Friday, 31 May 2013

Natural Face Mask for Oily Skin

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask* 75ml - £4.95 from Boots

This paraben-free face mask is priced at £4.95 which is a great price for a mask which contains 94% natural ingredients, not tested on animals and it is also suitable for vegetarians. It doesn't state on the packaging which skin type this product is suitable for but this facial mask is a deep cleanser and reduces oil so it is best for those with oily skin. It doesn't work too well on some parts of my face, it has left my non-oily patches really dry and scaly. This took a couple of weeks to fix! I was really looking forward to using this, I've not used a clay mask for ages but it hasn't worked as well as I hoped. I still prefer the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask, it is a hydrating formula with little bits of grounded walnut shell in. You can use still this product only on certain areas where you suffer from oilyness though, because it does a brilliant job to soak up the grease. I've tried it over my forehead and it purifies skin which helps prevent blemishes. This actually reminds me of a beauty product I used to have when I was a teen, where you dab a bit over a spot and it almost always clears up the next day. I can't remember which brand it was, it might have been Lancome. I'm hoping the Amie one will work the same way, I will give it a go next time I have a spot! Hopefully, not any time soon as I have an important ocassion to attend (sister's wedding!). We're all so excited for it!

Applying this over the face is a task you have to be quite swift with because the product does set quite quickly. A big dollop over both cheeks is best as you can just do half the face in one go. When it's all on your face, you wait ten minutes to let it work in. It's more of a refreshing sensation rather than a  tightening one (that always freaks me out) but I remind myself that this is normal, it's only suppose to be a slight tingly feeling. At no point should it sting. Remove immediately if it starts stinging! In this case, the cooling "fresh" feeling is from the organic peppermint and lime butter in the ingredients. After ten minutes, you remove it with warm water but I don't like the removing process of clay masks as it always takes ages and it's messier than gel or creamy based masks. I'm lazy, though, and prefer to get it all off in a couple of splashes of water! Overall, it is a pleasant product and at such an affordable price but would only recommend it if you have oily skin.

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Oscar's Girly New Bed

 photo DSC_0900_zpsce08b93e.jpg photo DSC_0906_zps28c0a58b.jpg
 photo DSC_0881_zps70d879d2.jpg photo DSC_0876_zps1ea5712d.jpg photo DSC_0891_zps107e9cb4.jpg

Oscar got a lovely new pet bed from British brand, Joules and he's going to give a review on it. Only joking! A cat reviewing an item on my blog...let's not be so silly now! I thought this would make a really cute blog post, though. I tried to make Oscar a regular feature on here, even start his own blog, but then he got a bit poorly so I stopped because I didn't want to document his miserable days in the cone of shame! It made me sad and I was scared something would happen to him. As you can see, he is fine now! 

You may think that this bed is far too girly for him but he has always been a fan of florals! He always warms to florals more than stripes. Stripes really freak him out! It must be because all of my duvet sets have a floral pattern on and it is what he's used to. He's been staying with me in my flat this week, it's so nice to have him around, I've missed him since I moved out of my family's house. The bed is the smallest size and is just right for him if he curls up in to a ball, but he does hang out of it a bit! Other than that, he's a happy chappy in his new girly bed!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram (user name TempSec), there are lots more cat photos on there!

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

SpiritHood S/S 13 Collection

 photo Spirithood_coyote_3_zps8c661fe0.jpg
 photo Spirithood_coyote_2_zps926d9ccd.jpg
 photo _UK2_zpsf256d80c.jpg

SpiritHood is a company with a big heart for endangered animals. I was sent a SpiritHood from their new Spring/Summer range and I chose the Coyote which is similar to the wolf one I featured on the blog last year, except you can plug your ipod in to one of the pockets and the music plays out of the built-in washable speakers! That's all kinds of cool, isn't it? I'm going to be honest here and tell you that I was sent this hood to style as part of a competition they're hosting on Facebook where the person who gets most "likes" wins a trip to Alton Towers and lots of other wonderful prizes. BUT I'm not going to tell you to go over there and 'like' my photo. You should go over to their Facebook page and vote for whoever you think looks the best! At the end of the day, it shouldn't matter if I ask for 'likes', it should be about who looks the best. May the best (stylish) girl win, that's what I say!

What I really want to do is highlight the fact this company donates to the conservation of endangered species. It used to be through SpiritHoods purchased through their ProBlue label but as far as I am aware, this has changed and now with every purchase, SpiritHoods will donates 10% of net profit to non-profit animal conservation. It's pretty amazing what they've already done, really inspirational how passionate they are about the causes.

I've featured one of their A/W 12 designs in September and mentioned that the hood was a gift but I made the 10% donation of the RRP to one of the charities. I chose the Panda International and received THE CUTEST Christmas card from them last year with a newsletter on how everyone's donations has helped to protect and conserve the species. It was a small gesture but it was such a special card and it completely made my day. It was just really really lovely. They reassured us that the pandas were getting treated to lots of bamboo to eat and staying healthy! I'm giving my new Coyote hood to my little sister, she loves it and is going to donate some money to the Polar Bears. She learnt about global warming at Primary School and made up a song about Polar Bears!

SpiritHoods are expensive, I know (but they do make a special gift at Christmas/Birthdays) and there are cheaper imitations on the high street, but by supporting SpiritHoods you can rest assure that you're getting a quality-made, long lasting product with a good mission behind the brand.

 SpiritHoods exists to encourage people to express themselves, live life to the fullest and inspire positive change. 

 photo 2festa_zpsc532db83.jpg


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Competition: Win 3 prizes from Mulberry

 photo WhatsInMyBag_moneysupermarket_zps73a627ac.jpg
 photo WhatsInMyBag_moneysupermarket_6_zps1ba5592e.jpg
 photo WhatsInMyBag_moneysupermarket_2_zpsdf9ff118.jpg
 photo WhatsInMyBag_moneysupermarket_3_zps16ec8c8f.jpg
 photo WhatsInMyBag_moneysupermarket_4_zps341474dc.jpg
 photo WhatsInMyBag_moneysupermarket_5_zps3cb3320d.jpg
 photo WhatsInMyBag_moneysupermarket_7_zps7b4c438b.jpg
 photo WhatsInMyBag_moneysupermarket_8_zps46e04841.jpg

You might have gathered by the first photo that this is another What's In My Handbag thrown in to the blogosphere! This time, it is in collaboration with MoneySupermarket, who are hosting a blogger competition where you can win not one, not two but THREE prizes from luxury British designer brand, Mulberry. We know how popular Mulberry are with bloggers, I couldn't resist telling you about this one. The prizes consist of Baywater Shoulder Handbag, Continental Purse and Phone Cover, all worth over £1000 in total! I've been asked to be an ambassador for this competition so I'm not allowed to enter but if I could, this would be my entry. It's nothing flash, it's just a few things I had in my new favourite bag.

I got a lot of comments on this bag which I featured in one of my outfit posts recently so for this post, which is in association with MoneySupermarket, I want to show you what's inside my latest fave bag! The colourful bag is from Zalando and it's not the biggest bag so space is rather limited but it's enough for the essentials like purse and mobile phone. It doesn't fit my wallet so all my money is contained in the fabric coin purse. I had a couple of bottles of nail polish in there just incase I got bored on the train, but I never got round to painting my nails this time. Yellow nail polish is my favourite for this time of year but a base coat is definitely needed for this Rimmel one, it stains so bad and there's nothing attractive about yellowy nails!

I always carry a note book with me. As well as making notes, they are handy to keep your receipts in. I might buy a purse from Primark just to store receipts but for now, notebooks will do just fine. The book of sticky notes are for when I need to make lists. These ones are actually not sticky enough and have ended up falling out of my notepad. They're particularly convenient when you need to write something down for someone, whether this be your blog url or your phone number (Wit woooo! Who's the lucky guy?). It's better than ripping pages out of a book, or writing a memo on a napkin. Finally, I carry gift cards and discount cards with me but my absolute favourite thing amongst all of this is my Krispy Kreme red card which allows me to get free doughnuts for a year!

These "What's in my handbag" blog posts are always so popular and if you're considering entering the competition with MoneySupermarket for the chance to win all three Mulberry prizes, then all you have to do is:

- Create a blog post about what's in your handbag and email the blogpost link to: with "What's In Your Handbag" in the subject link. You can find all the details and T&C's here, plus some more examples from other bloggers! Got to be in it to win it! Winner will be chosen at random and will be able to choose the colours of their Mulberry goodies as shown below (phone not included).

 photo mulberry_moneysupermarket_zps7a78a2ab.jpg

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Disclaimer: I have been compensated by MoneySupermarket to write this post

Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Feast

 photo DSC_0872_zpsdefc5aaf.jpg
 photo DSC_0856-1_zps7eef1de7.jpg
 photo DSC_0853_zps3c8d8004.jpg
 photo DSC_0854_zps73bacce7.jpg
 photo DSC_0829_zps15ecbd9f.jpg
 photo DSC_0860_zps59a901c4.jpg

I get such a pang of jealousy when I read foodie blog posts and food Instagrams from Londoners. Yesterday, my Twitter timeline was filled with people (mainly bloggers) getting pancakes at The Breakfast Club and I have to admit, I got kinda jealous! Why can't we have some of the good stuff up north! We don't have Byron's, Patty & Bun, Meat Liquor and the rest of them, but what I can do is cook something myself. It won't be as good but it will do for now! I had such a craving for sticky chicken wings so I made a huge plate of them. We also had some ribs and side portions of shop bought garlic bread and wedges. M&S do the best garlic bread! Whilst I was in there the other day, I found a strawberry and rhubarb presse. Ok, so I don't know what a "presse" is but I recommend this drink, it's amazing and the perfect Summer flavour combination! We had chocolate cake last week but it was so good that we treated ourselves to another one. It isn't as good as homemade cake, of course but it's absolutely fine! It sure is cheaper to buy this cake than it is to make one!

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

What I Wore: Pinafore Playsuit

 photo how_to_style_pinafore_zpsc01d9922.jpg
 photo Kitsch_jewellery_zps475aa630.jpg photo Bunting_necklace_zps1e8b337c.jpg
 photo moustache_ring_kitsch_jewellery_zpsa8528d27.jpg
 photo multicoloured_nails_zps63394857.jpg
 photo Tesco_Bag_zps23b2bbf6.jpg
 photo Mee_mee_pinafpre_zps112381a9.jpg

Pinafore* MeeMee / Jewellery Temporary:Secretary shop / Shirt River Island / Bag* F&F Clothing (Tesco)

In my previous post about the denim trend, I said that I've tried pinafore trend and I'm not too sure what I think. I've tried on a few in changing rooms but rather than magically transforming in to Alexa Chung at Coachella, they just make me look young and also frumpy. In most cases, it could possibly be because the top part of the garment is quite thin and the gathered waist gives the illusion that it's top heavy. It probably doesn't help that I'm wearing a white shirt underneath which only highlights this. I might wear it with a darker coloured shirt so it won't be as visible. I've also made some changes to the straps on this one because they are far too long for me. A quick bit of sewing did the trick, though. I've tacked it up on the back and it fits much better now, with the straps lifted up. I am determined to make this work! Not a very Summery outfit but my vibrant necklace and colourful nails pep the outfit up a bit!

I always write about other brands here but never my own, so I think I'm going to fit in a couple of posts every month (if that!). I do show photographs of me wearing the jewellery in outfit posts but I don't ever talk about the shop in the text content. I've always tried to separate the shop and the blog - I don't know why - I suppose it's because I want to keep my blog as something I want to enjoy outside of work. You know when something becomes work, it's such a chore to do! Anyway, I don't think new readers even know about the shop! So, a brief intro... If you like kitsch, fashion jewellery, then please  have a snoop at Temporary:Secretary shop, and as always, feedback is welcome! There are some new items in the shop including the bunting necklace and a special lucky dip bag where you can get 10 items for £10

Finally, before I go, something I've been wanting to ask for ages! I'd love for you to nominate my blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards! The category that best fits my blog would be Established Fashion. I don't consider myself "established" but I think any blog that is older than a year will be classed under Established rather than Newcomer category. I don't like asking for votes, as it does feel like a popularity contest, and I've never won those but it would be lovely to get even one nomination, really! Vote for your favourite blog here, whoever it may be! x

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