Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SOAK Yourself Bath Set | Review

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Blanche The Blues* from SOAK Yourself

This immediately reduced any Monday blues I had when I unwrapped the parcel and discovered all those bath products! It was a very exciting parcel from an independant retailer called SOAK Yourself. The concept of the brand is very much based on the emphasis that we need to take time out from our busy schedules to set your troubles aside and simply relax, recharge and reconnect. In the past, I have often worked non-stop that I may skip meals or stay up late. I've been much better since I came to the realisation that in the long run, this routine will burn me out. 

SOAK Yourself have come up with these unique handmade gift sets which they call Bath Ritual Recipe Kit. There are currently seven different sets priced at £40 each: Broken Heart, Feeling Groovy, Full Moon, Love, Muscle, Remedy and Blanche The Blues. Each box and comes in a different bright and bold colour. I chose Blanche The Blues which comes in a gorgeous Tiffany blue box and everything is in a shade of blue. The contents of the box are three bottles of essential oils, one handmade soap, a candle and a candle holder, a bag of bath salts and a camomile teabag. It comes with a recipe which instructs you how many drops of each of the oils you need to put in the bath, and how many teaspoons of the bath salt. It's a great idea and would make a lovely gift for a friend. I think the Broken Heart kit would cheer anyone up who is going through tough times, it's bright yellow for starters! In contrast to that, they have a Valentine's Day themed LOVE kitEach box is a sensorial journey of hand-made, expertly selected products designed to unwind the body and relax the mind.

Another amazing thing about SOAK Yourself is this: 50p from the sale of each box of SOAK Yourself bath rituals will go to help charities in need of support   from funding computers in youth centres, to buying plants for a hospice garden, a day trip out for an elderly person or giving a sick child an experience theyve always dreamed of. That way, its not just one person that youre helping when you buy a SOAK Yourself ritual. 

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Floral Print Smock Tunic

This floral tunic from Topshop is the same cut and fit as this one I'm wearing here. I actually prefer the black version but I thought I would treat myself to another because the black one is a little torn on the shoulders! I only discovered it a few weeks ago and it looks like someone has already attempted to sew it back up and it certainly wasn't me! Very mysterious! Very sneaky, Topshop! 

Instead of the usual links of where I got the items, I have added some little icons below the photos. As I am a hoarder, I still wear a lot of clothes that I purchased years ago. For the items that are discontinued or out-of-stock, I will look for similar pieces. 

Hopefully, by finding similar items in place of those old pieces will hopefully be more useful to you than me saying "Oh, I got this top/shoes/bag ten years ago.....". My watch is actually from the mid 90's, and I know it doesn't have bunny ears but I wish it did, just like this watch from ASOS! It's a bit goofy but I love it! I hope it's still in stock on the next payday, I am going to buy it! I'm on a spending ban as I have a tax return bill to pay, and then I am going on holiday for my birthday! On top of that, my passport has ran out of date and I can't believe how much it is to renew it! £103 to fast track! Ugh. My bank statement for February is going to be so depressing. Never mind......I'll just put is aside...... or under the bed. Forever!

There's been a sudden buzz over a new app called Vine! It's like instagram but instead of posting photos, you make 6 second videos. I wasn't too keen at first but it's definitely better than it sounds! If you have Vine, my username is TempSec and you will find a few clips of Oscar! I will eventually mix things up a bit once I figure out how to Vine properly. It's nice to bring Oscar to life over social media and you can all see him for the crazy beast he is! He always looks "sleepy" in photos, but he's very lively in his Vine vids! He's such a funny pet, really hilarious. I'll try and capture some of his funny ways... but you know what they say... "never work with animals".


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Creepy Little Black Dress

Where did you get that?
(exact items or similar)
I must start off by saying that this black dress from Topshop is not creepy (like, it's not haunted or anything!?) and you don't turn in to a creep or even look like one, but when I put it on, it makes me feel like Wednesday Addams! Especially because I'm not very tanned (ok. pale.) and I've got dark hair as well. 

It's not like I need another LBD and this one cost more than what I would usually spend on a simple shift dress but I hope to get a lot of wear out of this dress. I made the impulse purchase when I saw how it was worn on the TopShop website and I really like how the model is wearing the dress but there's a while to go before I bare those legs!

It's a really simple look but I guess I never visualise wearing a dress without tights - not in the UK anyway for most of the year - too cold! Maybe when I wear the dress in the Summer, it won't feel as gothic. 


Saturday, 26 January 2013

How I Wore: Black and White Stripes

Blouse* MeeMee / Skater Skirt TopShop / Coat TopShop / Shoes Office / Bag Mulberry

One of the fashion trends that caught on last year was black and white stripes and it seems to be back making another appearance! I was seeing it all over the blogosphere and magazines but I always felt like I wouldn't be able to pull off the simple but bold print. This time round though, there seems to be more variation. The stripes are much thinner, and there are even zig zag versions. I thought I'd give it a go and I was determine to not look like a cartoon burgular or a mime (< I'm the one in the red tights). 

My stripey blouse is from MeeMee and it is a really oversized fit so if you like baggy shirts, this one is really nice and comfortable. The ribbon tie does not come with the blouse, it's one from another shirt but it is detachable so I put it on everything! I was going to wear the blouse with my disco pants but it didn't look right so I paired it with my trusty old skater skirt from Topshop. Wearing it this way is more comfortable and I feel like it more "me".

The snow looks so pretty but I have been avoiding going outside for the past two weeks! Good job it's a little warmer today and it's starting to thaw. My wellies broke the last time it snowed so I have no appropriate footwear for this weather. For most of the week, I've been have a little snoop on pinterest! I have neglected my account for about a year but this week, I downloaded the app to my phone and I've been addicted! I'm not sure if I quite understand the point of it but I do like the humour section very much! Oh, and all the CUTE animals! Are you on Pinterest too? You can find my pins here!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Liz Earle Starter Set | Review

Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser, Gentle Face Exfoliator, Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion and Daily Eye Repair Cream - QVC

If you are an avid fan of beauty blogs then you will have heard a lot about how amazing Liz Earle products are. My friend actually introduced the brand to me a few years ago but ever since she mentioned it, I started to take more notice to the reviews on blogs because I was intrigued about the brand.

I am hesitant with changing skincare products because they to tend to be expensive and without a sample trial, you never know whether it is worth the money or not. Apart from the two reviews I have read where the girls have had a bad reaction to some Liz Earle products, on the whole, most people swear by this award-winning beauty product - myself included! 

These travel sized miniatures will come in handy when I am going on a short trip next month! My favourite product in this set* is Cleanse and Polish is an amazing cleanser which removes all traces of make up and dirt. I'm not keen on cleansers that have a foam or runny consistency but this one is like a thick creamy formula which you apply on to your face and then wipe the excess off with a soft muslin cloth that is provided in the kit.

The exfoliator is pleasant to use unlike some of the more grittier ones that I've used in the past which feels like you're rubbing glass in to your skin! (drama queen...) The next product is the skin tonic which I have used before in a spray applicator. The one in the kit is just a bottle which you pour on to cotton pad. I have yet to find a toner that suits my skin and I have spent a lot of money on various types that just doesn't work for me so this one isn't my favourite product to use as I never know how it will leave me skin the next morning or throughout the day.

Toner tends to leave dry patches on my face and although the Liz Earle Skin Tonic is pleasant to use, it is a product that doesn't agree with me. It has a lovely scent and it is alcohol-free. Face cream complete the cleanse, tone and moisturise routine and in this kit, there is a 15ml Skin Repair Moisturiser. It is available in normal/combination or dry/sensitive to provide the right level of moisturisation. It's a light and hydrating formula - I prefer to use it during the day and then I use a different brand at night.

There are two eye treatments and to be honest, I don't use these types of products. I have been using the two that are in the kit but I can't tell if it's making any difference but I suppose a week isn't long enough. I am lucky that I don't have wrinkles around my eyes (yet) and I don't often suffer from bags under my eyes.

The Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion is to soothe and revitalise tired, puffy eyes. It contains witch hazel and aloe vera, and all you do is pour a little bit on to cotton pads and rest them over your eyes for 5-15 minutes. I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this and to know whether it has worked for them!


Monday, 14 January 2013

Patent Leather Loafers from Carvela

Loafers Carvela Kurt Geiger / Skirt and Coat Topshop / Watch ASOS / Shirt River Island

I spotted these shoes in the shops months ago but I decided to wait and see if they'd be in the January sales because Kurt Geiger have the best sales! I am on a serious shopping ban after overspending during Christmas and also having a tax bill to pay by the end of the month plus various of other horrible fees, but I couldn't resist buying these patent leather loafers as a little treat to myself! They remind me of shoes that my Grandma wears! They were £95.00 and now they're £55! There's a red pair which cost £39.00. They are not as comfy as I expected them to be but maybe I just have to wear them in! I wore the loafers when I went out and realised they don't fit as snug as they should, perhaps I should have bought them one size smaller but it's too late to exchange them now. (#stupidfeetproblems)

I do love them and am determined to break them in! Maybe I shouldn't have bought the shoes though, because I don't actually have many clothes that would suit the shoes but this outfit is one of them. The blouse is from River Island, but on the website it is sold out in most sizes now. The Minnie watch is from ASOS and was an impulse purchase months and months ago when I was creating a little moodboard on ASOS Fashion Finder! They have a few Disney Watches in store from the Disney Couture range and now I am tempted to buy the red polka dot one


Friday, 11 January 2013

S/S 13 Beauty Trend: Heavy Petals by Estée Lauder

A limited-edition collection of shades that accentuate nails with a touch of pop, fantasy and trend

You can probably tell by now, from the colour theme of my blog layout, that I like pastels. I'm not sure if I could wear pastel coloured clothes all the time (and I only have a few pieces) but when it comes to products, I do like to opt for "pretty" colours most of the time. You know, within reason, I don't like to go overboard on anything in particular. "Too much of a good thing..." and all that!

When I saw these limited edition nail lacquers from Estée Lauder, I thought I just had to blog and share this! It's almost the same colours as my Links footer below this post (just need to replace the yellow button with a pink one)! If you haven't already seen these on various social networking sites, the new nail polish range from Estée Lauder is named Heavy Petals. There are give shades available and each 9ml bottle is priced at £14.50 and is available at Estée Lauder counters for a limited time throughout January. The collection is inspired by Paris in Spring with the capture of romance, flower markets, children's carousels and delectable macarons.

I have a couple of red shades from the permanent range and I can't wait to purchase a couple from Heavy Petals. These polishes are high shine and super glossy, fast drying and long lasting. I love all  five shades and even though we have some sort of dupe in either one or all of the five colours, but when has that ever stopped us buying more polishes to add to our ever growing collection! :-)

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