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Rimmel | Stay Matte Foundation Review

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation soft beige, oil free foundation, Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation soft beige, oil free foundation,
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, oil free foundation,
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, oil free foundation,

The latest oil-free liquid foundation that I have bought is the Stay Matte Foundation from Rimmel which claims to have a unique shine control complex. It comes in 6 different shades and I bought it in shade 200 Soft Beige which might a bit dark on my hand swatch image but my face is slightly more tanned. When blended, it is a pretty good match for my skin tone!

The ingredients in Rimmel's Stay Matte foundation includes chamomile to calm, cucumber to clarify and cotton to help control shine. It is supposed to last 12 hours but I rarely wear make-up for a full 12 hours and on odd occasion when I am away from home for so many hours, I take make-up products with me to touch up! The Stay Matte foundation does last about 5-6 hours on me, only if I've applied a setting powder over it to set it in place.

This is a full coverage foundation which gives a smooth, matte finish. It's a good make up product to use if you have oily skin as it's an oil control foundation so it definitely won't give you is a dewy shiny finish. I like to put a lot of this product over the areas of my face which are prone to a spot of shiny-ness and a lighter layer over the rest of my face and the colour stays even throughout.

I didn't find this foundation cakey or patchy BUT it's not the most silkiest of formulas so you do need to be quick when you're blending it in because it sets quite quickly. The trick is to not apply it on thickly. Using a stippling brush, apply in thin layers and build it up this way to ensure a smooth, non-streaky finish. Then I set it all with a bit of powder such as Rimmel Clarifying Powder for the flawless look.

Rimmel Stay Matte foundation is one of the most affordable yet effective ones I have tried. With primer, it lasts about six hours which I consider a fairly long time. This is also a good foundation to use for photography and photoshoots, especially if you're on a budget as the liquid takes away any shininess on your face.

A 30ml tube retails at £5.99 and is available in Boots, Superdrug and selected supermarkets.

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  1. Looks and sounds really good! Definitely sounds effective for the price! xx

  2. I never really look at foundations like this, I'm too easily swayed by shmancy packaging but if it's affordable and it works maybe I need to give it a try! Lovely review as always :)

    Bella | BELLAETC

  3. Ah, this sounds perfect for me!! So cheap too!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

  4. This is my go to foundation for when I just can't afford my Clinique Super Balanced. It really is a fab alternative to the higher end foundations :) xx

  5. Its so strange the stay matte powder is constantly spoken about yet this is one of the few reviews I have seen on the foundation! I have dry patches on my skin so I feel this would really cling to them! xo


  6. Looks like a really nice foundation :3
    I'm just a bit scared because of the colour. I'm really pale (I'm a matchmaster 1/ Revlon Colorstay 150) and I'm always afraid with foundations from the drugstore/Supermarket. Here in my country we can't test foundations from the supermarket >>

    Yet, I may give it a try. if it's too dark, I'll try it again during the Summer time.
    Their Stay Matte Powder ir really nice as well.

  7. I will have to try this!!!! nice! Iv been using soap & glory foundation & primer in one as my base. very light but not enough alone. I love your blog hun. Im having a new background and header done so excuse mine if u look :)


  8. I have actually never tried Rimmel.... Definitely going to give it a go now :)

    Angela @ Texas Chic

  9. love the texture of this foundation cream nice dicovering xoxo

  10. This sounds amazing, I seriously need to try this!

    Maria xxx

  11. I swear this was the first foundation I brought, I used to chuck it on, I must have looked hideous xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  12. Oohhhh, I might give this a go for £6! Sounds great, I normally use a primer anyway so thats no biggy :D xx


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