Friday, 20 February 2009

Happy Friday!

I am having a quiet night in on my own, eating the rest of my birthday cake (chocolate fudge) and snacking on florentines whilst watching Sex and The City with a whole bunch of scented candles lit up. (Mainly to get rid of the smell from the kitchen!) 

Although my Friday night is quiet, I am going to be spending the rest of the weekend back in the country side, a place I call home. (pictured below)


Not been back home for a few weeks, so aswell as looking forward to seeing mum, my sisters and little cat Oscar (dad is on a ski holiday at the moment), I am going back to pick up a huge bundle of charms that I got posted there. I am also going to pick my dress up that I ordered for a family event... I am very nervous about it as it's bright red/orange. I don't tend to wear bright colours! 


Thursday, 19 February 2009


I think my need for napping in the afternoons are becoming a bad habit. As soon as it hits 2pm, I start feeling sleepy and all I can think of is having a nap. I'm falling asleep as I type!

I wish I was Oscar. He naps whenever he wants, wherever he wants. Not a care in the world. Living the good life!

He's coming to stay with me in the city next week! But if he's just as bad as napping as I am, we'll get nothing done! I'll keep you all posted with our progress, and what he got up to on his little City vacation!

RIGHT. I am off to have a quick cat nap. The last one before I kick the old habit! Must remember to get some strong coffee tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Temporary:Secretary update

quirky colourful charms

Temporary:Secretary joined Twitter sometime last year - to see what all the fuss was about. But I ended up getting confused as to what it is and what it does. Join me in my confuzzled daze over at - I will be giving you updates on the site, and my going ons in short little digestible sentences!

We have also got new labels/business cards designed. The old ones were done on a whim so I have never been happy with them. Keep an eye out for them in your parcels! On the same note, I can't wait until I can get new flyers made. The current ones are terrible. Forgive me if you receive a bunch of flyers... I'm trying to get rid!

A bunch of new things have been listed on the site, but i've yet to make them all! That is definitely today's task!


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Birthday Celebrations

A few photos from the weekend!

I have become a candle freak, totally obsessed. So lots and lots of candles were scattered about at the gathering, making the whole place smell like chocolate cake, vanilla, and roses.

Sorry this is such a short post. I'll post another later this week with an update on Temp:Sec.
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