and more! ...Not that it's a competition or anything! Knomo bags are known for it strong and sturdiness.

What's special about the Aurora is that it has a zip in the middle which you can undo to expand it in to a wide tote and it comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap too. Both features are totally optional and you can wear it how you want. I love that it is purple inside because it's nice and bright enough to see your belongings which means I can find my pen or my keys straight away! I've had to attach my keys to an luminous yellow strap because I kept losing it in the black hole that is my handbag bag! All Knomo bags include a unique serial number which you can register and if you lose your bag, the ID number will cleverly help you reunite with your bag. So, What's in my laptop bag?.... Besides my laptop! Well, it's definitely a bag that's big enough to carry your life in but didn't have much yesterday apart from a few essentials like pen, notebook, make up, dry shampoo, phone, chargers, a bunch of hair bobbles and bobby pins and a box of business cards. There was a lot of room remaining which I filled with a cardi, a scarf and a pair of ballet flats which I changed into before I tackled the icy walk home! 

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Illamasqua Speckled Nail Polishe: Easter Nails

 photo Illamasqua_Speckled_nail_polish_reviewJPG_zps9716931b.jpg
 photo Illamasqua_Speckled_nail_polish_mottle_zps9e0d3a96.jpg
 photo Illamasqua_beauty_blog_review_zpsfb07f91b.jpg
 photo Illamasqua_Speckled_nail_polish_mottle_2_zpsea00df2f.jpg

My hands are not steady enough to create cute Easter nail art but I have got an easier alternative for the occasion. Illamasqua have created a new range of cosmetics for their I'mperfection Spring 2013 collection, and these lovely bottled of speckled beauties are part of it. Here I am wearing Mottle* which is a beautiful mint green nail polish with flecks of small and big pieces of dark glitter. It's not really glitter as it doesn't sparkle but we'll leave the fun and shiny sparkles for Christmas time! I am a bit late to the speckled party but I have been admiring these from other beauty blogs so as soon as these arrived through the post, I couldn't wait to try it and they really are perfectly lovely for Easter as they remind everyone of Mini Eggs. I'm wearing two coats here but could do with a third to build the texture up more. I will also try it as a single top coat over my favourite pastel green so it just adds a little something extra to it. Other shades available are Freckle (brown), Fragile (blue), Speckle (purple) and Scarce (pink). Each bottle retails at £14.50.

I am a huge fan of this shade of mint green and have got a few other ones from different brands. I think it makes a great colour for Spring, when it eventually decides to come round, that is! Although, it looks like we'll be waiting a couple more weeks, yet! I have always heard so much good things about Illamasqua as a brand and it sure is a big hit within beauty blogging. I guess that when it's not one of those brands that are "easily accessible" (and by that, I mean it's not available in Boots or Superdrug) that I tend to forget about it until I read about it on blogs. I've swatched things a couple of times when I'm out shopping but this is first time I have properly tried Illamasqua products and the first experience is a good one, I am itching to make a beeline for their counter next time I'm out and purchase something! Are you a fan of Illamasqua? What one thing from their brand would you recommend? I will add it to my wish list!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Accessorize Lipstick Review

 photo Accessorize_lipstick_review_beauty_blogger_zps2b96bcea.jpg
 photo Accessorize_Lipstick_beauty_blog_review_zps978530cf.jpg
 photo Accessorize_Lipstick_Review_zpsc02b33fc.jpg
 photo Accessorize_lipstick_review__zps434912e5.jpg
 photo Accessorize_Lipstick_Review_Swatch_zps34ca268b.jpg
Accessorize Lipstick* - £5.00 each

These three lipsticks are a beautiful addition to my make up collection. The packaging of the Accessorize cosmetic range are the nicest and it's like this all year round so it's not a "limited edition" range that you have to fight your way to get, and at the price of £5.00, it is a bargain and it sure is something pretty to look at too. Of course, we'd want the product to be worth it too, I absolutely do not ever fall for pretty packaging and I never purchase something just because it looks nice.... (I lie. I do this more than I care to admit! I'm a sucker for cute packaging)

I have the lipsticks in three shades. Head Over Heels which is a classic red, Passionate which is a deep berry shade and finally, Infatuated which is a purple. They're all very pigmented and matte finishes are not the easiest to use but I found that all three vary in formula consistency with the red being the easiest one to apply without it being patchy. Infatuated isn't too difficult either. Both of these shades have a bit of gloss to it even if it's just a hint, which allows this formula to glide on more smoothly. The darkest shade, Passionate, was a bit tricky and I would say is more of a true matte finish and the most drying. It's quite waxy so this is what makes it difficult to apply. It is a beautiful shade, mainly perfect for winter but I would suggest applying this one with a lip brush, or add a bit of gloss over it to moisturise. As with all matte lipsticks, it is essential to scrub or exfoliate lips beforehand (the sugar lip scrubs from LUSH are pretty amazing). All three shades are vibrant and dramatic, and the colour does last several hours. I'll probably wear it over balm during the day time for a sheer finish. However, that's probably not necessary as each stick comes with a small pot of gloss which is attached the the lid. This is a great design and a nice alternative option for days when you're wearing less make up but still want to wear a tint of your favourite Accessorize lippy. 

It is more helpful to show photos of the cosmetic products on faces, especially lipsticks - but what with the constant overcast, I am struggling to get a bright photo of my face that shows up the true colour of the lipstick. I have tried taking photos but the image comes out dark and annoyingly grainy! I guess this is when I wish I had a youtube channel. I'm sure I'll incorporate Head Over Heels in to an outfit post and review this shade at a later date.

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