Sunday, 1 December 2013

OOTD Video: Studded Denim Shorts

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I have failed to sort out today's outfit post as I have spent the weekend faffing about between iMovie and Final Cut Pro. After watching several Final Cut Pro tutorials, I feel like I've wasted my time because I am none the wiser! It is tooooooo hard! Anyway, I leave you with my latest outfit of the day video, which was finally put together eventually! (I'm proper chuffed with myself for sticking to the youtube schedule I've set myself! A new outfit video will be uploaded every Sunday!) The proper blog post for this will be ready in a couple of days time. I have a style challenge to upload tomorrow, so fingers crossed the weather will be bright enough to get some photos taken in the morning, or I won't be a happy bunny! HAPPY DECEMBER, EVERYONE!! x

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  1. Really cute outfit! Love your blog :)

  2. Such a cute outfit and video! x


  3. Oh I didn't know you have YT hehe gonna sub to you now ^.^ The outfit looks even better in motion and your hair is just too beautiful! *__*

  4. Oh Sarah, you look so pretty in this video. Love the colour of the bag and those KG shoes are awesome - they look super comfy and stylish :)

  5. I think this video looks really professional Sarah! I love being able to see how a piece moves and so outfit videos are definitely the way forward. I just wish I had the skills haha. Such a sweet little look, you have such an awesome figure and those shorts fit perfectly.

    Tara xo

  6. All the looks you went for with these shorts looked beautiful! :D

    Brilliant OOTD post/video, as always. :)

  7. I love this outfit, the hat is gorgeous and I love how you've done your hair (I have serious hair envy!).

    Caitlin @ x

  8. Ohhh I love it *-*
    The video is amazing, I wish I could edit (and make) videos like you do.
    And your shoes are so lovely *-*

    Take care, have a nice day*

  9. Oh, I love this outfit! I'm hopeless with denim shorts, too paranoid about my legs. You look great!


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