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Working with LOOK Magazine & Malibu Rum

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It's not every day you see yourself in a magazine! I have been working with LOOK Magazine in their major Summer campaign with Malibu Rum, it was my biggest project to date and I hope I did them proud! I was selected as their 'go-to' fashion and beauty blogger and I was given my own little column in their double spread advertorial which ran for six issues in LOOK Mag!

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For Malibu, working with bloggers was a new thing. And for me, this was certainly the biggest collaboration to date, so I was keen to do a bloomin' good job for such a global brand! I was so excited about it, but kept it quiet until things started to happen. It wasn't part of a competition or anything like that, it was all very straight-forward. There was a few phone calls, a meeting, I signed the paper work and I started working on the project right away.

So, what did the job entail? Well, the main part of it was to create social media content throughout the Summer. Malibu is THE drink of the Summer and the content should to surrounded sociable drinking occasions such as girls night out, garden party, festivals, barbecue, picnics, and so on. 

My task was to come up with seventeen pieces of content which involved the latest fashion and beauty trends, revolving around sociable drinking occasions. There was, understandably, some guidelines to stick to but in general, I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted as long as it on-brand and had a link to Malibu cocktails.

I panicked at first (that's pretty normal for me. Is there anything I don't panic about? No.) but after getting over a nervy start, I was on a roll! My favourite is probably "The Perfect Pear" where I featured four pairs of green coloured wedges which would possibly go well with an outfit for a Summer's day picnic with your BFFs, and what's also perfect for that? A can of Malibu & Pear!

Along with the copy (text) and the artwork I created, these posts were uploaded to Malibu Facebook and Twitter. With almost 2million fans following their page, I was certainly anxious as we all know how straight-talking people on Facebook are!... 

As well as that, I was part of the six advertorials in the issues of LOOK Magazine as mentioned above. I have shown some Instagram shots of the actual magazine page below. There was also a visit to Malibutique in Liverpool, which was a fun day! Maybe next year, it will be one of you guys working with them! Thanks to both LOOK and Malibu for giving bloggers a chance to show them what we can do! This has made Summer 2013 very memorable for me! 

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  1. Wow that's such a great opportunity ! I would have loved to do that ! And everything looks so nice to read !

  2. Looks amazing! I've worked in social media and this campaign is truly beyond!

  3. Oh what a fabulous opportunity lovely, thanks for sharing the shots they look great!

    Elizabeth x


  4. Thank you for the lovely comment, dear :))


  5. congrats!!! <3 your blog and i am happy for you! loving the edits! so colourful and cute! :)

  6. I saw these on the Malibu the fb page and I love them :) love Malibu, love the pieces you put together and the colours . Very talented :) xoxo


  7. Wow how fortunate you were to be involved with something so fantastic. You've done a great job. Pairing drinks with fashion and looks.

    Kate | A British Sparkle x

  8. Oh Sarah, i love your pages in the magazine. That's really so amazing that you get the chance to do that!! The statement necklaces are the best!!

  9. Wow, what an amazing opportunity :) I read all of these in LOOK magazine! Well done on all your hard work lovely, and congrats on the awesome opportunity! Xxx

  10. Awww how exciting! I'm so happy for you, hun! The pictures looks great and I'm sure it was a lot of work but as long as you enjoyed it, it's worth it, right ^-^
    hehe Don't worry, I tend to panic pretty often too. xD

  11. Congratulations on getting chosen for this project Sarah, I remember reading your blog post about Malibutique and it looked so much fun :) here's hoping for much more success for you and your blog :) xxx

  12. Soo niceee *-* Congratulations!
    The magazine pages look amazing :3
    Take care! Have a nice day!*


  13. This is wicked sweetheart! the content looks wicked, really vibrant and engaging - well done you xxx

  14. I hope you had so much fun with this, you did a great job, I loved reading your column. I'm sure there will be plenty more amazing opportunities for you in the future chickadee.

  15. what an opportunity! from what i've seen you've certainly done very well with it and i am LOVING all of the colour!

  16. This was a really impressive project - congratulations! The heels to match a drink is probably my favourite... combining two of my favourite things? Yes please!

    Isabel x
    Monochrome Magpie

  17. they look very colorful! xx

  18. How exciting! You did a great job and should be very proud of yourself. The edits look great :)

    K x


  19. Wow, you're defiantly lucky! Each piece is amazing, that's so creative the way you've matched nails polishes to cocktails!

    Just Smile.

  20. this could be my dream job haha, i love how creative you got with it, the nails polish colours, and matching drinks is very cool. you did an amazing job! I just showed my mum your Oscar page, she thinks he's amazing, he definitely has a poker face :-)

  21. I followed each one you did! They look so professional and fabulous! You did great girly! Looks so good you could eat it! love the bright colours! x


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