Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mr Cellophane

Here's silly billy in his brand new baseball jacket (!) doing what he looooves to do. Licking cellophane.
He is *so* content.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hi Doll!

Got another sneaky peak for you...

We have all heard of "name necklaces" - but check out these "face necklaces"!

They will be available on the website very soon with 24 faces to choose from so I hope there's one on the list that looks like you or your friends. I wasn't sure whether to name them or number them as naming them would take away the "personal" element of the product. But numbering them would've made it so confusing when purchasing and can a mistake can easily be made this way.

So I ended naming them after my friends just to make things easier. They are still suppose to be a special and unique product which should represent you and your friends! So feel free to choose the one the looks most like you and give her a name you really love!

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