Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I'm In A Book

I have been meaning to blog about this for a really long time. A really really long time. It has been on my To Do list for, like, ever! I don't know why I have left it so late, when I should have shouted it from the rooftops as soon as I knew about it - but I think I got a little embarrassed about it! I'm weird like that.

So, 2 years ago in 2009, out of the blue, two lovely lady from HarperCollins (Lindsey Kelk and Catherine Such) emailed me about getting involved with a book they were working on. I got so excited and of course, I agreed to take part.

The book was published and has been in the shops since January 2010 (Yeah...I told I had been meaning to tell you all for a long time now!) It was so amazing to go in to WH Smiths and see it for the first time. But then I cringe over the horrible photos of me, I HATE THEM!!! I didn't think this through, I admit this this is mainly due to inexperience, but at least it goes with the whole "fun" Hello Kitty style! Overall, it's such a cute book so next time you're in WH Smiths, look for a bright pink book called Hello Kitty Fashion Journal. Flick through it and have a giggle at my pages. In my interview I tried to be insightful and inspiring. I hope that comes across when the tweens read it.

Enough of talking, here are some pictures!


Hello Kitty Fashion Journal, HarperCollins

There's also another bit of news of something else I was involved with that I've been meaning to show and tell. Keep your eyes peeled! :) 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Outfit: Pleats And Plaits

how to wear midi pleated skirt, milkmaid braid hairstyle
black bow brooch
milkmaid braid plaited hairstyle
yellow nail polish
yellow nail polish
black bow brooch
milkmaid braid hairstyle

Black Bow: Temporary:Secretary

So, we have all been waiting for the sun to shine - but June is almost over and it's still cold and windy. Yesterday was just as dull and these quick snaps were taken just before it was about to pour down with rain. In my last post, I showed you the floral headband (which doubles up as a wrap around bracelet) so here I am wearing it both ways. I had been looking for a subtle one but after having no luck, I decided to make my own. I wanted one that I could wear without feeling a bit self conscious!

I keep forgetting to mention it but I won the Look Mag weekly style competition - here's the link to their page. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

How is everyone's summer so far? Since buying the Dawson's Creek box set three years ago, I make it an annual ritual to watch it back to back at this time of year. No particular reason, really. I just feel the need to reunite with the gang during the summer. (I talk about them as if know them!) I was obsessed with it when I was a teenager, I recorded it on VHS and watched it every day. So watching it now really takes me back!

A simpler time before DVD's, ipods, mobile phones, texting, Facebook, and hair straighteners! Evidently, Joey Potter's hair is mental in season one. I'm on series 3 at the moment, Joey's hair is straight. This must have been when straighteners were invented! No more Dorito head! Huzzah!


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dare To Wear Facial Hair

I love white t-shirts with a cool graphic. I bought this one from Zara ages ago, it's one of my favourites. You're probably wondering what the short black necklace is. It's a motorhead moustache necklace. I love it because it's different from the usual moustache necklace and people always ask what it is and then I show them. Dare to wear facial hair!

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