Thursday, 9 July 2009

Cute And Quirky Jewellery: Miniature Cake Jewellery

We have been busy making things and believe it or not, all of this will be made in to jewellery. Along with the tea sets, here's a preview of what other cute things that we've got in store. We have had a few enquiries in regards to our recent one-off products. Once they're gone, they are gone. However, if you send me an email, we'll try our very best to source another.

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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tea Party Themed Jewellery

tea themed jewellery

Friday, 3 July 2009

End Of Uni!

Those who follow me on Twitter, know that I have spent many of the last week of uni whinging and complaining about it. In the studio at uni, the words "I can't wait to leave" was muttered throughout the days along with "I can't sew/draw/cope/do this", complete with lots of eye rolling and angry faces. Tears came sporadically. But now that I recieved my results yesterday and it is all over, I am kind of a little bit sad that I am no longer a student. It is also a bit weird reading through the previous blogs. I shudder at the thought of it all.

Graduate Fashion Week wasn't what I expected, but I met a lot of super nice people and if you're reading - HI!! What did you think of our stand?

I forgot my camera when I was down in London for Graduate Fashion Week, but I shall hunt down some photos from the event! In fact, I forgot to take a lot of things! I think I left my brain in Newcastle, for sure.

Our stand was designed in a "boutique" style. Our garments in the middle, and our individual stands around the side. (for sketchbooks/portfolio/promotional material - more of this later on.)

Here's some photos of our degree show at uni, named Reveal 09. 

As you can see, I had a few promotional things on my stand. Postcards, business cards, and a tree which people could leave their little note tags on. Thank you for so many people participating.

I have about 80 tags, which I will blog about very soon. For now, here is my favourite one.

I also got some stickers produced by - one of my illustrations and one of my Postage Stamp designs. Notice what it says on the side... and how many sheets have been torn away (Stolen!!!) Poop. Never mind. None of my other sticker book has been taken so I just hope they don't think they're real stamps... Although if it gets people writing again, then mission accomplished!

See you all at Graduation!

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