Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Teacup Mouse | Brat & Suzie TShirt

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This comfy and slouchy T-shirt* is from Brat & Suzie who are now stocked on ASOS. One of my favourite colour is purple and I was born on the Year Of The Rat, so this teacup mouse tshirt makes it my new favourite!

Whenever I feel that something is too "casual", I always wear one of the many blazers I've got in my wardrobe. Just to make me feel like I've made an effort (even though I haven't! Lazy....) The first time I featured the Brat & Suzie on the blog last year, I was wearing a cute squirrel tshirt which breaks the ice with people. I mean, come one! It's a squirrel on a motorbike! It's funny!

I'm sad that Award Season is over, I always stay up to watch all the big award shows. I feel like I am still recovering from staying up watching The Oscars, it seemed to go on forever this year! I'm going to have a little nap after work and catch up with some Zzz's, I have a busy few days ahead of me as I prepare to move. I hate packing and I seem to lose things along the way. Ugh, can't be bothered....I might just watch Sex And The City all night instead!


Monday, 25 February 2013


Following on from yesterday's outfit post, here are some more photos from my walk in to town. After taking some outfit photos, we took a walk around the river. It was a bright and sunny day, but the air was extremely cold and crisp. Being tricked by the "sunny" weather, we were not wrapped up as well as we should have been. I needed a big wooly scarf and a huge coat on. A pot of yorkshire tea and a cup of hot chocolate was much needed to warm us back up!


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Boohoo Global Styler

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Boohoo launched a new competition campaign on Monday called GlobalStyler and they're asking fans to wear their best Boohoo outfit and hold the speech bubble sign to state where ever you are in the world at the moment. The sign can be downloaded from the Boohoo website and printed off. The winner will win a trip of a lifetime and choose where they want to go on holiday. They get to take a friend with them too! Not too shabby, right?!

I received this lovely lace playsuit* last month and I took it on my Dublin trip last week, hoping I would get some good photos but it was FAR TOO COLD in Dublin to show it off! I thought it would be really sunny, for some reason?! Anyone would think I was packing my suitcase to go to Australia! Once I sort my photos out, I'll blog about the trip.

Boohoo had asked some bloggers to choose an outfit and take a photo of ourselves holding the speech bubble so last week I went down the road and took advantage of all the amazing scenery in my hometown - something I don't do enough! I live in a Georgian town where there's a castle and cobbles, it makes such a nice backdrop for outfit photos but only on nice sunny days, which are, of course, quite rare! It gets really busy during Summer time with tourists coming to play as well as the locals! I'm actually leaving next week, I'm not moving far at all but the area I'm going is no where near as nice as the countryside. We always tend to take our home for granted! There will be few more Yorkshire pics to show you in my next blog post! Don't forget to take part in #GlobalStyler, someone's got to win the holiday of their choice! And you've got to be in it to win it! If you could take a trip to any destination in the world, where would you you go? 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ways To Wear: Bold Stripes - Look 3

Look Three : Lace and Stripes

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This is the final look in my style challenge set by VoucherCodes and I chose to purchase a striped oversized lace t-shirt because it's something different. It's another sales item and cost £8.00! The material is lace which means the garment is a little see-through. I've layered up by wearing this collar vest top underneath, I've actually got three of these vests and wear it with almost everything. Although the t-shirt fabric is lace, it is still quite a versatile piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. I love oversized tops for their comfort. This pretty lace one will come in handy for those days when you feel a bit lazy but want to trick people in thinking you've made an effort! The hat saved the day as I was having a bad hair day! Couldn't be bothered to wash it today, thought I would just hide it under the hat! I was going to wear it with my shiny leggings but opted for my thick wooly thermal tights (Primark) and Topshop skater skirt as the weather turned cold again. I would also wear it with some skinny jeans and a blazer too. 

So, to summarise the How To Wear Bold Stripes style challenge; I was given an £80.00 budget by VoucherCodes to spend on clothes within an S/S 13 trend. I could style these with clothes I already had. I spent the total of £76.00 and got four items. If you missed the others, you can view Look One and Look Two here! Would love to know what you think and which one is your favourite!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ways To Wear: Bold Stripe - Look 2

Look Two : The Stripy Pinafore Dress

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In yesterday's blog post, I explained the style challenge I was set by Voucher Codes where I was given a set amount of budget to purchase striped clothes to create three looks. Look One saw me wear two striped items in one outfit. I'm posting Look Three tomorrow which involves a bit of lace. For now, here is Look Two and I would say that this outfit is more "me" and I have sort of stuck to my usual style. This blue and white stripy dress is by MotelRocks and with it I wore my (very) old Topshop blouse and added a thick ribbon under the collar. I thought about putting collar tips on instead but I prefer the neck tie. To give it the fun factor, I've styled it with my trusty ol' Minnie Mouse watch and some strawberry shaped sunnies from Primark. Why not!

The dress is currently in the sale from £38.00 to £22.00! The upper part of the dress is fairly ditted and the skirt piece is flared. It's made from a stretch cotton which gives is that extra comfort meaning you can layer up with shirts and blouses without it feeling like the dress is suffocating you! Although it would probably be best to wear a shirt where the buttons are concealed under the button stand like this one, other wise the buttons will show under the dress. In terms of making this an affordable staple piece, you can wear the dress on it's own and again during winter with by layer up with a shirt underneath so this is something that can be worn all year round. I love how the dress has been styled on the ASOS model, it's plain and simple but the boots and bare legs give it that edge. Would look awesome in the Summer, I'll give this look a go when the weather becomes much warmer! 


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How To Wear: Stripy Blazer Jacket

how to wear a stripy blazer jacket, black and white stripy blazer
stripey jacket, striped jacket
striped jacket, black and white stripy jacket
Look One : Double Stripes

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This is my first outfit post in almost four weeks! The weather has been lovely for the past couple of days so I've decided to come out of hibernation! This week I have been set a style challenge which involves bold stripes. Voucher Codes gave me a budget and a list of trends to choose from. I was tempted to choose one that I found easy and one that I am comfortable with but I decided to go for bold stripes. Now, as I have mentioned before, I admired this trend from afar last year. I had really wanted a pair of those black and white stripy leggings but I wasn't confident enough to wear them out and before I knew it, the trend was over and I had missed out! This year, the trend has returned and there's so much more choice this time round and I decided that I won't shy away from it again. I can't help but notice that monochrome stripes are one of this season's biggest fashion trends., it's everywhere you look! I tried to look for some colourful ones but black and white is definitely a firm favourite with the high street this Spring/Summer.

As well as being given the challenge to style three looks which involved stripes, my mission was also to find some affordable staple pieces to give my interpretation of a seasonal trend, proving to you and to myself that following fashion trends don't have to cost an arm and leg. I have styled my new stripy clothes with things I already had in my wardrobe. Look Two is coming tomorrow and Look Three will be posted on Wednesday. I know that stripes are not the most easiest print to wear depending our body size. I'm short so vertical stripes are supposed to elongate the figure to give the illussion that you're taller than you are. I've never found that this works for me - I'm too short beyond help and these clever fashion 'tricks"don't work on me.

In this outfit, I am wearing two items of clothing (double stripes!) that I bought with the budget. I bought 4 items and was well within budget with a few pounds to spare! The oversized t-shirt is from Oasis* (via asos - currently in the sale for £18.00) and is available in a khaki colour with a bit of a shimmer in the fabric. It's stripy but it's very subtle which is why I had confidence to clash it with another stripy garment, the blazer*. ASOS has listed the product as a cardigan and before it arrived through the post, I thought it would be a wooly knit. I would describe it more like a lightweight blazer that is not lined. At £28.00, the blazer/cardigan was the most expensive item I bought with the £80 budget and a blazer is my must-have during British Summer time so I'm certain I'll get a lot of wear out of this and it's definitely an effortless way to stand out. I love blazers and it is particularly handy to have it with for when you're sat in the shade on a Summer's day.

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