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Seventeen Lipstick | Hot Chilli

Perfect red lipstick for asian skintone, Seventeen lipstick hot chilli
Perfect red lipstick for asian skintone, Seventeen lipstick hot chilli review
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Seventeen lipstick hot chilli swatch

Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick | Shade: Hot Chilli - £4.29 from Boots

This was an impulse purchase because I couldn't find any of my orange-red lipsticks so I went to Boots to get the cheapest one I could find. I actually wanted one of the Revlon Lip Butters but as I went in to one of the small Boots store, they had very limited cosmetic stock. I spotted this one from Seventeen and as it was £4.29 and felt moisturising from the swatch, I felt it was worth a try! 

The shade itself is a red with a hint of orange, and this is the only shade of red lipstick that suits my yellow-y asian skin and dark black hair. I tend avoid red lipsticks with blue undertones, it makes me look jaundice so I like to opt for something with a warmer colour to it which seems to balance everything out. On me, Hot Chilli shows up more orange than it does red. It glides on quite smoothly, and is moisturising enough to not cling on to pesky dry bits.

For a night out, when I have applied a lot of make-up, I would be more heavy handed with the lipstick which would show up like it does on my hand swatch (richly pigmented). I rarely wear red lipstick on so thick on a daily basis but have switched it on my hand to show you all how the colour comes out. Still, I prefer to wear lipstick than a gloss, I don't like the stickiness. This is why I initially wanted to Revlon Lip Butters as they have more of a sheer finish, more appropriate for daywear.

17 Lasting Fix claims to be a lasting fix of colour, it is, as you can see, highly pigmented and creamy. It's fairly long lasting as it leaves a stain and even the swatch on my hand was rather persistent to wash off. When the lipstick dries out and eventually leave a stain. I don't like the stain as it looks obvious that it's faded but I guess that is what they mean by "Lasting Fix" as in the colour is literally fixed on your skin which lasts for hours. It's nice to add a bit of gloss or a moisturising clear balm over the stain for a sheer or glossy finish, that's if you don't fancy touching up with the lippy. For the price, I can't complain but it just doesn't have the quality that I'm used to in a MAC lipstick. Perhaps that's just a psychological feeling because actually, I can't pinpoint anything specifically negative about Hot Chilli, it is perfectly fine. Still, it has lived up to what is it an impulse purchase so I had no expectations, I just wanted a new lippy with a reasonable price tag. I'm happy with it and will continue to use it. The only thing I will complain about it that the lid doesn't stay on and I have to store it in the zip compartment of my bag to keep it in it's place. The bright side of that is that I'll always know where my lippy is and there's less chance of losing it!

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  1. This was one of the first red lipsticks I bought about three years ago; I loved it but also managed to lose the lid so I don't ever use it now. I think it's time to buy a replacement! xo

  2. This shade looks absolutely beautiful on you :)

    Really reasonable price to!

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

  3. That's such a lovely colour, and it looks great on you! xxx


  4. This colour looks lovely, really suits you :) ♥


  5. Great price for a lippy and I like the orange colour, my lipstick tops never seem to stay on and always end up rattling around my bag, so frustrating! X

  6. This shade looks great on you! I've never tried a Seventeen lipstick before,perhaps because like you I've never expected it to be amazing,what with it being so inexpensive. However since reading this I'm very tempted too!

  7. Love the name of this shade!

  8. Lovely color. I know you said it's pigmented but on your lips it looks sheer. Weird

    xo Ashley

  9. Love this post! very cute and inspiring! love that color! perfect for late summer night!

    Hope you checkout Mialay and follow if you liked it!


  10. 17 has actually started to bring out some good stuff nowadays. ill have to check their lipsticks out when im next in boots


  11. Oooo I haven't tried any 17 products for ages! I feel a Boots/Superdrug haul coming on

    Kylie x

  12. Ooh, do you find that this is similar to MAC's Chili shade? I've been looking for a dupe that doesn't cost as much.

    1. I'm sorry to reply to this on here, I couldn't find a link to your blog or social media. I'll definitely check out MAC Chili next time i'm out, will get back to you on that one! x

  13. such a nice colour
    love your flower pot too haha random but yh xo

    ♥ ❤

  14. The color really suits you. I've been after a similar shade and this one looks perfect.


  15. I looks very pretty on you! I looked ridiculous in orange red when I had black hair, but now that I've gone blonde, it looks quite nice.

    Life of Mabel

  16. Lovely! It really suits you. I tend to go for more orangey reds as they suit my hair and skin colour better too. But I also find them more wearable in the day time :)

  17. I'm a lipstick lover, I hardly ever wear gloss, because I hate my hair sticking to it! look gorgeous as always! :D xx

  18. I have an asian skintone so I only suit orangey based red lipsticks as well, anything too blue toned looks weirdly cool against my warm skin tone! I really like Rimmel's Colour Show Off lipstick in Tell No One, its a muted orange/red shade that is super pigmented but can be built up or sheered out :)

    A beauty, food and life blog by Izzi

  19. What a pretty red shade :) I love me some orange-red lippies :)
    xo, Pau


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