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My Bridesmaids Dress and Wedding Video

coral pink bridesmaids dress

Outfit Of The Day: Coral Pink Bridesmaid Dress

A rather special outfit post today. Not something I'd usually share but how could I not? 

My sister's wedding was brilliant day, so surreal and I don't think any of us felt like it was really happening! Lots of photographs were taken of my sister's big day, everything was so pretty, but as it's not my special day, I will only share with you my bridesmaids dress (for now). When the professional photographs are ready, I'll have to ask if I can post a few on my blog. 

 photo wedding_bridesmaid_001_a_zps35324444.jpg
 photo pink_bridesmaids_dress_zps2ae50264.jpg

This was my first wedding I've been to in YEARS so I was very excited. It was also the first time being a bridesmaid too! There were two other bridesmaids and we all wore the same dress in a different colour.

As you can see from the video below, although the three were very different colours, the theme tied together really well. It was used more as an accent in the small details such as the confetti, and ribbons on the white chair covers, and even the cake.

Anyway, I hope to show you some of the proper photos at a later date! There are some pics on my Instagram, along with a couple of photos of my sister's AMAZING dress! My user name on there is @TempSec if you want to have a little look!

 photo DSC_1346_zpsf74fd333.jpg
 photo DSC_1365_zps99c10ec0.jpg
 photo hangers_with_names_on_zps08669a03.jpg
 photo 970054_596762613701106_1007752321_n_zps3c374d6e.jpg

The short video clip shows a bit of her theme, the awesome cake, and their first dance (totes emosh), and perhaps my moody face at the beginning of the video! This was totally unintentional, I really was super happy throughout the entire time! The whole day went absolutely perfect and it was brilliant to get the whole family together. Everyone looks extremely smart, the whole day was just rather surreal!



  1. You look so beautiful, as does your sister! Just had a look at her dress on instagram, it's gorgeous. The video is so, so sweet. I love the wedding cake! xo

  2. You look stunning Sarah! Your dress is beautiful, and such a gorgeous colour too! Looks like you had a lovely day! xxx

  3. Such a gorgeous dress!

  4. Loved this post and the wedding video was so beautiful!


  5. your sister looks so happy!:)

  6. You look gorgeous! I started following you on instagram, the photos are soo nice, I love how the bridesmaids had different colour dresses, so pretty

  7. S,

    Oh How I Have Missed You & Your Blog! We can trade lives any day! Come to California and I'll get to UK at the drop of a hat ;)

    Seriously SO excited and happy to reconnect with you, love. I hope that things have been well <3 I have been extremely busy with school and trying to keep up with blogging, or my lack thereof haha. Let me know how you are <3 and CONGRATS TO YOUR SISSY! What a beautiful wedding and handsome couple; they look soo happy :D And of course you look amazing in your gown <3 I bet you guys had the time of your lives!!

    xx, james

    twitter: @jamiebgoode
    instagram: jamiebgoode

  8. ah so beautiful :') wedding, dress, cake, everything!


  9. How stunning! The colour suits you so well, and such a pretty dress. Love the hanger too, gorgeous <3


  10. Such a pretty dress!

  11. This is so beautiful :) Your sister looks gorgeous as do you. I hope she and her husband both had a wonderful day to cherish for the rest of their lives :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  12. Wow, it looks like a beautiful wedding day! I went to my first wedding in May and I was a bridesmaid and it was my first time doing that as well! I guess I just don't know anyone getting married lol. You all look wonderful and your sister's dress is gorgeous! The video is very sweet :)

    Life of Mabel

  13. You look beautiful darling - I'm currently stressing over my bridesmaids' outfits as struggling to please everyone etc. You look delightful! x

  14. Your dress, makeup and hair look gorgeous!

    Love that bouquet of flowers too.

    Kah-Feh Yen
    I'm currently running a MAC lipsctick giveaway.

  15. That dress is just so pretty - I love the color! Congrats to your sister!


  16. Oh wow, you look so beautiful! The colour suits you perfectly and I love the style. Your sister's dress...EEEEP. What a princess.


  17. You look amazing! I saw your sister's dress on your instagram and she looked beautiful :) xxx

  18. That video is so lovely, looks like it was the perfect day! Your sister looked beautiful, as did're lucky you got to wear such a pretty dress, most bridesmaids get put in something dodgy haha xxx

  19. Oh Sarah, you look beautiful! As does your sister :) what lovely photos and the video is wonderful! Everything looks so pretty and perfect, I love the bows on the back of the chairs, the little confetti holders (I think) and the cake! So much loveliness all in one place! I'd love to see some photos of the bridge & groom :) glad you all had such a great day xx

  20. Your sister's wedding dress is amazing!
    Love the photos!


  21. Aww so beautiful! It looks like it was such a magical day <3

    Jennie xo |

  22. Oh oh oh I love love love the colour ideas, different colour tables, dresses and the cake, it looks lovely! Your sisters dress is indeed looking lovely, and you look absolutely stunning as to be expected ;)

    Before I started helping Dan with weddings I'd only ever been to two as a very very young kid as a horrible looking bridesmaid, for my aunties! I've been to so many with Dan now, and I always get really emotional although I never even knew the bride and groom before I met them in the morning! Sharing the run up to the wedding is enough bonding, its such a special day <3

  23. you look amazing!!

  24. Your bridesmaid dress is gorgeous :) the colours of the wedding are so beautiful too- I hope you had an amazing time :)


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  26. Beautiful :) xxx

  27. You know you have that moment and you think....I did comment on that post right?? If I did before and not to come across as a stalker i'll post again!?

    I loved this post. Your sister's choice of bridesmaids dresses are perfect the selection of colours. Elegant, beautiful and sheer class. I loved the video! Looks like such an amazing and brilliant weather also!! The wedding preview video is amazing! what a fabulous wedding!! xxxx Rebecca

  28. you look stunning, that dress is so pretty!! xx

  29. Looking so pretty !


  30. You look amazing, i adore that colour.

    can i ask where your necklace is from, i have been searching for a single salt water pearl necklace for ages and yours is perfect.


  31. The hanger with the name is amazing, I love it :)

    Melanie ~

  32. Your wedding dress is so amazing, you just look like a princess, congrats!
    long pink v neck vintage bridesmaids dresses


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