Saturday, 20 April 2013

Oscar On Instagram

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Considering Oscar has got his own page on my blog, I haven't really updated his section very much! Since I've moved out of my family home, I don't see him every day anymore (major sad face). Today, I am trying to hatch a plan to kidnap him. As stupid as it sounds, I have really missed him since I moved houses and I only see him on the odd weekend. Those who don't have pets might say "it's just a cat" but he's not just a cat to me. He's my favourite cat in the whole world and the only little thing that can cheer me up! My plan is to have him stay for just one weekend! I've bought him a whole bag of treats and toys already!

Oscar was on Company Magazine's website last week, in this Cutest Blogger Pets feature! It's the cutest thing ever! You can follow us on Instagram, our username is TempSec where I still update it with photos of him (when I can!) - see you over there! x

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  1. He is super super cute!! xx

    1. Thank you so much for the follow! I absolutely love your blog!! :) xx

  2. oh my god he is one of the cutest cats I've ever seen!!

  3. Oh, so cute! I wouldn't be able to live without my cat so ...go ahead with Your plan! GOOD LUCK!

  4. Pleeeeeaaaassse can I have Oscar? (My cat is called Oscar too but he's black and white). I've just joined Instagram and I am A-DDIC-TED! Help.....I literally can't stop Instagramming. It's a serious problem. :-/

    My latest post ** A Little Bit of Me **
    Mags x

  5. the pic of oscar tilting his head reminds me of stewie in family guy when his head goes sideways --->
    i think you would be totally justified kittynapping him from your family, he's too lovely!

  6. Awww he is gorgeous! I have my own cat and my mum has a bengal kitty, when i eventually move out and take my cat i know she will miss my mums :( as will i!
    Elle xx

  7. aww hes such a handsome boy!! xx

  8. He's so cute. What breed is he?

  9. Oh I do love Oscar! Know how you feel though- when I was at uni, I missed Betsy SO much, think I'll catnap her when I move out...!! xx

  10. Even though I don't have pets, I can totally understand your sadness :(

    Have a nice day and make sure to make a good kidnap plan :D

  11. You need to seize Oscar and live with him again!!! Such a cute kitty :)

    Mabel Cooks

  12. Oscar coming up on my Insta feed is seriously the best thing. I love him, he's adorable. I wish my kitty was more accommodative of my wishes to take her photo but alas she's a grumpy old thing.


  13. Oh my god your cat is brilliant x

  14. He is the cutest

  15. haahhahahah he's just too awesome :):) xx

  16. He is the cutest!!!!!!!!!! I'm your newest follower :)

  17. omg! such cute!! :)

  18. I can totally see why you'd miss him.
    What a cutie!


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